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Pythagoras’ Trousers: God, Physics, and the Gender Wars

The past two weeks i have been reading this book by Margaret Wertheim, Pythagoras’ Trousers: God, Physics, and the Gender Wars (1995). I’m not sure how i got this book myself. I must have read about it sometime and bought it. It was good to read it again. Livened up my brains.

This morning i did a search for Wertheim. I came across a TED talk about the Crochet Coral Reef. The books she wrote after Pythagoras’ Trousers.

Pythagoras’ Trousers is about the development of scientific thought from the old Greeks to our modern time. It does show the steadfast links with religion and priesthood clearly. It does show how women are excluded from this history till the present day. Minor advancements excluded.

I will leave you with her TED talk from 2009 about the beautiful math of coral. Enjoy.

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Wiped out

Not sure where this is coming from. Wiped out. Extremely tired. Slept almost the entire day. So i’m leaving this day. Back tomorrow!

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Seeding and planting trees on Park Pompenburg

Today we started at nine working at the Peace Garden slash Park Pompenburg. We set up the tables, moved the sitting areas around, put the water in cans with ginger, mint and lemon. I’m not sure why i felt so tired so quickly. Maybe my lack of sleep? Diabetes? I felt hot. I was sweating. But still. the coffee and tea was done. Tea a bit later, but still. The cookies were really appreciated. They are all eaten up now! And we had a washing up table with a start wash-bowl and one with lemons in it.

I didn’t seed any flower, didn’t plant any tree. But i was working the whole time. Walking around collecting all the glasses and mugs to wash them. Making more coffee and tea. Refilling the cans of water. Apart from a short rain shower around eleven it was sunny. Not too warm, a breeze kept the temperature workable.

Music at the end of the afternoon. I tapped along with a plant watering can. I sang along with the songs i sort of knew.

Right now i am exhausted. I didn’t make that many photos. One reason, there were so many other photographers and filmers around. In a bit i will take a short shower, clean up a bit. And then i will go to bed. Read a little, maybe. Try to sleep.


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Nothing much

A day of nothing much. I went out for a walk. I got myself an icecream, a hamburger, a vietnamese spring roll. I sat and watched. Talked with a few people. I read a sentence on a shop window which didn’t make any sense to me. I talked to the person inside the shop and hey, i was right! It was wrong. There are no tree letters.

I also popped in the Albert Heijn, got me raisins and two bottles of Westmalle Tripel.

It was sunny today. Not too warm, i think around 18ºC. Warmer in the sunshine.

A lovely day.

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