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Planting and seeding

The little red onions are planted in this crate. We will set them out in spring 2020.
These onions i bought last Thursday at Vreeken. I will plant these in the Vredestuin Noord as well.
The lettuce i bought last Thursday. This one seems good for winter growth and harvest. Fingers crossed.
Two to three tiny little seeds in a pot
The lettuce we seeded a month ago
Today's harvest
A red nasturtium
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Oogstfeest 2019

Three cakes i baked, one vegan, one keto, one ‘normal’. Two vegan type cookies. The weather forecast wasn’t that good, but we went ahead anyway. Rain, sometimes hard wind. But in the end it wasn’t that bad. The music was fun. I missed half the talks, but it was fine. The cakes were fine too. And the movie made by Dennis and Marjolein was great! I loved it. Wonderful.

Amd now i’m tired. Really tired. So, good night!

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Planting onions

The Utrechtse uitjes are planted out
The mustard we seeded out two weeks ago as green manure
Potato flowers
Nice yellow flower
Not sure what flower this is, it looks lovely
A spider
The onions being divided, a job i really loved to do
With the result
An accidentally pulled out parsnip
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Grapes nearly ripe
Pumpkins picked and set to ripen a bit more
Beautiful flower
The whole afternoon it faintly drizzled. I quite enjoyed it 🙂
The place where i buried Muis nearly two weeks ago
The harvest
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