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Park Pompenburg

Hard work
Very hard work
To do
Young nettle
Grape hyacinth, the Muscari
An allium flower
The pear tree in flower bulbs
The almond trees loosing their blossom
The hedge
Working in the drizzling rain
Coltsfoot seeds
Purslane and purple deadnettle
A bumblebee
Potatoes for tomorrow
Goutweed for Daniël's favourite pesto recipe together with wild garlic.
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The bed Lydia and me seeded with wild flowers last Sunday. What you see growing is of course the weeds.
Almond flowers. Will enjoy these as long as they grow.
A coltsfoot spreading seeds
Another seeding coltsfoot
Not sure which tree this is, the apple? the pear? the cherry? I think it is the cherry!
Three daisies
A dandelion?
Three doves enjoying the sunshine
A big snail. I also saw the first butterfly, a cabbage white. And the first humblebee of the year.
A prunus?
Wild apple tree
Magnolia Stellata
A weeded branch in my house flowering like mad 🙂
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Julien and Diamela are weeding
So are Sanne and Lydia
Ronald is harvesting some leek
Young broadbean
Blackthorn in bloom
Almond flowers, can't resist adding a few more photographs
Daffodils, no idea how these got here
This daffodil we planted ourselves
Daniël and Gaay working on the greenhouse
Young leaves
More young leaves
White flowers, the blackthorn again?
I love spring
Adore it even!
Hilde mowing Park Pompenburg
Lydia weeding
Julien smiling 🙂

I completely forgot to make photos of the new bloom bed i seeded in today together with Lydia. I’ll make photos once the seeds start sprouting.

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Today, Wednesday, i went to Dordrecht to the shop Vreeken.

I got a few seeds for flowers. Two different sorts of calendula, one packet for edible flowers and one with many wild flowers.

My main goal was to buy a good gardening book. I asked the people in the garden and the book Handboek Ecologisch Tuinieren (Handbook Ecological Gardening) was recommended. The bible! It is a hefty book and i haven’t read a line, but it sure does feel like a good book to have and learn from.

I took the train on my way there and i went back on the boat, with the Waterbus. It was raining the whole time. But still, it was good sitting on the boat and watching all the factories and houses on the Merwede. Lovely.

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Freezing in the garden

Seedlings in the greenhouse
Leaves bursting open
Collecting all the garbage spread around
Spreading woodchips around the herbal spiral (crescent?)
The chicken coop
.. and more garbage collecting
Rose hip
Blackberry bushes
Daniel in the woodchips
More me
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