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Since 24 August 2005 i use to build up a list of most of the music i listen to. In spotify you can add the songs you listen to. My username in is ellenlfs. Nowadays i mainly use ellenpronk, but i do still like ellenlfs.

My overview page in is I did have many periods in which i didn’t listen that much to music. 2015 is my busiest year. In total i have 44.064 scrobbles from 1.854 artists until now.

This comes close to my overall taste, but there are differences. My favourite album of all time is Cupid & Psyche ’85 from Scritti Politti, but i’m not listening to this album as much as i used to. The previous forty years of my music listening is not in this account. Still, twelve years is a long time. I do enjoy seeing my listening habits displayed like this.

Listening History
Number of tracks scrobbled each year.

Year Number of scrobbles
2005 827
2006 3653
2007 1744
2008 508
2009 1365
2010 2364
2011 2920
2012 3643
2013 1626
2014 5791
2015 13949
2016 2797
2017 2868

My top artists
1 – Scritti Politti – 2,013
2 – Talking Heads – 1,004
3 – Steely Dan – 905
4 – Pet Shop Boys – 860
5 – Sufjan Stevens – 822
6 – Wire – 816
7 – David Bowie – 682
8 – Michael Jackson – 570
9 – Beastie Boys – 544
10 – The Beatles – 523

My top albums
1 – Steely Dan — Can’t Buy A Thrill – 440
2 – Ed Lincoln – Ed Lincoln – 391
3 – Janelle Monáe — The ArchAndroid – 378
4 – Wire — Pink Flag – 297
5 – Tracey Thorn — A Distant Shore – 274
6 – Scritti Politti — White Bread Black Beer – 254
7 – Scritti Politti — Songs To Remember – 235
8 – Michael Jackson — Thriller – 227
9 – David Bowie — The Singles Collection – 220
10 – Nick Drake — Five Leaves Left – 217

My top tracks
1 – Britney Spears — Sometimes – 136
2 – Scritti Politti — Road to No Regret – 132
3 – Tracey Thorn — Too Happy – 123
4 – Scritti Politti — Absolute – 120
5 – Janelle Monáe — Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) – 115
6 – Alessi Brothers — Oh Lori – 114
7 – Steely Dan — Deacon Blues – 113
8 – Wire — Mannequin – 112
9 – Ed Lincoln — (O Nome Dele É) Waldemar – 111
10 – 10cc — I’m Not in Love – 110

The latest songs i have been listening too (Monday 25 September 22:04)
CeeLo Green — Fuck You — 6 hours ago
Johnny Cash — Ring of Fire — 6 hours ago
The Pop Group — Snowgirl — 6 hours ago
The Beatles — She Loves You – Mono / Remastered 2009 — 6 hours ago
Kurtis Blow — The Breaks — 6 hours ago
Ed Lincoln — Balansamba Nº1 — 6 hours ago
Janet Jackson — Let’s Wait Awhile — 7 hours ago
Jacques Brel — Ne me quitte pas — 7 hours ago
Carly Rae Jepsen — Call Me Maybe — 7 hours ago
Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Walk Through the Fire — 7 hours ago

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Contact form

A few days ago i decided to add a contact form to this website. A simple service. Today i did a quick look around for this. I picked one which was used many times. I don’t want to add any extra fields, so the basic one is enough for me.

I will add this form to the contact page.

So if there is anything on your mind you want to ask me or to tell me, please use the contact form below. I will never use your email for any commercial use.

Contact form

Comments or questions are welcome.

* indicates required field

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The long read

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My old links

I said it last week on the Superbad post, i will go through my old links and see which ones still work. Yay!

I did do a search for any link which had stopped working. Some have moved. Some have scripts which don’t work anymore. I don’t care. I’m happy with any little thread i found. I’m also a bit sad that so many websites have disappeared. 🙁

A newer links page on is still online.

  • Beliefs
  • ASCII World (
  • Cybordelics
  • Open source
  • The trap collection (
  • Asynchronous vs. synchronous update (| Difference Between Synchronous and Asynchronous | Asynchronous vs. synchronous update
  • The first name of ‘Ellen’
  • Personality Test (
  • Symbol © (
  • Heart (
  • Archeology of the Frivolous
  • The finger (| Other link, not sure about this one
  • Handy Board Assembly Tips (
  • Quilt Blocks Page
  • Cybertower (
  • r a z o r f i s h | This still works, no idea if this is the right stuff though – still fun
  • Losing an Architect of Change (
  • The Adventures of the Boy with Immovable Hair! ( | And just to leave you scratching your head, our final link is the Adventures of the Boy With Immovable Hair (, a series of comic strips drawn entirely in ASCII. And you thought those semicolon winky faces on e-mail were irritating. (Source:
  • Shift
  • Else’s Wepdisein (
  • Mr Ping vs Mr Pong! (
  • T A G R A P H I C (
  • 16 Color cinema
  • Antimath ( | robotwisdom | robotwisdom2
  • Paper Folding Project (
  • (e)co-operatief capitalisme (
  • flip flop flyin’ (
  • (
  • Niemandsverdriet
  • Sub-Pixel Font Rendering Technology
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When i started to make things for showing online, i did have some friends who i met on the internet. Erika, her name then – it has changed now – was one of them. She maintained a website called the Archeology of the Frivolous. Even though she did stop maintaining it, the website is still online, i’m happy to say.

I remember when i started out and wrote to her about it, she wrote back giving me the url I immediately fell in love with that work, the moment i saw it. Ben Benjamin made the website in 1997. I’m really happy to see the website is still online right now.

Superbad is essentially a maze. Hopefully i have seen all the pages. I’m not sure though. It uses html and javascript and gifanimations amongst other things to show the contents. The names of the sections are ranging between silly and thought provoking.

Lotus, trunk, ape, muscle, puppet, reel, accident, green, bingo. Among other things.

Our current monitors are a bit too wide really for this website. I intentionally made the window smaller. A 1064 x 866. I did look for a window resizer, in which i could type the usual size of that time, a 1024 x 768. I didn’t find it, sorry to say. I had no intention for installing an addon for it.

Looking back at it, i see the influence this website had on my work. Especially homebase. Not the content, that is all mine. But the way of navigating through it is all influenced by superbad. I admit, this is the first time i can see it this clearly. It feels like this is so obvious. I almost feel embarrassed about this now.

All i can say now, please go through This is the work of someone so creative, so playful with the material he has. In looks, in code, in titles, in naming. I love it. Still.


I do hope this site will be online for a very long time.

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Today, i was thinking while i walked to the market. A short thought. The plugin i tried yesterday i didn’t like. I remembered seeing a Mailchimp plugin for WordPress. I do like Mailchimp. I just checked on their website, they started in 2001. I must have known about them since 2003, 2004? So yes, i picked Mailchimp. The free option goes up to 2000 subscribers, which seems plenty for me. And i do like the templates and the whole look of their website.

I still have a couple of days to work on a template and do some tests. I will write the email myself. Using photos from the website, write a short bit or copy paste a bit from the text. Depends on the post. I will send an email out once a week, each Friday. It will have links to the five posts i made that week. So the first one goes out this Friday, 5 May. I will pick out a template and fill the email up over the week.

I am curious. I don’t expect that many sign-ups, but i do hope a few people will.

If you do want to subscribe to my new newsletter, please fill in the form below. You do not need to fill in your name if you don’t want to.

[I have decided to stop this newsletter, a few months ago actually. With only the one subscriber it is really too much work. Sorry Veg!]

I will add this form to my footer. Hopefully sometime this week. I will make some other changes too.

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A jumble of a day

Tuesday is the day i usually go to the market. This Tuesday i had to empty my compost bucket at the garden first. I stayed for a bit longer and made some photos. One photo of the Christmas tree standing besides the greenhouse. No idea how it got there! With the one shiny garland nonchalantly hanging from it.

It is cold. A blue sky. Lovely.

I’m surprised by the amount of vegetables growing in the garden still. It is December! And still we seed plants, spinach, endive, lettuce, purslane, chervil, amsoy. I did ask about the cabbages. Last year though they were eaten by caterpillars. So they were not planted that much this year.

I do know we lost many veggies this year to rats, the corn, beets, carrots, tomatoes. All eaten by rats. So next year my attempt to fight the rats is planting catmint. I did read that rats don’t like catmint. Very different from cats, who absolutely adore it. So yes, i will put a plant on my balcony too!

I brought the empty compost bucket home and went straight on to the market. I still look at people’s faces a lot. Some react almost surprised when they see me looking at them, some don’t see me looking at all. Most wrapped up in their own world. Their own stuff. Their own smartphone. It is these choices we all make. What we think is important. What we want. What we buy. What we throw away.

Yesterday i helped a lady who was trying to get an old chair out of a large litter box standing outside. I helped her with pulling out the chair. Once i was done i looked into the box to see if there was more. I saw some empty plant buckets. I pulled one out. Broken. Another one. Also broken. Another one. Whole. A woman past by and said to me “you sure you want that? It is from a weed plantation“.

I don’t mind that. It did make me look a bit more careful at all the stuff in the litter box and yes, i could see it.

I wasn’t sure what post i would make today. I was thinking about my page on Patreon. Still standing empty there. It is not that you get something extra. It is simply a gesture of niceness, a gesture to see what i am trying to do here and giving me a thumbs up, so to speak.

Anyway, i will add the Patreon link to the footer of this website. Gotta try something, don’t i?

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Before the flood

This morning i watched the documentary Before the Flood with main advocate and traveler Leonardo DiCaprio. Some bits i knew of, some bits i didn’t. I got angry by the burning down of rain forests in Indonesia to make palm oil plantations. And i got angry with most other subjects talked about in this movie.

The bit about the Koch Brothers stayed with me. Not an unknown name, not at all. I will read more about them.

I do not think though this movie will make a massive change in the people’s attitude towards the state of our planet. Life simply goes on, you work, you have vacations, you have sex, you laugh with your children, with your friends, with your family. Life doesn’t seem to change that much.

But of course it does. Each and every day it changes a bit, until you wake up and you suddenly live in a different world. And it is too late to do anything about it. It seems.

If you wish, you can watch this movie here, one and a half hour long.

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