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Making a selfie

When i went to visit my mum in the weekend, i walked for two hours. It was a lovely day, half the walk was through a small forest. I made many clips. I had decided that was gonna be my clip for this week.

Last night, around four or five, i was lying in the dark. Thinking, dreaming. About my friends. People i know. Suddenly the thought about my first ideas for video clips came up. Me. Dancing. Ooh.. i had started on the Leusden clip, but those were clips already familiar to me. I realized i should move forward. Not make something i had already made.

So i did start with the dancing. Not that i used any of it. But still. An hour after that i made some clips of me sitting in front of the window. That worked better.

I went to the market. For an hour or so. When i got back home i started to put on some make up. Not that much. A bit of eye shadow. Bright red lipstick. Glossy. I made some more clips.

This evening i imported all the clips in iMovie. I made a new project and added all the clips, full length. I added some music. Not Around the world from Daft Punk. But Brian Eno and David Byrne tracks from My life in the bush of ghosts. I did notice the start and end bits of the clips. When i turn around the camera to stop the filming. The parts where i move the camera real close through my hair. The parts where its blurry. The parts where its too bright. I like it.

I am getting older. I see the lines on my face. The wrinkles around my eyes. I weigh too much. I do see that. I can not deny that.

It is so easy to forget. It is so easy to not see it. Filming myself, makes me painfully aware of it.

I do like to see how my mind works during work. How i try something, which doesn’t work. But i see something else, which shines. And i go for that. And i move along. And i watch and make new clips, and watch some more. And then i go and sit behind the computer and start to edit. And watch. And get more ideas. And tomorrow i will make more clips. I’m sure they will be different. And add the clips. And edit more. Happy times!

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To Leusden

Today the wintertime started once more. This morning i woke up around 8. It gave me enough time to get my breakfast, wrap up my present for my mum and even put on a bit of make-up.

I walked from the train station Amersfoort to Leusden. I had told my mum a bigger time frame through which i would be there. So today i walked through the forest. It was nice, the leaves were mostly yellow and orange and red and green. I did see some mushrooms. But the best mushrooms i saw in Leusden! Big red with white spots.

I got home around half past seven. It was completely dark. It was dark when i was in the train. So tonight i did put on my headphones and listed to some music. Yay! I kept on listening to the music when i walked home form the train station here in Rotterdam.

See ya tomorrow!

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Today i wrote an email to a friend. I also did some shopping. I read a bit. I watched tv. Expedition Robinson.

Tomorrow i have an appointment with the dental hygienist, at eleven. I do need to clean up my house. Vacuum clean. Clean up the hall with some water. Mop. I just looked up the translation for the Dutch word dweilen. Crawl? Seems very unlikely to me. A wet mop sounds better. Anyway, i do hope i will do this tomorrow. And then i will relax a little. Friday is a day off for me. As is Saturday.

Ooh, i do need to call my mum tomorrow. It’s her birthday!

I will also need to get her present done. I already know what it is. I won’t tell though. It is a secret!

Have a lovely weekend. Kiss 💋

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The market

People on the market.

A quiet day today. Yes, i’ve been to the market. Inside the Markthal. Filmed a few times. At home added the clips to the video clip i’m working on this week. Tomorrow i want to get out early and go to the Bijenkorf. I do hope its busy. It usually is when this special event starts.

I’m thinking a lot. Dreaming a lot too. I do hope some day soon there will be more things to do. Better enjoy the quiet while it lasts!

Have a good day.

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Quiet and loud

I finished reading the Harry Potter books today. Right now i’m reading the critical reviews on Don’t get me wrong, i like the Harry Potter books. I do realise Harry Potter himself is sort of a blank figure, someone to invest your dreams in, someone general enough for the audience to identify with. All the other figures in the books are more refined, more one-sided developed. Harry is like us all, a person with many different characteristics.

Well, i’m giving myself time to think about these books. I did enjoy reading them again. And the story did really pull me through, up until the end. I don’t know which one is the best, which one is the worst. I don’t know yet if i like the films better than the books, or the books better than the films.

I’m gonna enjoy the rest of this day. I’m a bit tired. But also happy. Yes! In a quiet way. I think i’m gonna listen to some music now.

You enjoy your friday. Enjoy the weekend! See you again on monday.

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A day of work

I still feel the walk i made yesterday. Nothing too bad no, just some small aches. It also does feel like my face has a burn. An itch. It does seem to me that tomorrow all will be fine.

I did do a bit of work on the clip The Beach. I picked the music! Kraftwerk. Yay! Franz Schubert and Endless Endless. They are listed as two songs, but they move into each other seamlessly.

I imported all the clips i made yesterday in iMovie. I gave them names like zand (sand) and branding (surf – really?) and vogels (birds). The clips for this clip are longer than the previous clips i made. I had this idea of using a longer transition between the clips before i started filming. I do like the clips i made. Happy with them.

I watched the clips, put roughly on the timeline, together with the music. I got tears in my eyes. It’s not done yet. Not at all. But the clips together with the music is full of magic to me.

To be honest with you, i do not understand why i haven’t started making video clips before. But i also do see that all the previous work i’ve done has let me to this. The walks i made this year. The drawings, photos and interactive work i made earlier. It all has fed me. It all has taught me small things and big things.

This time is a time of joy.

I will treasure it.

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A walk along the beach

Today, Sunday 4 October, i made the same walk as i did early April. I walked from Scheveningen to Hoek van Holland. The same route. I left this morning around ten, arrived at the beach around eleven thirty.

In Rotterdam, when i left, it still was very misty. I did start to see a bit more sun in the train on my way to The Hague. And when i arrived at the beach, it was a full blue sky. It did get a bit more cloudier during the afternoon. The weather overall was great though. Around 19ºC, a bit of wind. Lovely.

Halfway when i sat down to eat a banana, i took of my shoes. I walked the rest with my bare feet, mostly through the water. It wasn’t that cold. There were some people swimming! Not that many, but still.

The early parts of the walk i spend filming. I do plan to make a beach clip this week. Since the rest of the week the weather will be more windy, cloudy and rainy, i decided to go to the beach today. I usually sing a song on Sunday, but this week it will be later in the week.

And yes, i’m tired! With the rests i took along the way, i spend around five hours on the beach. I did love the water and my bare feet and some little talks with people along the way and the sun and the sound of the waves and the birds.

A good day!

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Today i worked on my new videoclip, My House. It’s filmed in my house. My cats, Mieke and Muis are playing in it. I filmed some more today. I played with the order of the clips, how long each clip lasts. I still need to decide if i’m gonna use some transitions. Not sure about that. Maybe only in a couple of places. Hopefully i’ll be done tomorrow.

I also had a hair mask with coconut oil. This morning i warmed up around three spoons of the oil and warmed it up. I put it up on my my hair, clipped it tight and spend the next two to three hours with my hair oily. After that i took a shower and washed my hair. It’s still slightly damp. It does feel good though! Worth the repeat.

I also read some more Harry Potter.The fifth book, with that ghastly teacher Umbridge. It’s fun to read. I admit, i’ve seen the movies more often that i’ve read the books. But, it does make reading the book more interesting. Seeing the differences and similarities. Fun to read.

The weather this week is glorious. Sunny, a slight wind, around 18ºC. Lovely!

And that is it for now. Enjoy your Thursday!

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A quiet day today. I did work on the videoclip. It does look good. Tomorrow i’ll do the finishing touches.

Went to the supermarket to get catty litter and bread and eggs and chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of wine.

Read more Harry Potter. Nearly done with the second book.

Also thought a bit more. About myself, about my life, what i want.

Tonight it’s Great British Bake Off time. Partly the reason i bought the wine.

Enjoy your day!

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A Tuesday in Rotterdam

This morning i worked on the videoclip Het Kralingse Bos. I made a definite choice about the music. I love it. It brings tears in my eyes. I also added all the separate clips, edited most of them to their best moment. I’m thinking now about the final order of the clips. I’ll work on that part tomorrow. So far, it looks good on getting all of this done at the end of Thursday.

I did go to the market. I bought some chips with mayo and ate them sitting on the stones outside of the central library. An older woman sat next to me while i was eating. We talked a bit. She said it was very crowded at the market. I said i hadn’t been there yet. I bought the chips first. She said it was from Bram Ladage. But i said it wasn’t, it was from Rob van Klaveren. She smiled. She also complained about the refugees entiring our country. I tried to explain to her that it weren’t that many people. I also said to her that you shouldn’t take the news at face value. I doubt though she really heard me. We also talked about the lack of lights on the freeways. Since i don’t have a driver’s license, it’s hard for me to say anything sensible about that. I did say to her that i thought that the freeway, once you’re on it, seems to me one of the safest places to drive. That cars do have their own lights anyway. I don’t think she agreed with me. I don’t think anything i said made an impact really. After i finished my chips, i said my goodbyes and went to the market and bought some veggies. To be honest, i didn’t think it was too crowded there anyway.

I worked a bit more when i got back home. I read a bit. Started with Harry Potter! I do enjoy the first book. I like the language. The way J.K. Rowlings uses it to define the world of wizards, dragons, three-headed dogs. It is very much a dream come true for Harry. The food in the book seems amazing!

This evening i watched some tv. I think i will watch the Dutch show Newshour, starting in around 15 minutes. I’m following the news about Volkswagen. They made software where the emission of harmful materials was diminished in a test situation. This Monday Volkswagen lost 20% at the stock-exchange. Today, Tuesday, they lost another 20%. I am curious about the details of this story. Volkswagen seems to me one of the core German industries. How did they come to installing this software in their cars. Even making it? Curious to see how this will pan out.

Enjoy your day! Seeya tomorrow 🙂

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