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I did get this domain a couple of years ago. I am using the e-mail as my professional e-mail address, and i used subdomains for work. But i never got around to making the domain itself work. I did make designs, i did install Drupal, then ExpressionEngine, both content management systems. But i finally decided to use WordPress. Since this place is going to be a blog.

Today i wrote the About page. This took most of my energy really. So for now i’m gonna leave this first post quite bare. The picture at the top i took last thursday. It was a sunny day and it had just snowed. And yes, it’s the view from my house.

Tomorrow i will start on my second post. I don’t know yet what that post will be about. For now, i will leave this post standing all alone here. Ooh.. i do need to delete the comment that came with it. But i am keeping the title of this post. It feels right to me. Hello world!

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