My About page was the first text i wrote for this website, way back in the first days of February 2015. Two years and five months ago. It feels like ages. And yesterday as well.

Since then i have been working regularly. Five updates a week, published at six in the morning. Which of course means i make the post the day before, giving myself a bit of time to let the post settle, reread it and make minor alterations, if i want to. I haven’t missed a post yet. I have given myself five weeks a year to not post anything. A vacation, so to speak. Last year i had two weeks off in summer. And both years i had a week off at Christmas and New Years Eve.

Publishing content on ellenpronk.com is my official work. Yes. I don’t get paid, but to me, that is a minor issue. This is what i want to do with my life. Talk about myself, my old work, my new work, the songs i sing for you, the clips i make, the articles and books i read, my walks, my gardening work. And more!

To me, this website is a coherent whole. All the content comes from me. I know every detail, every little thought, every change i made. Every doubt, every certainty, every post i was unhappy with later on. And every post i was happy with too.

To you, this website is a completely different experience. Most of you do not know me, do not know my history. Most of you do not know i have been to art school, do not know i went working a few years after doing my exams because i didn’t feel at home in the art world. Most of you don’t know i made my first page online 1 July 1997. Most of you don’t know how i made 640 presents on lfs.nl. How i loved flash in those days. So if you really want to see what i made then, you will need to install or update your flash plugin. Exactly what i just did myself. The following list is a selection of my favorite presents.

I did stop working on presents in 2006. I felt empty. For years i wanted to get back into it, i missed it so much. But i couldn’t. Until October 2014. I felt alive once again. I fell in love for a very short time. And i got back making presents on lfs.nl. I felt like i was hit with a sledgehammer. Truly.

This lasted for a couple of months. Until January 2015. Then i made a present called About. And i knew it was going to be the last present. I thought about it for a week. It felt right.

Straight after that i started to work on the design for a blog. I already had the url ellenpronk.com. I had used it for work and for the email. I had planned to make a work website on it, but i was never happy with the design. So i changed my plan and made it a personal website. Two weeks later, 9 February 2015, i published my first post Hello World! With an about page with a short introduction.

That is two years and five months ago, at the time of writing this on 12 June 2017.

Since then i am working hard. I started out with posts about my past work, on paper and online. Walks i made in and around Rotterdam. Clips i made using my iPhone 4. Songs i finally found the courage for to sing. More than fifty today. And a year ago i started to work in the garden. Getting to know new people. Because yes, i still was very lonely. I know i had given up fighting to keep my friends. I was hiding away in World of Warcraft, playing, having fun and raiding my life away. Making game friends. But yes, hiding away.

I tried to get my life back, to get my friends back. It worked, a bit. I had some meetings, some talks. But the lives of my old friends had moved on. They had children. Other jobs. Other things had happened of which i didn’t know anything. So i still felt lonely.

My post yesterday, Friends from the garden, is the first post in the category Friends. I had set up this category when i made the design and set-up of this website. And somehow i wasn’t able to fill this up. I tried, in the beginning. But it didn’t work. And last week, when i made the draft for yesterday’s post, i selected the friends category just like that. It felt right.

So here i am. Working on this website, ellenpronk.com. Which i love. The most important thing in my life. Absolutely. My work.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my thoughts, my mind, my face, my work, my story, my garden work, my friends, my walks. My clips, my songs, my presents, my food, my beauty.

You may feel lost at times. Not understand why i made something. That is ok. I don’t understand everything i made either.

Five updates a week. Published at six in the morning. Those are my rules.

Bon Voyage

My clips

My songs – This can be painful, i am still learning!

Written: 12 June 2017


This is the first text i write for ellenpronk.com. The About page was the last page on my old website, lfs.nl. The picture of me on top i used there too. But, where the lfs.nl About page is a closing page, this About page on ellenpronk.com is an opening page.

I will try to make updates five times a week, monday till friday. Preferably i will update early in the morning, around six. This means i will make a post the day before. To be honest, right now i think of posts as presents. It might just be a habit.

I’ve set up a category system. Some of these categories will be linked in a menu in the header. All of the categories will be linked in the large footer area.I set up the following ones:

  • Presents, for posts about the old Presents – maybe even some new ones (?!?)
  • Friends, for interviews i will have with my friends – might be a few weeks before i go ahead with this
  • Rotterdam, for my walks, the shops and other things happening here
  • Food, for my cooking recipes and my favourite shops
  • Internet, which i love, still – i’m not sure how i will tackle this, i do feel i’m a bit left behind in the fast development of front-end work, but there are also other internet areas i can write about
  • Beauty, yes! Not gonna be extensive, since i don’t wear lots of makeup, but it is a big part of my youtube subscriptions, which i enjoy
  • General, for all the things not bound to a better description

Photography will be a big part of this website. And writing. About my daily life, my home and the city i live in. But i’m not bound by anything – and if an idea pops up, i will go after it.

I do have some hopes. I will need to work hard and deliver good posts for these hopes to come true. First, i would like to provide myself a small income in some way. Secondly, i would like to get to know more people and make new friends. I’ve given myself a couple of months in which i will only work on ellenpronk.com. That is how far my money will go!

As for how long this site will last, i don’t know. It could be a couple of months, or it could be as long as lfs.nl, eightteen years.

From this starting point to you, have a safe trip. Enjoy!

Written: 8 February 2015