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My favorite wedding dresses. First i thought of a short dress, one with a tight waist and a wide skirt. But i did come across some long ones i really like as well. All are quite minimal, of course. I did make a pinterest board with all the ones i found. Will do some more searches.

If it does actually happen, my wedding, i will ask a fashion designer if he or she wants to design a wedding dress for me. I don’t know if they will do that though. So i will continue my search. It does give a big amount of pleasure searching around, trying to imagine myself in a dress and eventually find to my ultimate wedding dress.

Lanvin Ruffled Satin Twill Gown ($5,150) Gorgeous. At the front it looks like a long T-shirt. At the back there are some ruffles. Bit expansive, but hey, you only marry once! Not sure this will fit my curvy figure though.
A bit more casual and bohemian. A short sleeved pink T-shirt with lace and a light green wide skirt with tule overlay with some flowery embroidery. But, this might look better on a skinny figure. From Alison-Jayne Couture.
Another T-shirt and skirt. The pale light grey blue skirt is lovely. This paired with a long sleeved top looks lovely. Still, one of the reasons i opted for a shorter dress is that my lower legs are quite skinny. I think showing them more will balance my figure very well.
This Audette dress from The Row is close to what i have in mind. Clean lines. I love the sleeves, with the open cuffs popping out. The length is just right. Also, i do need to wear a good bra, so a bare top is not right. This would work!
A typical Audrey Hepburn wedding dress. This does fit well with my first thought. Not sure i will stick to it though.
This 2012 Valentino short white dress is gorgeous. Exquisite. Also love the sandals.
Designed by Charlotte Simpson. Lovely. The embroidery looks wonderful.

I haven’t found my dress yet. And there are also the shoes to think of, the make up, the undergarments. But of course, the most important asset of the day, the husband to be, i haven’t met yet. Just a minor detail.

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