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In my lunchbreak i walked up to the fish stand on the Bergweg and got me one herring. Yum. On my way over there i saw this family of Egyptian geese.
A red hollyhock on my way back
A big tree
Magenta flowers
The grote lisdodde, the bulrush
Looks like a Snowball Hydrangea - not sure about the name though
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Into town

After a lazy morning spending time reading and drinking coffee and ironing my linen dress i went into the city for some things i would like to get for me.

First i got my lunch at the market. Two herrings with a bit of onion, sliced in bite-size pieces. I sat besides the Markthal on the side of the grass field enjoying the herring while i was watching the children play in the climbing frames.Sad this field will go away soon. A big appartment building will rise on that spot.

I walked on to the Bijenkorf. I had done some research on what i would like to buy for myself from the brand The Ordinary. I took the regimen guide as a good place to start.

Example regimen for general signs of age:
Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Granactive Retinoid 2% or 5% in Squalane
100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

I did buy the Buffet, the Hyaluronic Acid and the Rose Hip Seed Oil. The first two are new to me. I am curious to how they will work on my skin. My skin is normal/oily and sensitive. Luckily i don’t have the eczema anymore which was bothering me a year ago. I hope that will stay away.

I walked back and went to the Albert Heijn to get bacon for the dish i want to make for this week. A bit like coq au vin, but without the wine. I still have some sealed chestnuts and dried mushrooms i will use for it. I also bought some peas. Onions i still have. And of course some courgettes. We have so many from the garden. I will also use the rosemary and fennel seeds. Maybe some star anise, not sure about that.

It felt good walking through town, glancing at people and see what they are doing. For a short while anyway.


PS. I did buy some wine, a German dry Riesling. Half of it went into the coq au vin, the other half i drank while talking with my house boss sitting on the balcony. Nice!

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Lovely pictures from the garden

A calendula flower in the containers close to the railroad
A spider
Cosmos and nasturtium
A beautiful cosmos flower
And a beautiful courgette flower
Tomatoes ripe for harvesting
A yacon plant
An apple tree outside of the garden surrounded by hollyhocks
Wild flowers outside of the garden
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Today i went to the library to return the fourth book in the Game of Thrones series i am currently reading. I hadn’t plan to get another book. I did go up in the library and did look around if i saw anything to my liking. Nothing in the young adult section. Nothing in the English section.

I went to the ethics section and saw a book by Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for life: an antidote to chaos. I sat in a chair and went through it and read some pieces. I put it back. Close by i saw some other books. About Emmanual Levinas. Tempting. But no. Then my eye fell on a book by Frans de Waal: De aap en de filosoof (The monkey and the philosopher). I am gonna give it a try. Well, once i have finished A Dance with Dragons of course.

Ooh, the title of this post, Bibliotheek, is the Dutch translation of the English word library. Just so you know. 🙂

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Summer gardening

Pumpkins in between the beans
The beans growing huge!
And very flowery 🙂
Fennel heads flowers
Green tomatoes
Courgettes, zucchini for the USA citizens
The figue
Zinnia flowers with nasturtium and a cosmos
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Still single.

But i do dream, i do fall in love at times, i do feel aroused at times. The last time was last weekend, and it confused me. Terribly. I felt pretty sure this wasn’t going to be anything serious, but it sure felt like that for two days. It did hit me quite full on. Too confused to think this through, i could only feel my body react.

So yes, there were a couple of hours in which i simply felt overtaken by desire. Wham.

It is not what i wish for myself. Still difficult to get through.

It has become less over the past 24 hours. Today i added some elements to my drawing. I started designing a booklet about vegetables and dishes from the garden. I listened to some music. I played a bit of wow and stardew valley. I stared out of the window and looked at the trees with their leaves moving in the slight wind.

I hope i am managing. I hope i can finish my drawing in a couple of weeks. I hope i can keep myself on the right track. Or rather, my own track.

I do feel a bit sad leaving this behind me. But that is also a delusion. It is all in my own head. Walk on!

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