Now again

My now feeling does pop up occasionally. Over the past few weeks, at certain moment during the day, i feel it. Now. Today, while i was walking to Superbra, i watched the birds on the water. I saw ice floating. I heard the sounds it made. All now. Then.

I bought two new bra’s. It was two and a half years ago since i last bought a new bra. The first time i was in this special bra shop. Very enjoyable.

That is it for today. A short post. Nothing special.


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A random post

The photo made of me last Tuesday. Sitting in the garden on the Hogbogen, making an aquarel, a watercolour drawing. Still learning. Very enjoyable to do.

Today i went out and got me a bread and food for my cat. In the Gimsel i also bought bags for vegetables, fruit and bread. I wanted to make them myself, but i couldn’t resist getting them already made. Expensive. Yes. But still very nice. I’ll make many uses of them! I will make some myself. I will look in the attic room once again to see if my old sewing machine is standing there. If i can not find it, i will look for a second hand one. Sowing by hand goes so slow.

I am also thinking about a job vacancy for Rechtstreex. This is for 8 – 12 hours a week, giving out the vegetables and fruits and cheeses and meats people have ordered online. This actually sounds like something i will enjoy doing. I still have time to think about it, i need to write before February 18. I might actually try this.

I hope you will have a good weekend. Salute!

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Looking straight ahead

I made another drawing in the garden. Looking another way now, straight ahead. The colours i used are Quincacridone rose, phthalo green and yellow ocre. I started with making black with the rose and the green. I wanted to try using only these two colours, but i gave in. With the yellow ochre and the green i could make beautiful warm greens. At the end i did use a bit pure rose for the shadows. Just because i like it.

There was also a photographer, Leander, making photos of Rutger. He made a couple of me as well. I signed a declaration that he is allowed to use the photo for publication. He will also send them to me. Hopefully!

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