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For around ten month i have been thinking about a new video clip. First i was going to make it with drawings. I changed my mind. I would film! I had no song, nothing came up. Only in January this year, 2024, i came up with the last refrain of the song A little knowledge.

I used this text in the drawings i made 8 February 1986. It is strange how picking this text can elude you so easily. It gave me a good title for the video clip: A verse for nothing.

It will be a while before i am done with this clip. Some parts i have filmed, but other parts not. It’ll be a month, two months before i am done. I do feel happy. Also a bit nervous. Of course.

Lets hope for the best.

Here’s a verse for nothing
An introduction
To the way the world will be
Now we’re apart and alone
Mustn’t be unhappy
When you remember
Lovers never lose each other
Oh, such a lot to be learned
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