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Between my house and the garden

The trees and the bridge
Under the bridge
The old Shell building
Tree and buildings
A bee on a flower (no idea what flower this is)
Bindweed flowering (grrr)
Dry grass
Pink and orange
Deep purple
Published on July 23, 2018 at 6:00 by


A walk. I talked with a friend about elderflower. She had picked some growing besides the Rotte. So i got out today, a warm sunny day to look for more elderflower.

I was too late. I picked some flowers, but most were already perished. So for my elderflower cake i do need to ask my friend for a bottle of the elderflower cordial she made. For the cake at the wedding! Soon!

It was lovely walking. I saw many young birds in the water. Moorhen, goose, swan. Not every egg had hatched, still a lot to come. I loved seeing all the plants growing and blooming and flowering.


Published on June 7, 2018 at 6:00 by


This Monday morning the sun was shining. It was cold. I got dressed, put on my shoes and coat, a warm scarf and went outside.

First i walked to the garden. Yesterday i took two empty bottles with me to fill with water. Today i brought them back and put them in the shed. I watched the birds. A great tit. Yes, a koolmeesje. The pallet was back! Yesterday i couldn’t find it.

I walked past the central station. Standing at the Christmas tree for a short time, talking to the men who were getting the lights out. Wondering where the tree was headed to. Walking through the Gouvernestraat. Looking in the shop Das Brot. Still closed. Walking through the Marqt. Two months ago it closed and moved to the Nieuwe Binnenweg. Where the old Centrum Beeldende Kunst was. Nothing remains. I talked with the man behind the cheese counter for a short while.

Walking past the shops, the Westerpaviljoen, Museum Boymans. Into the Zeeman. Just curious. Buying myself a sandwich chicken curry. Sitting on the Lijnbaan and eating it slowly. Watching the faces of the people walking by. The people eating something. The children. Walking to Amac. Hmm. I don’t want to buy my new things there. No no no. I’d rather go the an Apple store.

Walking over the Meent. It is still cold. The sun is hiding behind the clouds.

Walking back home.

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