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Calendula oil and salve

This summer i picked calendula flowers, put them out to dry and saved them. The end of June i took the dried flower leaves home and put them in oil. I used ecological sunflower oil. I let it stand on the windowsill for way too long. I read that a month should be enough. I let them stand for three months.

Today i let the oil drip from all the dried leaves. The oil is very orange. It also smells a bit sweet. I put some left over oil on my legs and afterwards my fingers smelled sweet. Lovely!

The main use of calendula is in wound-healing and skin-soothing. It promotes healing. It is anti-inflammatory and slightly antimicrobial. You can use it on scratches. Do not use any oil-based calendula on oozing or weeping wounds. Use a calendula tea for those and let it dry between applications. It is safe and nontoxic.

My main purpose is making calendula salve. A person i’m following on youtube is Morag Gamble. She has a channel about permaculture life. She made three movies about calendula. I used her recipe as a base. The movies i linked at the bottom of this post.

The recipe is very easy.

  • 1 part calendula oil
  • 1/2 part coconut oil
  • 1/2 part beeswax

I put all three ingredients in a glass jar. I warmed it up in a pan and kept on stirring it until everything was dissolved. I washed several small jars and pots, dried them completely and filled them. That’s it!

Morag Gamble, our permaculture life

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Working in the garden

Lovely weather
Working in the garden
The doornappel. Still standing in the garden, even though it is slightly poisonous and used for medicinal purposes. It looks lovely though
The playground being build. Feeling a bit negative about this. Too much being build, too much industrial stuff. Doesn't look good.
Too blue
Cleaning up the garbage being spread around the garden.
The new garbage bins being installed in the garden. We still need to talk about who is going to maintain them.
The garden
Evening primrose
The harvest: quinces, cabbage leaves and courgettes
Swans swimming in front of my house
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Another day

This morning i worked in the garden de Tuin op Hofbogen. Harvesting the beans, the courgttes. Watering a bit. Talking with some visitors. Good weather.

This afternoon i went to the market and got me some leeks. Yesterday i thought about making a leek and chicken soup. Which is what i did! I also used fresh ginger. Some loose leaved cabbage from the garden. A courgette, because, well, i have so many! It tasted good. Tomorrow i will do something with the beans i have. I might blanche them and put them in the freezer. I also want to do something with the green tomatoes i took home today. A green tomato chutney!

The plant in the photo above is a Doornappel. I posted this picture in the Dutch permaculture group. I saw this plant today in the garden and was curious. I talked about it with the other people, but nobody knew what plant it was. In the permaculture group within minutes two people replied with the correct answer, the doornappel, the Datura stramonium. A member of the nightshade family and a very poisonous plant. Careful!

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