Vlog #1 Bridges

My first real vlog! So many things to get used to. Talking. Brrrr. Looking in the camera. Brrrr. But still, considering this is my first outside filmed vlog, it is ok. I guess.

I did enjoy the walk. And the talks with different people. The fisherman. The photographer. I gave them my old card, with a drawing of me on it, and my website written on the back. I should get some more. I kinda liked sharing these.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Vegi says:

    Bridges! Bridges are awesome.

    Some time ago (catching Magikarps in Pokemon Go, pfft!) I said to my best friend that the city I live in (Wrocław, Poland) is famous for having over 100 bridges. And he was like WHAT? We have more than thousand! He is living in Amsterdam 🙂 So, very Netherlandish thing, bridges 😀

    Also, you have a very lovely voice 🙂


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