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I haven’t actually heard the entire new Beyonce album Renaissance. I do hear many well known samples in the music. Not sure what i think of it. Hoping i will listen to it over the week.

I’m full of doubts. Hesitations. I can live my life quietly. But i’m pretty sure i don’t want this. So i need to stand up and tell my story in an eloquent way.

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This weekend the following youtube video was published: ‘Ideologie houdt ons gelukkig. Een gesprek met Marian Donner (Ideology keeps us happy. A talk with Marian Donner). Her new book De Grote Weigering (The Big Refusal) was the main focus of this talk. This book is for a large part based on the book One-Dimensional Man published by Herbert Marcuse in 1964. In this book he argues the following:

He argues that “advanced industrial society” created false needs, which integrated individuals into the existing system of production and consumption via mass media, advertising, industrial management, and contemporary modes of thought.

This results in a “one-dimensional” universe of thought and behavior, in which aptitude and ability for critical thought and oppositional behavior wither away. Against this prevailing climate, Marcuse promotes the “great refusal” (described at length in the book) as the only adequate opposition to all-encompassing methods of control. Much of the book is a defense of “negative thinking” as a disrupting force against the prevailing positivism.

It is very hard to realize this one-dimensionality. Most people see themselves are ordinary, ‘normal’, simply living their lives as they see fit. Picking their shopping each week, picking their apps and living with them, getting children or not, picking a partner, or a partner for a couple of years. Most people see themselves as an individual, with its own specific wishes and desires and wants and needs.

But of course most people are shaped through the same industrial society with its mass media, advertising, industrial management and contemporary modes of thought. Most people are extremely alike.

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The Physics and Philosophy of Time

An interesting reading about the nature of time. He dismantles time taking apart four different aspects of time:

  1. Time is different in different areas of the universe, depending on the gravity experienced in that specific place.
  2. Now is a moment only experienced in small space in the universe. When we look at an event on Jupiter, we can only see it on this earth two hours after it has happened.
  3. Entropy always grows towards the future.
  4. Order is in the eye of the observer.

While i was looking into this video, i discovered Carlo Rovelli, the speaker, wrote a book The Order of Time published in 2018. I haven’t ordered it, but i might. I will look into this for a day or so longer.

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The New World

I don’t watch every single youtube video from The New World (De Nieuwe Wereld). This one i really liked. Enjoy 🙂

“We do not have the soul anymore to measure the depth of our stories.”

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Paul Kingsnorth

A few years ago i saw the Tegenlicht documentary De aarde draait door (The earth turns on). The subject of this documentary is Paul Kingsnorth, who currently lives in Ireland with his family on his self sufficient farm. A year ago he went through a conversion to Christianity, after learning from Buddhism, witchcraft and other corners through the past thirty or something years.

I was just walking to my chair when I was overcome entirely. Suddenly, I could see how everyone in the room was connected to everyone else, and I could see what was going on inside them and inside myself. I was overcome with a huge and inexplicable love, a great wave of empathy, for everyone and everything. It kept coming and coming until I had to stagger out of the room and sit down in the corridor outside. Everything was unchanged, and everything was new, and I knew what had happened and who had done it, and I knew that it was too late. I had just become a Christian.


It reminds me of a talk i had with my nephew years and years ago, i was 13 or 14 years old. We talked about the bible. For him the bible was a true and moral high standing book. For me it was a history, not a moral story.

I was wrong of course!

I am not a Christian myself. But my old beliefs are falling apart. My old beliefs of left-wing feminist thoughts and scientific non-mythical words. I am not sure where i stand. But i don’t stand at the same place anymore.

I almost envy Kingsnorth in that he has finally found something worth fighting for in Christianity. I am interested in his whole life, but it is also quite a task to get to know each aspect of it. If i ever do.

There are still so many people around the world who i am interested in.

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