A walk and the market and the garden

Friday evening i walked along the Maas with a friend. It was still warm, with a nice wind. We sat on a bench and drank the ginger lemonade. Not too fast! It was spicy. We talked. Walking back we saw the sun setting down quietly. Beautiful. We ended up in my place, where we sat on the balcony. He drank some green tea with jasmine, i drank a glass of white wine. I showed him the drawing i am still working on. Not finished by far.

Saturday morning i went to the farmer’s market. My usual trip for the past two years or so. A group of between five and ten people come around. We talk about all sorts of things. The smurfs was one topic this Saturday. Yay 🙂

Once a month or every two weeks – not sure to be honest – there is music. This time it was gypsy music with a violin, accordion, bells around the ankle and tap dancing. Lovely.

Sunday afternoon i walked up to the garden. I had some empty pots i threw in the glass bucket. I forgot my kitchen stuff bucket. Grrrr! I need to go tomorrow and empty it. Stupid of me to forget.

I didn’t work in the garden. I made some coffee and read a bit more in my book. I did make some photos. The flowers are so lovely.

I do feel a bit unbalanced. My life right now is a bit much. Let’s hope for some change within the next few months. Finger crossed!

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