Over the past few years i had advice from people around me to go on Tinder. This was in reply to my confession i still wanted a boyfriend, above all things. Tinder seemed to be an easy way to get one fast.

My middle sister told me around four years ago. ‘Go on Tinder’ she said one evening. My eldest sister actually replied to her that it was not necessary to be on Tinder to find a proper boyfriend. I’m glad to say. The house boss a year ago advised me the same thing. ‘Go on Tinder, you’ll find someone in no time!’ No i said. I don’t want to. A friend from the garden told me this year that he had found a nice girlfriend on Tinder. I should do the same! No i said. But i would think about it. I said.

I am not saying all the people go on Tinder for one reason only (sex for the uninformed). I’m sure many people are trying their best to look for the love of their life. I would be such a person. I would be careful in how i would profile myself, who i would like. Of course. It is just, i am not looking for one specific person. Not right now.

I would really like to have my life in order, have something to earn money with, have a place to live. I would really like to be able to talk with people of all different kinds about all sorts of things: how to best feed yourself, how to farm, how to garden, how to work in this world, how to preserve this world for the future. I would love to make money with my drawings, with my walks, my gardening, cooking, writings. My singing even, my making videos.

I would really like to be with somebody of course. But just not right now.

Well, at least i keep telling myself 🙂

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