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And more camomile
And still more 🙂
Lovely little white flower, no idea of the name
Calendula, my favourite flower
Makes me so happy
Onions, still growing bigger
One horseradish uprooted, a bit too early. Better to do this in September
An onion flower
The table in the middle of the garden. It was actually warm today!
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My House Rewatched

Today i rewatched a couple of clips i made several years ago, in 2015. Five years ago. It feels like yesterday, but it is also so far away.

The video i made in my house touched me. My cats are in there. Both of them, still looking healthy, a bit overweight. My things, my bed, the living room, the sliding doors.

It is good i’m watching these clips once again. I see the wobbliness, the haphazard editing. But i also see my life as it was then. I see the joy i feel while i am filming.

I have come a long way. I am still going on. I am not giving up. Not yet. Not while i have something to say. Something i believe in. With the whole of my heart.


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A busy Sunday

This morning i watched some television. Beechgrove. Saturday Kitchen Best Bites. Het Filosofisch Quintet.

This afternoon i cleaned up the upper cupboards of the kitchen.

I am watching Glastonbury Tea Time Legends right now. Well, sort of. I just took the photograph you see at the top of this post. I hear the music and singing in the background. I did want to get this post out of the way. I got really happy while watching it: Kylie, Lionel Richie, Brian Wilson, Al Green, Johnny Cash, among others. Made me feel very happy!

Later on i will watch the Great British Bake Off and the Great British Sewing Bee. After that i will most likely go to sleep. Maybe i will watch an episode of Dark on Netflix once i’m done. Not sure yet.

So no, i rather watch a bit of David Bowie on the BBC. Great!

Have a good day 🙂

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Early in the garden

This morning garden work started at nine. We put up the roof, watered the plants in the greenhouse. Some went to the other side, watered the carrots. Some stayed on the side with the greenhouse, seeded beetroot and chard. I planted out the sunflowers in the top of a bed. First weeded it, watered the ground and in they went.

On my way back home i bought a pizza, a pizza margerita. I put up some of the herbs i picked this morning, the oregano, the basil, and some artichokes on them and ate half of it. And for evening dinner i put some sun roasted tomatoes and some cheese on the remaining pizza and put it in the oven. Lovely.

Tomorrow i will start at nine again. Much better in this warm weather.

I hope you will enjoy your weekend. Salute!

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Alone. That is just it. That is how i feel. That is how my life is.

It is not the worst thing. And also, so many people feel like this. Alone. Trying to run away from it. Trying not to see it. Trying to forget it.

It is not the worst thing. It does make me sad at times. But on the whole, i can manage.

I hope i have grown a bit stronger over the years.

The world is beautiful. The birds sing and fly. The leaves wave in the wind. The sky is still a blue with a little tinge of orange and pink. Small clouds are standing still in the sky.

The traffic makes a lot of noise yes.

But still. Lovely.

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What to say?

I took some photographs in the garden today. I just watched them on my computer. They are not sharp. Not good.

I did a search for ‘sense of purpose’. Some interesting articles. I also searched on youtube. Watched a clip with the Dalai Lama. But nothing stuck. Too many job related articles. Too many retirement articles. Not good enough for me. No.

So i just sat in front of my computer. Looking outside. Feeling the wind softly flowing around me. The window in my room is wide open. The door of my room is open, the door in the kitchen is wide open. Nice.

I will be staying here for a couple of months. I like it here. I like the room. That my landlord is away for the weekend mostly is really nice too. He knows that.

I think this evening i will be watching a movie. Yeah. Not sure which one. Hmmm. Contagion. That will do.

Back tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

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Stardew Valley

A couple of months ago i bought the game Stardew Valley. I enjoyed it from the start. The retro pixel look of the game, the simple things you could do, seeds and plants and trees and mining and fishing, it is all lovely. Fishing took me some time to get a hang of, but even that is going better now. I uploaded some of Madelief’s progress to

A few weeks after i bought the game i found out it is developed by one person, Eric Barone. Salute!

Madelief (Daisy in english) in her big home. Not married yet.
The cellar
Standing outside
A bigger view
In the fields, with the cows, goats, sheep and pig roaming free. Watering the plants.
In the stables, putting the milk in the cheesemakers
The greenhouse
Some crabpots and the house with the storage
The community center. Only the fishing part needs to be done, than we will have a party!
In the dark
Roosje (Little Rose) in front of her house. The first spring.
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Through the mirror

I made a photo of me. Looking in a mirror. I’m not happy with it, so i just removed it from this post. I was thinking today about this post, but nothing came to mind.

Today i spend the whole day reading, playing a bit of stardew valley, playing a bit of wow. Thinking about my drawing, but not actually working on it. It was still a good day. Peaceful. By myself.

It is the middle of the night while i am writing this. Yesterday was the longest day of the year. A turning point. The days will shorten once more after this.

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