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A jumble of a day

Tuesday is the day i usually go to the market. This Tuesday i had to empty my compost bucket at the garden first. I stayed for a bit longer and made some photos. One photo of the Christmas tree standing besides the greenhouse. No idea how it got there! With the one shiny garland nonchalantly hanging from it.

It is cold. A blue sky. Lovely.

I’m surprised by the amount of vegetables growing in the garden still. It is December! And still we seed plants, spinach, endive, lettuce, purslane, chervil, amsoy. I did ask about the cabbages. Last year though they were eaten by caterpillars. So they were not planted that much this year.

I do know we lost many veggies this year to rats, the corn, beets, carrots, tomatoes. All eaten by rats. So next year my attempt to fight the rats is planting catmint. I did read that rats don’t like catmint. Very different from cats, who absolutely adore it. So yes, i will put a plant on my balcony too!

I brought the empty compost bucket home and went straight on to the market. I still look at people’s faces a lot. Some react almost surprised when they see me looking at them, some don’t see me looking at all. Most wrapped up in their own world. Their own stuff. Their own smartphone. It is these choices we all make. What we think is important. What we want. What we buy. What we throw away.

Yesterday i helped a lady who was trying to get an old chair out of a large litter box standing outside. I helped her with pulling out the chair. Once i was done i looked into the box to see if there was more. I saw some empty plant buckets. I pulled one out. Broken. Another one. Also broken. Another one. Whole. A woman past by and said to me “you sure you want that? It is from a weed plantation“.

I don’t mind that. It did make me look a bit more careful at all the stuff in the litter box and yes, i could see it.

I wasn’t sure what post i would make today. I was thinking about my page on Patreon. Still standing empty there. It is not that you get something extra. It is simply a gesture of niceness, a gesture to see what i am trying to do here and giving me a thumbs up, so to speak.

Anyway, i will add the Patreon link to the footer of this website. Gotta try something, don’t i?

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Before the flood

This morning i watched the documentary Before the Flood with main advocate and traveler Leonardo DiCaprio. Some bits i knew of, some bits i didn’t. I got angry by the burning down of rain forests in Indonesia to make palm oil plantations. And i got angry with most other subjects talked about in this movie.

The bit about the Koch Brothers stayed with me. Not an unknown name, not at all. I will read more about them.

I do not think though this movie will make a massive change in the people’s attitude towards the state of our planet. Life simply goes on, you work, you have vacations, you have sex, you laugh with your children, with your friends, with your family. Life doesn’t seem to change that much.

But of course it does. Each and every day it changes a bit, until you wake up and you suddenly live in a different world. And it is too late to do anything about it. It seems.

If you wish, you can watch this movie here, one and a half hour long.

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The Nerdwriter

Watching youtube videos is what i do mostly before i try to get some sleep at night. I am subscribed to a few users. This list is in a constant flux. I do have a weak spot for Dutch beauty (b)(v)loggers. It is getting a bit less these past months, but i still have quite a few beauty girls in my subscription list.

Just yet, when checking out The Nerdwriter and his subsciptions i added a couple more channels to my subscribed list: The School of Life, Vox and Anna Akana. I already watched many of the School of Life’s videos, i do go to the Vox website once a week or so. Ana Akana is a new one. I watched one video, liked it and subscribed. Lets see how that will work out.

The Nerdwriter is someone whose videos i do admire. Art, music, movies are among the most prolific themes. The Nerdwriter is Evan Puschak. After a period of working he started for himself, now living mostly of Patreon pledges.

I haven’t seen all his videos. I went through his entire list this evening, marking the ones i am interested in. Which is most. Makes me feel humble, looking at his work, comparing it to my own. I do know my field of expertise is on a different area, but still. It is good to see someone working hard, thinking and talking about the things of life which are of interest to him (or her).

So, salute to the Nerdwriter. May you keep on working for a very long time!

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How Stories Control Our Economic Reality

How Steely Dan Composes A Song

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban: Why It’s The Best

Watch many more videos >

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The fifteen things on the list Items I Love from my Etsy account. Most of them are sold. I have never bought anything from Etsy. I do still look though. Browse around. I like handmade jewellery, homemade clothes. I still have in my mind i should make my own clothes someday. Just very simple clothes, maybe with a simple pattern. Or take some lessons. But that is not for now. Later!

Felt is something i like as well. I know i can look up how to make it. But i am still trying to get my plants to grow from seeds, and do this website, and work occasionally. So that is enough for me. Etsy is more a place to scan for things i enjoy.

il_170x135.167573719 il_570xN.167157330
Cute as a Button - Black, Red and Grey Earrings
il_570xN.167374164 il_570xN.480335437_5evu il_570xN.158930986 il_570xN.162343979 il_570xN.154112080 il_570xN.152594326 il_570xN.779806585_mvi6 il_570xN.1041851085_igq9 il_570xN.936885784_oybg il_570xN.703456494_sfxj il_570xN.854382338_makb il_570xN.124474294 il_570xN.613717303_oy39
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Last week i made a Patreon page for myself. It does remind me of this kickstarter page i made on a year and a half ago. I got one dollar there. So i don’t have any high expectations. But still, this could be a nice way to add some monthly income. My fonds are a bit low at the moment.

I will add some information on this website about this page. And yes, i will need to make a Paypal account for myself.

I do need to think about where i will add the information about this Patreon page. It could be in the footer. Or on the about page. It’ll work itself out i’m sure.

Glad i got this done.

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I have some minor boards on Pinterest. The past months i added a board about jewelry and about the Dutch royal family. Both were for posts. The most expensive jewelry in the world. Staatsieportretten.

I started out with a Do it yourself-board, a Rotterdam-board and a Cooking-board. All three are still quite bare. Minimal fashion has some more, 29 pins. And the jewelry and Royal Family boards have loads more. Most i actually got from Pinterest itself.

I just made a new board about Raf Simons. I love his work. In yesterday’s post, The most beautiful dresses of all time, i showed three of his dresses. He does give an extraordinarily extravagant minimalistic feel to his clothes.

I do follow a few people. Jeffrey Zeldman. David Lebovitz. Heidi Swanson. Joline Jolink. Angelique van Velzen-Smeenk. L P. lotte v. Carlos Restrepo. Gretha Agate.

Jeffrey Zeldman is a webdesigner whose books i learned from so much, whose blog i read irregularly. Lebovitz and Swanson are cooking bloggers. Joline Jolink is a fashion designer whose clothes i love. The other people i’m not sure about. I must have come across their boards and simply enjoyed them.

Aah, L P has many gardening, permaculture and food boards. Carlos Restrepo has boards with artists and photographers. Gretha Agate has some royalty boards and royalty dresses.

Of these nine people i follow, Jeffrey Zeldman has the most pins: 68.900. Music, directors, cinema, design, places, photographers, artists, fonts, illustration, cats, writers, albums from hell. Too much to get all in once.

As a closing remark to this post, i never really got into Pinterest. I probably never will, but it is a good way to get stuff from the internet together and go through it once in a while. Just as a reminder.

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On my computer i have most of the time three open applications: Mail, Spotify and Firefox. In Firefox i usually have two main windows open.

The left

  • wordpress backend of
  • google analytics of
  • soundcloud stats
  • youtube stats
  • tumblr dashboard
  • songs, an unlinked page on with lyrics of the songs i sing

The right

These windows say so many things about my daily occupations. About this website, about its statistics, about the songs i sing, about the social networks i follow, about a blog i really like, about my relaxation, the games i play.

I have written about Brainpickings before. I don’t read every post, no. But once or twice a week i go through the first page to see if there are any new posts. Usually Sunday and Wednesday.

Brain Pickings — which remains ad-free and supported by readers — is a cross-disciplinary LEGO treasure chest, full of pieces spanning art, science, psychology, design, philosophy, history, politics, anthropology, and more; pieces that enrich our mental pool of resources and empower combinatorial ideas that are stronger, smarter, richer, deeper and more impactful. Above all, it’s about how these different disciplines illuminate one another to glean some insight, directly or indirectly, into that grand question of how to live, and how to live well.

A post from 2013 writes about the start, unbeknownst of it future growth and expansion in Happy Birthday, Brain Pickings: 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living.

Please read the article. For the very hasty among you the following list:

  1. Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind.
  2. Do nothing for prestige or status or money or approval alone.
  3. Be generous.
  4. Build pockets of stillness into your life.
  5. When people try to tell you who you are, don’t believe them.
  6. Presence is far more intricate and rewarding an art than productivity.
  7. “Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time.”

This weeks post is a gem. The Psychology of Time and the Paradox of How Impulsivity and Self-Control Mediate Our Capacity for Presence. I am thinking about myself and the changes in my thoughts, well, for my whole life basically. But things are developing with sound speed, these past 18 months. Before that i felt my life was getting to a slowdown, i felt depressed. Not severely, more like a bucket was over my head. I still remember thinking then, those 18 months ago, that finally the wind started to blow quietly with me, not against me. This does change my perception of the time around me. Sometimes i escape out of time, when i play a game, watch some television, read a book. And sometimes i’m inside time, like this afternoon, listening to all the sounds from the street, the cars, the birds, the neighbors, people walking by. I don’t think you should be in that experience the whole time. Earlier this evening, while watching Masterchef, i was thinking about tomorrow, what i will be doing then. In the morning i’ll be going to the Peace Garden. I’ll take my vegetables cuttings and other stuff for the compost heap with me. And a thermos with hot water, and coffee and sugar and cream. And tomorrow i will be doing my VAT for the first three months of this year.

Reading this article made me think of my own learning to wait, to postpone getting a reward. My own self-restraint. It makes me think about losing my virginity when i was 28 years old. It is not that i didn’t try before. It just didn’t work out. I felt i should have been able to go for it much younger, but it just never felt right.

I did use to drink a lot more when i was younger. But for a few years i’ve been diagnosed with diabetes 2. Since then i did loose around 7 kilos. I should loose more, i know. But i do drink a lot less alcohol. One, sometimes two bottles of wine a week. It takes me two, mostly three days to finish a bottle. Ten years ago i drank one bottle a day. Sometimes even two bottles in one evening. I am very happy that i managed to minimize to my current amount.

Time that is felt and lived, that is, a life rich in positive experiences, is made up of moments of fulfillment, often in the company of good friends or a beloved partner. Therefore, whether one lives out the moment or pursues gain over the long term is a matter of emotionally intelligent conduct and weighing decisions. Someone who is free and full of life does not always choose to delay gratification; rather, she or he is smart about when to seek enjoyment and when to wait.

There is also a collection of favorite reads.

On Being
Maria Popova — Cartographer of Meaning in a Digital World

Reading this content can be hard. I admit, i don’t always have the patience for it. My life at this moment is still a life of growth. The past year and a half i felt a difference almost every day. And yet sometimes when i read back an old post, of let’s say a year ago, it feels like i am the same person with the same questions, the same wants and the same needs. Even a post from nineteen years ago still feels like being from me. But yes, i do feel i am changing. Blossoming might be the right word.

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A new selfie

Today i colored my hair. I had decided to go a bit lighter. I used a dark blonde or light brown color over the past years. This summer i used a medium golden blonde. One of the reasons is that i am turning grey. At the roots it was a lot lighter, a mix between grey and dark blonde. The lighter shade blended quite well. So last Friday i decided to even go a shade lighter. I chose Light Natural Blonde, 9N from John Frieda.

After my hair dried mostly, i blow-dried it. I used a style rod to straighten my bangs. My bangs always curl up. I had cut them a tiny bit after i had coloured my hair.

Over the past weeks i was thinking about the portrait i use for social media. I do like the picture, but it is five years old. Time for a change.

I started to make myself up, nothing too much.

  • a tinted moisturizer Extra Light Tint from Bobbi Brown
  • my Mac eye shadows, Nylon on the inner eyelid, Wedge in the crease, Handwritten and Typographic on the outer side to lift up my eyes a bit
  • Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara
  • Mac eye brown pencil Lingering
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Berry Sheer Tint

And then, just before the sunset, the sun shone in my room.

I took several photos of myself, around twenty. I opened them all in Photoshop and closed the ones i didn’t like. I will try out four on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and whatever more sites i got an account on.

I did use a small color correction on all the pictures. The ones in the straight sunshine were a bit too yellow, i pulled the blue-yellow curve so that my face would be a bit more pink. I finally picked four photos i can choose between.

I admit, i am a bit vain. Even though i’m 51, i do like to look my best. These photos are the best i’ve taken in a few years. And i love the blond hair!


My favourite. I like the look on my face, slightly taken from above. Yes, i can have a double chin! There is quite a lot of shadow. But it is the slight smile which works for me.
I do like this picture a lot. The shadow, the expression. But in the end, i do think it is too dark. Social media portraits are used tiny. This portrait has too many details to work good small.
I like this one. Too bad the chin is chopped of, but it could be used.
A good one, sure. Just imported this one on twitter. My favourite had too dark a shadow. Let's see how this one works out.
My old social media selfportrait, made in 2010
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Over the past months i was thinking on how to make a bit more publicity for It is harder now than it was fifteen years ago. There are many more people online yes, but they are also more set in their ways, not venturing out as much as they used to.

I had made an account at tumblr. When i check the activity page, it seems i made it this year, 29 January. I do remember looking around, while i was working on the design of I was thinking then of maybe starting a blog there. But it just seemed to me too limited. So i went ahead and started this blog on A domain i had for several years already.

But, yesterday, i searched around a bit. I didn’t like the bloglovin’ community. The way you had to register there just seemed to me too much hassle. I also wasn’t sure it would be the right community for my website. Then i did some searches for tumblr in combination with wordpress. The thought came up after i saw Rookie had a tumblr place, in which they simply posted a shorter version of their original post with a link.

So yesterday i started out. I already had made a blog in January, my first post went up yesterday. I’m not going to be using any plugin for it, i will pick from and quotes, photo’s, video’s and audio and post these to tumblr. In these two days i did make 6 posts. That will slow down of course over the next few days. So far, i’m enjoying myself. I do have so many items to choose from, it feels like i’m in a candy store and can pick anything without any charge.

If you are reading this, you are already on the place i want you to be. But still, do check it out if you please, you can see it at Enjoy!

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