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Drawing in the garden

It wasn’t a premonition to draw more this year. But this is what i am doing. The past two days in the garden i did make drawings. With pencil, charcoal, conte carrĂ©. It is not really about the drawing itself. Not about making something beautiful. It is about looking intensely around me. Basically, i can draw anything.

It does remind me of a time a long while ago, before i went to art school. I would like to get that back. That feeling of discovery. Of looking around. Intensely. Measuring with my eyes. All the distances which are elements of what i am looking at. Being quiet within myself.

I also walked about the garden. I saw these roots with tiny green leaves popping out. Supposedly chicory. Also some tiny apples still on the trees. Four or five centimeters wide. Wonderful.

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A cold winter’s day

Laughing gas capsules left on the square in front of the garden. Sad to see the mess some people leave behind.
It was cold. Two degrees Celsius. Drinking warm coffee to get a bit warmer. And eating cake. The chocolate beetroot cake, the orange cake. All baked by the volunteers working in the garden.
Yesterday i made fat balls for the birds. One part seeds and raisins, one part warmed up lard mixed together. I used old plastic pots to pour the mixture in and let it get cold.
Another shape of fat ball.
A bright blue sky, the sun really low. Beautiful weather. Cold, yes.
I made a drawing. Looking out on the garden and tracing what i saw. I will try and draw more in the garden. The date is wrong by the way. Today, Sunday is the seventh of January.
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There were intensive talks in the gardens the past weeks. Last Friday i had a talk with Ronald about capitalism. He came along with a friend of him, Carl. And a piece of speculaas. We talked about how long capitalism exists. Since the late middle ages according to Ronald. The week before i said that i was a genius. Ho ho! Such a brazen expression. Hollow. Not that i’m not intelligent, but i still need to learn so many things about so many different areas. Today we talked about the bitcoin economy. It is becoming a bit clearer to me, but i still need to read more about it. I did bring up the war against the current leaders of our financial industrial economy. The banks. The investors. People making money from money. I am learning that discussions have their own momentum and direction. I am learning to adapt to that and not trying to pull into another direction.

I love all the many more talks we have in the garden, varying from the fun and frivolous to deeply serious. I can not contribute to every talk. I don’t know enough about every single subject, i’m afraid to say. But that is not the most important thing. I love this aspect of our garden. I love the brightness and interest and passion from each person participating. I don’t agree with everybody. Of course not. I remember the talks about Mars and terraforming it and the plans of Elon Musk to get people to go to Mars, a plan ludricous to me. We talk. And thoroughly enjoy it.

As for me, my situation. I am selling my house. And i plan to do something with the money i will get. The quite large amount of overvalue in my house. To make it work. The next two years will be important to me. As were the the past three years. And well, to be honest, the past fifty three years of my life. Which i love so much.


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Nasturtium flowers - still going in December!
Amsoy, an Asian mustard leave vegetable
Beetroot and scorzonera
Spring onions
Winter radish - rammenas in Dutch
Endive and parsley
No idea!
But still lovely đŸ™‚
Swiss chard
The courgette beds of this year covered with straw
Rhubarb plants we planted last Friday
Cavolo nero
Looks like red cabbage - not sure though
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A Harvest Market on the Peace Garden today. I sold the coffee, tea, lemonade, cakes and chocolate chip coookies. It felt busy. It wasn’t really, but with all the people we knew who came by it still felt busy. Tomorrow morning i’ll be going back to clean up, together with other people. For now, i’m tired. Really tired.


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Sunday 5 November 2017

I still feel extraordinarily happy. In the garden i welcomed everyone i knew coming in with a big hug. And with the apple and pear cake i baked this morning. We worked on the other side of the garden most of the afternoon. Half weeded the cabbages and kale. The other half started on clearing the courgette/zucchini beds and digging out the paths between them. We got a fair bit done. Not all of it, but we can finish it next week. Weeding the next bit, clearing the other bit of the courgettes, and filling up the paths between with wood chips.

It was a good day!

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A good day in the garden

Mushrooms growing in the wood chips pile. No idea if they are edible. So, when in doubt, do not eat!
A worm in the wood chips
Emily shows it's good
A portrait of the wheelbarrow
Bob working on decimating the nettles and thistle
A centipede in the compost
And a bug - no idea what sort this is
Building the compost bin
Down there
And filling it up
Dancing and stamping and jumping!
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Borage - komkommerkruid
Amsoy and lovage - amsoy en lavas
Dill - dille
Beetroot and salsify - biet en schorseneer
Chervil - kervel
Not sure, parsley or chervil? - Niet zeker, peterselie of kervel?
Thyme and catnip - Tijm en kattekruid
Rose - roos
Spiderweb - spinnenweb
Nasturtium - Oost-Indische kers
Chard - snijbiet
Flies in a spider's web - vliegen in een spinnenweb
Blue mint beetle
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