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A quiet day today. I did work on the videoclip. It does look good. Tomorrow i’ll do the finishing touches.

Went to the supermarket to get catty litter and bread and eggs and chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of wine.

Read more Harry Potter. Nearly done with the second book.

Also thought a bit more. About myself, about my life, what i want.

Tonight it’s Great British Bake Off time. Partly the reason i bought the wine.

Enjoy your day!

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A Tuesday in Rotterdam

This morning i worked on the videoclip Het Kralingse Bos. I made a definite choice about the music. I love it. It brings tears in my eyes. I also added all the separate clips, edited most of them to their best moment. I’m thinking now about the final order of the clips. I’ll work on that part tomorrow. So far, it looks good on getting all of this done at the end of Thursday.

I did go to the market. I bought some chips with mayo and ate them sitting on the stones outside of the central library. An older woman sat next to me while i was eating. We talked a bit. She said it was very crowded at the market. I said i hadn’t been there yet. I bought the chips first. She said it was from Bram Ladage. But i said it wasn’t, it was from Rob van Klaveren. She smiled. She also complained about the refugees entiring our country. I tried to explain to her that it weren’t that many people. I also said to her that you shouldn’t take the news at face value. I doubt though she really heard me. We also talked about the lack of lights on the freeways. Since i don’t have a driver’s license, it’s hard for me to say anything sensible about that. I did say to her that i thought that the freeway, once you’re on it, seems to me one of the safest places to drive. That cars do have their own lights anyway. I don’t think she agreed with me. I don’t think anything i said made an impact really. After i finished my chips, i said my goodbyes and went to the market and bought some veggies. To be honest, i didn’t think it was too crowded there anyway.

I worked a bit more when i got back home. I read a bit. Started with Harry Potter! I do enjoy the first book. I like the language. The way J.K. Rowlings uses it to define the world of wizards, dragons, three-headed dogs. It is very much a dream come true for Harry. The food in the book seems amazing!

This evening i watched some tv. I think i will watch the Dutch show Newshour, starting in around 15 minutes. I’m following the news about Volkswagen. They made software where the emission of harmful materials was diminished in a test situation. This Monday Volkswagen lost 20% at the stock-exchange. Today, Tuesday, they lost another 20%. I am curious about the details of this story. Volkswagen seems to me one of the core German industries. How did they come to installing this software in their cars. Even making it? Curious to see how this will pan out.

Enjoy your day! Seeya tomorrow 🙂

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Last night i only slept a bit towards the end. Today i spend some time in bed, reading. Now i’m just really sleepy and tired.

So that’s it for today. I’m going to bed, go through my blogs, through my youtube subscriptions, play a little solitaire, read in the Peter Hamilton book. And hopefully fall asleep and don’t let the dreams get to me like they did yesterday. I mean, it’s sort of nice, but it’s also taking a lot of energy from me.

Goodnight sweeties 🙂

Seeya tomorrow!

Awake. Made breakfast, two rye spelt slices of bread with butter, bacon and parmesan omelet. Listening to music. Singing along with the songs i know, Motor from Jewelz, Sparks. I like this song, i really do.

Another song! I only added this one a couple of months ago. I discovered i truly love this song. Here goes!

D’Angelo – Untitled (How does it feel)

Making a salad for dinner. A red bellpepper, spring onions, a bit of rocket, some cottage cheese, a boiled egg, green asparagus. A slice of bread on the side. I’m hungry!


No slide of bread on the side, but i will have one with a cup of tea in half an hour or so. With apple butter on it. I had look up the translation for the Dutch word appelstroop. Apple butter doesn’t feel right, but i’m also not sure it’s actually known in the UK. I did do a search for ‘apple butter’, and the photos with the recipes don’t look like our apple butter at all. Ours is simple. Cook the apples, get the juice and cook that together with sugar. You can buy it in all supermarkets! Ooh, and you also have pear butter. Nice too. 🙂

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  • reading Dune, in book four now
  • enjoying the warmth
  • going to see my mum tomorrow
  • will walk from the train station to her house, an hours, hour and a half walk, will take photo’s now
  • love watching the Great British Menu, in week 2
  • love the Great British Bake Off series 6!
  • still thinking about my life, what road to take, i can’t just sit here and wait for something to happen, it’s hard though, i’m not sure what to do
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Maintenance and an animation

I added some categories to this site. I looked at the archives page and saw this mess of all kinds of posts in presents.

I added the following categories:

  • Songs
  • World
  • My story

I will need to go through all my posts once more to see if there are any left which will fit better in another category. You can check my archives pages to see how it looks now.

I also read some sites about CSS3 animations. I’m getting behind! I don’t like that! So i’m reading tutorials and trying some things out.

Sofar i added the javascript in the post, but with css i can not do that. That needs to be added in the head of the file. So i did a search for a good plugin which can help me out. I chose the Zia3 CSS JS plugin. It adds two input areas at each post, one for css, one for js. It works great.

A small beginner animation, after the break.


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A day’s break

There is nothing coming up today. So that’s it. A break. For one day.

The weather is beautiful. Sunny, a slight wind, around 23 Celsius i’m thinking. Wonderful.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Gonna have a glass of cider brut now. My first ever. I do hope it sparkles!

Bye bye.

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I’m sorry. I’m so tired.

The past days i am thinking of making two specific presents, but they require more work than usual.

I just started to write about one of them, but no, i gotta make them and see how they will work out. For now, i’m leaving this post as is.

Have a good weekend!

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Today i listened to Björk‘s new album Vulnicura. I know it was realised earlier this year, but it wasn’t on spotify yet, and to be honest, i forgot about it. Today i did some browsing and it jumped back in my mind and i did a search and yay! i found it.

In the 90s i was a big fan of Björk. I have Post and Homogenic. I also have a copy of Selmasongs.

I did loose sight of her over time. I haven’t ever listened to her newer albums, from 2001 onwards. I might listen to them one time. I do like her last album though, but i have only heard it once. 🙂

Her video’s are extraordinary. In here, again, i favour the earlier ones. You can watch a few of them after the break.

Enjoy 🙂

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Mieke and Muis

Today was a quiet day. I did do some work. Yes, i still have small jobs i do. Webdesign, front-end work. Nothing really big, but it is still good.

I did a short trip to the shops and got some cat food. I drank a cup of latte at the Coffee Company close to my home. I read the newspaper there, the NRC Next. I went to the doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow. I laid on my couch late in the afternoon. Almost fell asleep. Late in the afternoon i took a shower and washed my hair.

I know, i think i know what i’m gonna do for next monday. Tomorrow, friday, i will start. I do want to get it right. But, no more telling about that now, you’ll find out soon enough!

For today, i made some pictures of my cats. Mieke (pronounced as Meekuh) and Muis (this means Mouse, pronunciation is close to it, vowels are a bit different, not sure how to explain really). There were on the pad in front of the window. They still are right now! I do feel guilty sometimes, they cannot go outside. This house is all they know. They do go on the balcony when the door is open, they lie there in the sunshine in the morning. They are my treasures!

Gonna go and see what is on tv this evening. Enjoy your weekend!

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