Today i emptied the compost bin in the Train Track Garden, the Spoortuin. I walked back home, through the Essenburg Park. It was quite warm. Near the end i pulled out my coat. I went past my house and set the bin and my coat on the stairs. Then i went to the Albert Heijn. I got veggies and tuna for Salad Nicoise. Well, my kind of.

Walking back home i thought that i could make a new movie. About the Harvest Market, the Oogst Markt i visit each Saturday. But i also thought about how rich this website is, with the drawings, the photos, the walks, the movies, the stories, the songs. Sometimes i think about easing back on the content, updating it only once a week. But no. Not the right time. Not now. And really, i’m not sure i will make a new movie. I am not sure of so many things.

Being sure of things might seem important. Sometimes i would like to feel sure of certain things. My life, myself, the decisions i have made over the past years. But i am not. When i lie awake deep in the night, i put my hand on the wall behind me and watch my hand. I watch the lights of the cars passing by moving over the ceiling. I move from one side to the other. Sometimes i think of somebody touching me.

I leave you with my favourite movie i made and published on 30 December 2018, Human.

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