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Come to the dinner gong
The table is laden high
Fat bellies and hungry little ones
Tuck your napkins in
And take your share
Some get the gravy
And some get the gristle
Some get the marrow bone
And some get nothing
Though there’s plenty to spare

I took my share down by the sea
Paper plates and Javex bottles on the tide
Seagulls come down
And they squawk at me
Down where the water-skiers glide

Some turn to Jesus
And some turn to heroin
Some turn to rambling round
Looking for a clean sky
And a drinking stream
Some watch the paint peel off
Some watch their kids grow up
Some watch their stocks and bonds
Waiting for that big deal
American Dream

I took my dream down by the sea
Yankee yachts and lobster pots and sunshine
And logs and sails
And Shell Oil pails
Dogs and tugs and summertime
Back in the banquet line
Angry young people crying

Who let the greedy in
And who left the needy out
Who made this salty soup
Tell him we’re very hungry now
For a sweeter fare
In the cookie I read
“Some get the gravy
And some get the gristle
Some get the marrow bone
And some get nothing
Though there’s plenty to spare”

Writer: Joni Mitchell

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Euphorbia lathyris

While working in the garden today i saw these plants for the first time ever. The Euphorbia lathyris, in Dutch the wolfsmelk, a poisonous plant. Looks lovely.

All parts of the plant, including the seeds and roots are poisonous. Handling may cause skin irritation as the plant produces latex. While poisonous to humans and most livestock, goats sometimes eat it and are immune to the toxin. However, the toxin can be passed through the goat’s milk.

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A border of plants in Park Pompenburg
With a view on the city
Broad beans in flower
Lovely flower, no idea of the name
Green cherries
Wild garlic and nettle
The Echinacea planted out. Seeded in October last year, it needs a cold period
Planted out in three different spots, two in the flower border
... and one close to the almond trees
A dandelion seed head
A pink rose with a lovely smell 🙂
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A hard day’s work

Today i spend the afternoon working in the Vredestuin Noord. It is a lovely day, the sun is shining. Together with Hilde i spend the afternoon working hard.

We did the following:

  • we seeded three full trays of courgette/zuchini and three full trays of pumpkins
  • we watered all the seedlings and the plants in the greenhouse
  • we watered all the new planted grapes at the pergola, five liters for each grape
  • we watered the calendula, the kohlrabi, the chamomile, the beetroot, the parsnips and other root plants seeded in the bed
  • we talked about Friday, when i will be working at the Vredestuin Noord, we will seed chard and flowers, the cosmos and the zinnia!

Just after five i was simply too tired to harvest anything. I walked back home slowly. I made a salad, with spinach and half a avocado and tomato and pepper and soft goat cheese. Yum! After that i got a cup of coffee. Thanks for that!

And now i’m too tired to do anything else. Bye bye! Enjoy the photos i made!

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Stay safe

Blauwe regen - Blue rain
A green wall
Chives in flower
Sweet peas planted out against some branches binded together - and a blackbird.
A strawberry in flower
In a general context, the Ace of Wands represents good news and new beginnings. It signifies taking action, physically starting something, new initiative and finding new passion, enthusiasm or spark. It is a Minor Arcana card of accepting a challenge, getting fired up and getting in the game. It can also represent discovering your potential or talent and brings a sense of urgency and a new lease of life when it appears in your Tarot spread. This is a card indicates that you have creative spark and are feeling bold and daring. It also signifies spontaneity and excitement so expect fun times when it appears in your Tarot reading. This card can also represent fertility, conception and birth. Source
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