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Sunday 5 November 2017

I still feel extraordinarily happy. In the garden i welcomed everyone i knew coming in with a big hug. And with the apple and pear cake i baked this morning. We worked on the other side of the garden most of the afternoon. Half weeded the cabbages and kale. The other half started on clearing the courgette/zucchini beds and digging out the paths between them. We got a fair bit done. Not all of it, but we can finish it next week. Weeding the next bit, clearing the other bit of the courgettes, and filling up the paths between with wood chips.

It was a good day!

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A good day in the garden

Mushrooms growing in the wood chips pile. No idea if they are edible. So, when in doubt, do not eat!
A worm in the wood chips
Emily shows it's good
A portrait of the wheelbarrow
Bob working on decimating the nettles and thistle
A centipede in the compost
And a bug - no idea what sort this is
Building the compost bin
Down there
And filling it up
Dancing and stamping and jumping!
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Borage - komkommerkruid
Amsoy and lovage - amsoy en lavas
Dill - dille
Beetroot and salsify - biet en schorseneer
Chervil - kervel
Not sure, parsley or chervil? - Niet zeker, peterselie of kervel?
Thyme and catnip - Tijm en kattekruid
Rose - roos
Spiderweb - spinnenweb
Nasturtium - Oost-Indische kers
Chard - snijbiet
Flies in a spider's web - vliegen in een spinnenweb
Blue mint beetle
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Green Rotterdam

Today there was a get together of people professionally interested in all the green developments in Rotterdam. Last Sunday Sander did a trial run of weed parcels. I said then i would come today, Wednesday 20 September. As it turned out, the meeting was replaced to the Peace Garden. There was still work done on the concrete pavement on the Tuin op de Hofbogen, so it wasn’t possible there.

I mainly focused on the food. I did see some people i knew from time gone by a long time ago. Good.

And now, i’m tired. Really tired. It was a bit of a rush. A photo. That is it.

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A good Sunday

This morning i baked another courgette chocolate cake. Hmmm. In the garden most people enjoyed it. Hellen came by with a vegan banana date and blueberry oatmeal cake. Lovely!

I picked a whole row of green beans. After that i wandered around and made photos. Talked a bit with the people working. Talked with Nina about her tiny hands, nails and feet. Daniëls hands were bigger than her feet. Not by much, but still… bigger.

I went home in time, around six. Made something to eat, some potatoes and green beans with a bit of cottage cheese and sambal. Listened to some music. Then Daniël called, asking me if i could come by and help close the wagons. Someone else had forgotten to give back his keys. So of course. I took my compost bucket with me to empty.

A lovely day. Dry. Quite a few talks. Some good ones, some a bit less. But still ending up good. And no, i’m not an angel. 😛 Still have many faults, many thoughts in my mind which i shouldn’t have. Aware of them more now though. But still a struggle. But it is getting better!

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A wonderful day in the garden

This morning i baked a chocolate courgette cake. It was wonderful. I did grate a whole courgette. Apart form the inner seeds, which i had cut out. I also used olive oil instead of butter. It was very chocolaty. Very dark. With some moist dark brown bits where the chocolate tips were melted. Wonderful.

I did some weeding. Harvested the courgettes. Some green beans. Rosehips and buckthorns. Talked. Great.



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A hostess

The last week i am hosting two special opening evenings in the garden on the Hofbogen, the fruit garden i work on at Tuesdays. Last week it was very quiet, only two people came by. This week five people!

It was a lovely evening. Warm. Sunny with a bit of clouds. The noises of the city all around me, while i was sitting in this silent garden on top, with a beautiful view. Lovely.

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Tuin op de Hofbogen

Part of the garden on the Hofbogen at the old Station Hofplein is a wild flower and herb field, especially sown a few years ago. These flowers and herbs bloom all around the shrubs and trees planted. The thyme with its pink purple flowers, enjoyed by the bumblebees and honey bees crawling over them. The white and yellow flowers, whose names i don’t know to be honest. The teunisbloem. The poppies flowering in their short lived life in red bloom. Even the thistle looks lovely, with it purple flowers.

We cleaned up the vegetable beds and the round circles around the trees. Around half past two we had a bit of lunch. I had made a courgette gherkin and onion mayo spread and a goats cheese cottage cheese and mayo beetroot spread the day before. It was lovely.

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