Talasbuan is a channel on Youtube i found a week ago. Talasbuan is from two people living in an off grid small holding, a fäbod, in the middle part of Sweden. They are building up a small farm, with sheep, pigs, chickens and a couple of roosters and some rabbits (which might have been gone now, not sure). I love the style of the videos they are posting, about nature surrounding them, the work they do, building up the wooden small houses for themselves and their animals, their little kid Ivar and so much more.

I’m in the process of reading all the information they are giving. The Weston A Price foundation website is a new thing for me. I do see many similarities with my ketogenic diet. They both put the emphasis on cooking your meals yourself, not using any premade foodstuff. I will come back to this subject.

That is it for now. Enjoy the videos, and please, check out their youtube channel Talasbuan and their website Talasbuan yourself.

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