Wednesday, on returning back in Rotterdam from my visit to Amsterdam, i dancewalked home. I had my music on. LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out, Nelly’s Hot In Herre, Conny Froboess’ Zwei Kleine Italianer. Walking in the rhythm, moving my hands. Towards the end i was actually dancing.

Some people laughed. The schoolgirl starting dancing with her friends. The man in a wheelchair smiled at me. The car honked.


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Freezing in the garden

Seedlings in the greenhouse
Leaves bursting open
Collecting all the garbage spread around
Spreading woodchips around the herbal spiral (crescent?)
The chicken coop
.. and more garbage collecting
Rose hip
Blackberry bushes
Daniel in the woodchips
More me
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Back to World of Warcraft

After i got my new computer, i bought the World of Warcraft Legion and battle of Azeroth update. I also bought three months of subscription. I was curious. It's been three years since i last played the official game. I enjoyed the private servers, but it is a different game from the current one.
Many old wow friends still play the game. They still are in my friends list. Yes, my guild the Wanderers is not as active anymore. Many have moved to another guild, another server. But the friends list goes over the entire game. Or rather, Blizzard games.
I play my min rogue Rada. I did use the level 100 upgrade on my gatherer Rasha, my old shaman i created in the Burning Crusade. Rada is a leather worker and alchemist, Rasha is a skinner and herbalist. I enjoy leveling them together. I also enjoy leveling my crafts. It is more complicated than the older systems. More quests, upgrades of recipes. Leather gear i can actually wear on Rada.
I try to level slowly. Take my time. Read the quests. I don't play as much as i used to. An hour or two each day.
I do love this game. I don't agree with every decision Blizzard makes, of course not. There are many lovely memories in world of Warcraft.
I'm happy to be back. And it is good to talk to my wow friends once again. 🙂
Rasha in Stormheim
Rasha's professions
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This time, just before the equinox, just after my cold, this time is my rest time. I’m getting my gear together, thinking about what i will do the next few months. Filming, photographing, drawing, watercolouring. Working in the garden.

This is the time to prepare. To get my mind straight. To feel my way forward.

This is the time to feel confident.


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