Full of ideas

My head is full of ideas.

  • a video clip, dancing, taking shot from head height, waist height, close by, a bit further of, music maybe En Vogue?
  • a story about science fiction blockbusters, with screen shots from Star Wars, Hunger Games, Inception, Matrix, Terminator and more movies – about stories, about what we show to our people, what we show them to divert them, about our own world which is that much worse than anything we can think of, but also more beautiful and complicated

Today i watched the first video clips i made.

I see their amateuristic look and feel. I see the camera’s involuntary movement. I can see they are my first clips, very clearly.

But i also see the joy. I also see myself walking around in the city, on the beach and in the park and loving it and looking around and filming it. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

I think about yesterday. My birthday. The cake. I think about today. And my head is full. I dance. It springs up in my mind.

And i know i need to quiet down a bit. But still. I love this time. All by myself. I love love love it.

I watched a bit of the Oscars. All those famous people sitting there and clapping and laughing and singing. All the beautiful people. All the talented people. So far away.

I can not believe this is happening to me right now. I can not believe i feel all these things.


Completely, totally crazy!

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