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A walk into town

I am not where i want to be. One time it pushes away from me, another time it comes closer.

I need to come to terms with my current situation. I’m working, earning a bit of money. I enjoy my work, most of the time. It has value. I still need to straighten myself while i work this job. Do it right, do it good. Sometimes i fail, sometimes not. Different each day.

Today i did some cleaning in my room. I made body butter with shea butter, cacao butter and coconut oil. I brought a whole bag of old clothes to the clothing bin. I went into town, bought cheap toothpaste with fluoride, rose-hip oil and sweatpants for only eight euros.

I hope you enjoy your work. Salute!

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Rotterdam Rooftop Walk

On Tuesday i went to the Rooftop Walk on the Coolsingel. I spoke with some people who sat down next to me while i was waiting for my time slot to enter, a quarter past eleven. Walking up into the sky i came across them a couple of more times. We talked about the dryness of the plants. Only some planters had a water sprayer, with more moist soil. The whole exhibit was a mixed bag for me. The roof garden idea is good, but in my opinion it can not replace a garden on the ground with good soil and compost and trees and veggies and flowers and comfrey and other plants. More green in cities is something to strive for, but roof gardens is not enough. The other things shown: solar panels and small wind turbines is all fine with me.

Halfway i started a talk with a lady who was part of the Pickwick club, a British social meeting place for women. She was the one who pointed my attention to the little plants in their little pots standing on the roof. It really was a bit off. Not sure they will be standing there in two months time.

I was up there for an hour at least. A lovely day.

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The garden at the back

Looking upwards through the bamboo
Small snail on a leaf
Kerria flower
The sky
Looks like a small broccoli, but it isn't
The sun
Light through the leaves
Sportsok, the cuddliest cat i know 🙂
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