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A beautiful Sunday

This beautiful Sunday, sunshine all day long, a little cool wind, absolutely gorgeous. I did work in the garden. We went to the part behind the Shell fueling station. Some digging, some planting, some helping setting up the plastic tubes for putting the nets over to protect the newly planted kohlrabi from the blackbirds. A lot of talking. About vegan diet, stop smoking, stop drinking (not me!), about blogging not being a favourite pastime (not me!). Playing with the heavy soil, or rather, clay. Making a cube with it. Well, sort of.

I took a shower straight after i got home. I finished up the soup i started this morning. A vegetable tomato bellpepper onion broad bean carrot leek sort of soup with some orzo and homemade meat balls. Hmmm.. 🙂

And now, yes, now, i feel tired. I was there for around four hours, i tried staying in the shade, but i was still happy i put on sun milk over my legs, arms and face. I do see a little bit of light red on my skin, but not too much.

I enjoy it. It is good for me now. So yeah, even though it takes up a lot of time on my Sunday, i’m happy i’m doing this.

Sleepy time for now. Hopefully!

Ooh i forgot! Tomorrow, 9 May, Mercury will move past the sun in the daytime. You do need a solar filter to see it. Which i haven’t got. But still.

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An average day

Still woke up around four deep in the night. Since i can sleep in in the morning, it’s not that bad. Still, a good night sleep would be good one day.

I went to the market to get some veggies. And some war chips! That is chips with mayonaise, peanutbutter sauce and onions. I added some sambal too.

After that i went to the veggies stall. I only spend € 2,90. That is like nothing. Back home i watched some Masterchef, after that Escape to the Country. I did fall asleep for a short bit.

I had put a red bell pepper in the oven for 45 minutes and put it in a small bag afterwards and tied it up. After around fifteen minutes i could easily get of the skin. I also removed the skin of some chickpeas i cooked last sunday and baked them. I still need to make the hummus. Tomorrow! I also sliced some radishes and washed some spinach i got from the garden this sunday.

For now, i will go and watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I like the series.

I will go and make walks over the next week. It will be warmer, over 20 degrees in the weekend! Not sure where i will go, i will need to do some research. Looking forward to that!

Tomorrow i just might do a walk in the Kralingse Bos. Still one of my favourite places to go.

Bye bye!

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Monday, 25 April 2016

I got out around a quarter past nine. Well, i did get out earlier, around seven thirty, gave my cats a bit of food, went to the toilet and went back in bed. I did check my rss feeds for around 15 minutes. Then i turned over.

So when i got out, i cleaned the catty litter box, brushed around the box to get it clean, gave my cats some new water. I put on an egg with water to softly boil. Went behind the computer. Hmm… not sure, i could have sat behind my computer first. Well, i forgot! But i know i did sit behind the computer and posted on facebook about my post about the Vredestuin. After i reread the post and corrected a few things.

The water for my egg boiled. I turn it of and set the timer on my phone. Four minutes. I slice the remaining pieces of bread. Yes. Some butter, some pepper, some salt. Breakfast!

Some vanilla world of warcraft. Two quests done. Some cooking. A bit of blacksmithing. My paladin did turn 31 today!

Shopping. Got me some honey, peanut butter, two croissants, yoghurt, cottage cheese. Also some cream for coffee, noodle soup, cat food, toilet paper.

When i got back home i did do some work. Updating some wordpress, some plugins. Adding a twitter plugin, setting the customer key. Done.

Turning on the television. Escape to the Country. Yeah. I love this show. 🙂

Around five i turned on the oven. Using a very simple recipe from James Martin. Only flour, salt, bicarbonate, buttermilk. No honey, no butter, no eggs. I did add a few more drops of the buttermilk, it got very dry.

Phonecall about the work i just did. Went well.

Bread and soup for dinner. The parsnips i put in cold water, they got a bit dry. I’ll cook them tomorrow.

Watched some De wereld draait door. Nothing too exciting. Nothing much i want to know. Koken met van Boven. Chickpeas! Hmm, that farinata looks great. I should go and get me some chickpea flour and make one. With the hummus, the fried chickpeas and the spinach. And some feta. Oooh……..

And in the meantime i’m thinking about what to do for this post. So i go sit behind the computer, write something on facebook. Started this post. Look for the title of Koken met van Boven.

OK, done. A longer post than i anticipated. And now, i think i’m gonna watch some Masterchef. And then.. Game of Thrones, S06E01. Yay!

PS. Pfff, Game of Thrones fell through. Will watch it some time this tuesday.

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A happy day again

Today i went to the market. Waiting for the traffic lights, i smiled at a woman. I apologized straight after. “I feel so happy”, i said. She smiled. “I don’t see too well”, she said. “But please be happy!”

I’m paraphrasing. The conversation was in Dutch of course.

I do feel happy today. My mind spins up and out. Last night i woke up around four. I was lying awake for a bit. I turned on the lights. Read some new rss posts on my iPad. Got out of bed and stroked my cats. Went in again. Finally fell asleep.

Did do some bibbly-o-tek work today. Aah, thats what i suddenly realized last night, i never got a backup from the database. I did log in the old hosting. Couldn’t get to the phpMyAdmin page. But luckily there was a backup page where i could get an entire backup of databases and other stuff, so i turned that on. Took a while, around half an hour. I did get the back up. Yay!

So i did spend some time copying a new wordpress setup to my own hosting, setting up the database, copying the images and clips and audio. Most of the links are working now. But i will change the theme. It’s ten years old and showing its age. Not responsive one bit. So yeah. I will also change the flash flv files. That will take a bit longer. And change the gigography page. I always enjoyed the hovers, but that is so ten years ago. I also do need to add all the dates after 2006. Pfff.

Anyway, rambling on a bit. Not a clear day. Still, a happy day!

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When i reread the post Mixed thoughts i was so embarrassed. Not the entire post. The first part is ok. But the middle and the end, eew. Well, apart from the final sentences, they were alright. The post felt to me to be too thought out. Too much thought put into it. Too heavy. So i felt happy to leave it behind me and not think about it anymore. “Writing this post gives me a chance to sort my thoughts.” I guess that is true.

So i postponed my post about art. Hmmm. That post is still hazy in my mind. I have a document with some lines. Most of which i will not use. But i do need to try to find what i want to say, in the coming week or two.

This afternoon i went out and made a short walk through the center. I sat on the Grotekerkplein for a bit. I had taken of my coat. Enjoying the sunshine. Looking at the buildings, at the sky, at the water, at the doves walking around, flying up at times, at the people sitting around, walking past.


I walked to the AH after that. I heard some music from somewhere. I looked down, to the wooden platform closer to the water. I saw a mobile phone lying on a bench, with a yellow small cylinder besides it. Two girls were just walking to that bench, but they didn’t pick up the phone. I went down the stairs and looked at the phone. The yellow cylinder turned out to be a music box. I turned of the music. The phone was unlocked. I talked to the girls, but they didn’t know. My first thought was to bring the phone to the police. But one of the girls said to look at the contacts. It was a Samsung phone, which i never handled myself. But she showed me. I looked through the log file of previous calls. I decided to call someone from it. I got a girl on the line. I explained i had found the phone. She asked me if they could get the phone later that evening, which was fine with me.

They just got here. I gave them the phone. A good deed of the day.

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A work day

Today i did some work. I had some css work this morning and a design job in the afternoon. I tried to keep it simple. Often that is the best way to handle it.

I did go to the supermarket this afternoon. I bought two more leeks. I wanted to make a leek and potato soup. Very simple recipe. Fry some leek, i used two. Add a sliced clove of garlic. Add a liter of hot water, two cubes of broth. Two handfuls of potatoes, sliced in half a centimeter width. Let it simmer for around twenty five minutes. Added a bit of cream. Yummy.

Tomorrow i’m gonna visit my mum. Not sure i will walk from the train station, depends on the weather.

I hope you will have a nice day. Enjoy it!


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Much better. Yes!

Today was my lazy sleeping in the sunshine day.

Tomorrow i will go to Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

This evening i will watch The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Last week it was the first movie, but halfway i went to bed. Curious how it will be tonight.

Enjoy your thursday!

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A quiet day

Still feeling a bit sick today. Well, a bit of a cold. Nothing too bad. I hope!

I did go out for a short bit and did some shopping. It wasn’t cold. But it will get a bit colder. Sunny too! Like, for the next two days, all bright and sunny.

I didn’t do a lot today. Played a bit of vanilla warcraft. Together with a new player. She (or he) was nice. We did a quest together in Loch Modan. We made a good team.

I was thinking of this meeting i had with a stranger on the road last Saturday. She asked me why i was walking the tightrope thing. I said it was a practice. And while i said it i almost fell of. The first time ever. We talked for a bit after that. She was nice. A bit damaged.

And then ooh! That little boy! I was eating a sausage bread and a mum and her son came sitting right besides me. The little boy, around four five years old i guess, was scared of the birds. Most kids are not scared at all. They run up to them and chase them away. But this boy dropped some of the fish on the ground. A pigeon tried to eat some of it, but he chased it away. I got a bit upset. I got to the ground, picked up the food and threw it further away. It just felt so mean, to have this food on the ground, which birds love to eat, and then chase them away from it.

Oh well. It is over and done with.

This week i will be going to the Ugo Rondinone exibit in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen here in Rotterdam. I do plan to make a whole day of it. Hopefully i will feel good enough Wednesday. I used to visit it so many times, especially when i was at art school. I did go there a few years back. I still love the place.

Anyway, it is the end of today. I wish you a happy Tuesday. Do something you like. Smile to a stranger. Say hi to your neighbour. Look up at the sky.


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Not a sick day, but an off key one, ooh man

I need some rest. I had a bit earlier this week, Monday i slept in. Tuesday a bit too. Tuesday i wrote the Scritti piece. Yesterday i didn’t feel good. Today i feel better. But my head is still going rush much further than i want it too and it’s simply too much to keep all in and wow how i long for an uninterrupted night of sleep and no i don’t get that at all so damn.

pfff …

Tomorrow, sorry, that is today, Friday, for the ones reading this, i’m going to my mum. Walking from the train station to her house. Looking forward to that. Right now, Thursday evening, i feel my arms almost shaking with tiredness.

I guess that happens to someone who fullfills her dream she had for thirty (really? no, not thirty.. say twenty, i didn’t think of giving these drawings to Green at all when i was younger) – twenty years.



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