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Two walks

This Saturday and Sunday i made long walks. Saturday one with 10.039 steps, Sunday one with 14.670 steps. Both times i went to the north part of Rotterdam, Hillegersberg and Schiebroek. I just checked to see if my plugin to draw my walks is still working, but it didn’t. And really, i’m too tired to invest a lot of time into trying out new plugins for this.

So i will leave it with one of the three photos i made in both walks.

The weather was lovely, one of the first real spring days here in the Netherlands.

Added these images on monday. This morning i thought, why so difficult? I can simply draw the walks i made. No fancy plugins needed at all!

My walk on Saturday 4 April
My walk on Sunday 5 April
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Views on the Netherlands

A walk along the Rotte. I made photos of the typical Dutch views i came across. The houses with the highway in the background, the windmill, the birds besides the highway, views on the Rotte with reet and grass and trees. And a clear blue sky with no airplanes at all!

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A quiet city

A walk i made last Friday through the centre of Rotterdam. A quiet city, for sure. I stayed clear of all people i came across, made many photographs. The best ones i show here. Many many closed shops or ones with different entrances. Two people at work in the garden, closed for the volunteers. Two doves unaware of everything that is going on in the human world. 🙂

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