This is the first text i write for ellenpronk.com. The About page was the last page on my old website, lfs.nl. The picture of me on top i used there too. But, where the lfs.nl About page is a closing page, this About page on ellenpronk.com is an opening page.

I will try to make updates five times a week, monday till friday. Preferably i will update early in the morning, around six. This means i will make a post the day before. To be honest, right now i think of posts as presents. It might just be a habit.

I’ve set up a category system. Some of these categories will be linked in a menu in the header. All of the categories will be linked in the large footer area.I set up the following ones:

  • Presents, for posts about the old Presents – maybe even some new ones (?!?)
  • Friends, for interviews i will have with my friends – might be a few weeks before i go ahead with this
  • Rotterdam, for my walks, the shops and other things happening here
  • Food, for my cooking recipes and my favourite shops
  • Internet, which i love, still – i’m not sure how i will tackle this, i do feel i’m a bit left behind in the fast development of front-end work, but there are also other internet areas i can write about
  • Beauty, yes! Not gonna be extensive, since i don’t wear lots of makeup, but it is a big part of my youtube subscriptions, which i enjoy
  • General, for all the things not bound to a better description

Photography will be a big part of this website. And writing. About my daily life, my home and the city i live in. But i’m not bound by anything – and if an idea pops up, i will go after it.

I do have some hopes. I will need to work hard and deliver good posts for these hopes to come true. First, i would like to provide myself a small income in some way. Secondly, i would like to get to know more people and make new friends. I’ve given myself a couple of months in which i will only work on ellenpronk.com. That is how far my money will go!

As for how long this site will last, i don’t know. It could be a couple of months, or it could be as long as lfs.nl, eightteen years.

From this starting point to you, have a safe trip. Enjoy!