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Hard working

The result of clearing the beds for the beans and pumpkin. Parsley, chard and parsnips.
And more!
The poles for the beans are all set up. In between we planted pumpkins.
More poles
A blackbird. We suspect these are building their nest in the hedge. They tweet and eat and get small pieces of straw out of the garden. Lovely.
I couldn't resist making photos of the blackbirds each time i saw them
Dandelion seedheads
The female blackbird
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A birthday party

Not that many photos i’m afraid. But a really nice birthday party it was. Songs were sung. Food was eaten. Great. The weather a bit wet, but hey, it’s good for the garden, and for our water tanks.

Have a good day. Salute!

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Seeding and planting trees on Park Pompenburg

Today we started at nine working at the Peace Garden slash Park Pompenburg. We set up the tables, moved the sitting areas around, put the water in cans with ginger, mint and lemon. I’m not sure why i felt so tired so quickly. Maybe my lack of sleep? Diabetes? I felt hot. I was sweating. But still. the coffee and tea was done. Tea a bit later, but still. The cookies were really appreciated. They are all eaten up now! And we had a washing up table with a start wash-bowl and one with lemons in it.

I didn’t seed any flower, didn’t plant any tree. But i was working the whole time. Walking around collecting all the glasses and mugs to wash them. Making more coffee and tea. Refilling the cans of water. Apart from a short rain shower around eleven it was sunny. Not too warm, a breeze kept the temperature workable.

Music at the end of the afternoon. I tapped along with a plant watering can. I sang along with the songs i sort of knew.

Right now i am exhausted. I didn’t make that many photos. One reason, there were so many other photographers and filmers around. In a bit i will take a short shower, clean up a bit. And then i will go to bed. Read a little, maybe. Try to sleep.


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