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I just read the book The Ecology of Law: Toward a Legal System in Tune with Nature and Community written by Fritjof Capra and Ugo Mattei.

Reading this book gave me insights in the development of science, economics and law over the past couple of hundred years. What is called in this book the mechanization of the world view. In other words, the world is something we can extract something of value from. I have never thought about the role law has played in this. But countries have grown in influence. Private ownership and state sovereignty have a much larger part to play in the application of law compared to the fifteenhundreds. The commons role in our society has been severely lessened.

This book has given me plenty of stuff to think about. Highly recommended.

The first book to present jurisprudence — the theory and philosophy of law — as an intellectual discipline with a history and conceptual structure that shows surprising parallels to those of natural science. The authors argue that at the root of the multi-faceted global crisis we face today is a legal system based on an obsolete worldview; and they explain how, by incorporating concepts from modern science, the law can become an integral part of bringing about a better world, rather than facilitating its destruction.


The Ecology of Law is an ambitious, big-picture account of the history of law as an artefact of the scientific, mechanical worldview — a legacy that we must transcend if we are to overcome many contemporary problems, particularly ecological disaster. The book argues that modernity as a template of thought is a serious root problem in today’s world. Among other things, it privileges the individual as supreme agent despite the harm to the collective good and ecological stability. Modernity also sees the world as governed by simplistic, observable cause-and-effect, mechanical relationships, ignoring the more subtle dimensions of life such as subjectivity, caring and meaning.

Source: Highly Recommended: Capra & Mattei’s “The Ecology of Law”

The commons is the cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of a society, including natural materials such as air, water, and a habitable earth. These resources are held in common, not owned privately. Commons can also be understood as natural resources that groups of people (communities, user groups) manage for individual and collective benefit. Characteristically, this involves a variety of informal norms and values (social practice) employed for a governance mechanism.

Source: Wikipedia

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A good day in the Peace Garden

Today's planning. We have done most things. We didn't have all the seeds. The one thing we didn't do is planting out the tomatoes.
Lettuce, beetroot, leek seeded. Replanted the basil in bigger pots.
Garden angelica with its massive stems
A tiny pear
Lots of them
Flowering chives
In February or March i knotted strings for the hop. Today i saw almost each one being used by the hop. So happy!
An unripe strawberry
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Working in the garden

Today i planted the flower plants i seeded around six weeks ago. First i planted four nasturtiums in the flowerbed in the Peace Garden.
A close up
I set out poles besides the nasturtiums, hoping they will climb up.
I dug a hole, watered it and then set out the plants. Afterwards i watered them again.
I do hope these will grow large against the wall. I love the way nasturtiums look. And taste.
All together
The pots the plants are growing in. At first i thought i would keep them in them. I do hope the plants will flower before 23 June. I would like to use them for the wedding cakes. But i also will love the area outside to look as pretty as possible. So i am planting them out. Hoping i will be able to pick some flowers on the wedding day.
A fence is build around the plants. During the night, mostly on the weekend, cars do use the square and actually drive over this part. Hoping this fence will prevent that.
Guessing: a pea and a bean?
And more nasturtium
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This morning i opened the Tuin op Hofbogen. Walking back i came across Nitaj and chatted a bit. Walking further on i came across Con. We walked by the several plants he has growing besides the appartment block he lives in. We across this plant. He didn’t know what plant it is. I made a photo of it. So here it is. If you know what plant this is, please tell me. I did do a search, but didn’t come much farther than a mustard type plant.

Later i sat outside the Coffee Company, drinking a small latte and a small custard pie. Reading the newspaper. Listening to the talk of the two girls sitting besides me with half an ear. A bit of shopping.

I feel good today.

That’s it!

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Tuesday morning i got the idea for this post. The thought popped up. I can fail. Easily.

I don’t know why i have my head full of success. Why i do not think of missing my target. I don’t. I do realize that thinking about ways in which i could fail would actually harm me, harm my feeling of security, of certainty. I have said it in conversations; failing is not an option. Success can have many different shapes though. It can range from small to large. From recognition from friends to a global viral success. I don’t know which i want. I shouldn’t think about this too much really. Simply work and make something i like myself, first of all.

I do know when i want to publish the spring movie. Friday 15 June. A month from now. Straight after i will take a break for two weeks from working on There is a wedding in the garden on Saturday 23 June. I will bake eight cakes for that day. A wedding party in Zeeland afterwards. Really looking forward to this day.

I am completely happy with the turns i took in my life. The past three years i have grown more happy and more at ease with myself. Money is an issue of course. The house where i live too. But i still have plenty to live on and one year and eights months i can live here. I hope my life after that will reveal itself to me in the next year.

So no, i don’t see myself fail. I am living my own life, made my own choices. Away from the daily lives of the people around me. I can not see that far into the future. I have hopes. High hopes, sure. But nothing is certain. Nothing is certain for anyone really. We don’t know what will happen in a few minutes. A few days. A few years. Nobody does. Predictions are worth nothing.

I hope you are having a lovely day, whenever you are reading this. Salute!

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Hard working

The result of clearing the beds for the beans and pumpkin. Parsley, chard and parsnips.
And more!
The poles for the beans are all set up. In between we planted pumpkins.
More poles
A blackbird. We suspect these are building their nest in the hedge. They tweet and eat and get small pieces of straw out of the garden. Lovely.
I couldn't resist making photos of the blackbirds each time i saw them
Dandelion seedheads
The female blackbird
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