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Grapes nearly ripe
Pumpkins picked and set to ripen a bit more
Beautiful flower
The whole afternoon it faintly drizzled. I quite enjoyed it πŸ™‚
The place where i buried Muis nearly two weeks ago
The harvest
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Pot Luck August 2019

It was warm today, around 30ΒΊC. So i did some dishes, prepared for the food for the Pot Luck in the evening, washed the veggies we harvested. We made a potato, onion and courgette dish, a cabbage dish with oinions and peppers and chilies and tomatoes and a salad. And then of course everything the people took along. Most of the veggies we gathered from the garden. At the end of the evening we picked some raspberries. Hmmm πŸ™‚

And then the music. Some new people in. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

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Lettuce - only harvested seperate leaves, this way you enjoy the lettuce much longer.
Elderflower berries and mint
Parsley seeds
Fennel seeds, yum!
Weeded the herb circle and spread the comfrey as mulch
Dug an extra path through the herb circle, we walk over it a lot anyway
Seeded thyme behind the apple tree
Harvested french beans
Pumpkin flowers
And more french beans!
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Working hard in the garden

Around half past one i went out of my house and started my walk up to the garden. First i emptied my old paper bag in the special bin for paper. Then a few raindrops. Which only lasted for a minute or so. My head was still filled with the final Harry Potter movie i watched in the morning.

At the garden we first drank coffee and tea. Then we spread out. I went to the greenhouse and looked after the tomatoes. They were really heavy. I cut off some of the lower branches. After that i went out of the greenhouse and started cutting bits of plants besides the paths.

After this i started helping the others. I got out burdock root which grew over the path. Nasty pieces of burr got stock in my hair. Large roots which made me dig deep below the plant. I got them out though.

We harvested our first potatoes. I couldn’t resist taking some home with me. Yum! I seeded rocket and radishes in the space between the potatoes. Some more people arrived. We picked french beans, elderflower berries, red currants, lettuce, apples, tomatoes, potatoes and beetroot.

I was tired. I walked slowly back home. A good day of working!

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