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Drying rack

I started making the drying rack. Talking with Daniel about it he said it would be best to use a staple gun to fix the tulle to the rack. He'll bring it to the garden next week. It felt good working on it. Be it a bit longer than i thought beforehand. 🙂
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Another normal day

Today i worked in the Pompenburg Park just outside the Peace Garden. When i left home it felt a bit chilly. But the sun kept shining and it got a bit warmer. I cleaned up thistles around the raspberry bushes and planted flowers in the circle around the tree. I also showed friends of Hilde the garden on the old train station on the Hofbogen.

A good day!

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Giving away books

Yesterday i was suddenly gripped by a going through my bookcases and clearing out all the books i haven’t read, half read, was given as a present and never read and books i simply do not like anymore. Half my eating table is full of them. I will go through them; some i will put in the giving away cases out on the street, some i will bring to the Slegter, the second-hand bookshop, some i will take to the garden to see if anyone else wants them. I still need to go through some shelves, the ones where there are two rows of books behind each other. And i still have some books in the attic.

I found some scifi books i simply do not like. Some philosophy books, some children’s book i have never read myself, some poetry books, some art books, architecture books. Some books i hoped i would read them someday. I have decided that day will not come. Some dvd’s, a sunglasses someone else left in the train. And there is more to come! Yeah!

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No photos today

This afternoon i went into town. First i emptied my bag of plastics and metal in the appropriate box close to the Gimsel. Then i walked to the Laurens church square and put some of the never used cookbooks in my collection in the free for all library cabinets standing in front of the church.

I walked on. Went into the Bijenkorf. Walked past the clothes. Checked some to see where they were made. Micheal Kors: China. Vanilla: Turkey. Went out again. Bought a large spring roll and sat down on the side of a small green part and ate it. Watched the man besides me feeding doves with sunflower seeds. Lovely. Walked to the Donner, a new entrance is open. Didn’t see any book i wanted. Went outside and walked the little roads up until the Markthal. Went into the Slegter. Checked some philosophy books. Nothing there that caught my eye. Went outside. Walked to the Gimsel and bought a proteine bar. Yum.

The sun was shining bright. I could see photos all around me. Beautiful. In the shade it was a bit chilly. In the sunshine warm.

I’m happy i simply enjoyed walking and watching the buildings and people.


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In the garden

Beautiful yellow flowers. Don't know their names, sorry 🙂
A fully grown corner in the garden. Roses and grasses.
Roses and comfrey
A bumblebee inside the rose
A rosebud
A rose
A rose?
Comfrey flower
The herbal spiral
Buttercups and calendula
Japanese wine berries
In the pots i have sown edible flowers, around two months ago
In this corner i weeded and planted edible flowers. Can't wait to see them fully grown!
Dandelions planted on this top of the bed
A huge plant
The seeds of either pak choy or amsoy, not sure which
Buttercups, in the background kale in flower
Calendula and buttercups
Dandelion seed head
The compost
Strawberry in flower
Sweet peas planted against the matras
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A little something

I published many drawings the last months. I have grown quiet. I’m thinking.

I do plan to write a post about myself. My views about myself. My idea of my future, my past. In this world. It will take me a month or two. Guessing that.

Quiet. Yes.


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