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The last video i made in 2016. A bit of Merry Christmas. I did say Happy Christmas, but yeah, i did mean merry. Some words for you, my dear reader. Some words for the ones not in a position to read this in a safe place. And a song! Well, part of a song.


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Vlog #3 The shops

Since last year i wanted to do a post about the shops close by where i buy food and drinks. I started well with posts about the Meiden on the market and the wine shop Platenburg, after that i got quiet. I put on hold an interview i had with Mellegers. I had thoughts about the supermarkets i go to, but never put all this in a post.

Up until now! Vlogging about the shops close by seemed to me a most excellent use of the medium. The first shop, the Albert Heijn on the Goudse Rijweg, i was quiet. A bit shy. Yeah. But the next stop at the Gimsel i was already talking.

I went in a big circle around my house and filmed the fronts of all the shops i go to regularly. I even filmed around the market the next day. The Meiden were not there though. I still have plenty of veg from the garden, so it is ok anyway.

After the video a map with the locations of all the shops i go to regularly.

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Vlog #2 The garden

Talking with you, while i’m in the garden. About a talk i had with a friend on Saturday. I’m still uncertain about my current course of action. Blindly working on, not looking at the practical issues, my mortgage, my health payments. I’ll be without any money in a month or so.

So i am talking about this now, with you. To get it of my mind a bit, to get it out of myself, out there in the open.

The last bit of this video is a bit blurry. Sorry about that.

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Vlog #1 Bridges

My first real vlog! So many things to get used to. Talking. Brrrr. Looking in the camera. Brrrr. But still, considering this is my first outside filmed vlog, it is ok. I guess.

I did enjoy the walk. And the talks with different people. The fisherman. The photographer. I gave them my old card, with a drawing of me on it, and my website written on the back. I should get some more. I kinda liked sharing these.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Ellen’s Vlog – Introduction


No make-up. No neatly combed hairs. No straight looking into the camera. All the things you can do wrong i do. I still like it though. I feel there is something in this video, something i really like. I do hope this is the start of many other video’s. No music, a bit of talking, a bit of filming.

But ooh man, i am so nervous!

My first vlog!

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