Climate March

Today the Climate March was held in Amsterdam. The weather was terrible, hard winds and rain rain rain. I was wet through to my underclothes. This morning when i left i had the old weather forecast in my head. But no. Terrible.

I did love walking besides the Klimaatkoor wagon and singing along with the songs.

I felt i needed to be a part of this. I’m not a very political person, but i did want to let my voice be heard. Singing along was a good way to do this.

Photographer: Marjolein
Photographer: Diamela

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Climate March 10 March

Sunday 10 March i will be joining the Climate March in Amsterdam. I have my own little cardboard poster, which i made last Sunday on the Peace Garden.

I am a bit nervous. Not really the person for big events, for a huge amount of people. But i do believe in voicing my concerns about the current political system. I am allowing myself the option to opt out at any time, but i do hope that won’t be necessary.


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