Rotterdam – The People

Making this video clip was a lot of work. Filming all the different clips on four separate days. Editing the clip. Picking the music. The Cinematic Orchestra i’ve known for eleven / twelve years. This song is from the album Man with a Movie Camera. From all the songs in my list for this clip, i liked this one the most. Even though i get a bit sad while watching the clip.

I hope you will like this clip. Enjoy!

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  • Tom F says:

    Nice! Thanks for including the music information. (I say this as a musician myself.) I noticed the escalators. I always feel so passive if I just stand on an escalator. (Though the people in your film don’t seem to mind just standing.) I try to find a staircase instead. Or, if all else fails, I’ll at least try and walk up or down while on the escalator. (At least in USA, people are usually understanding, and if they just want to stand, they stay on the right side.)

  • Ellen says:

    There are no stairs, there is a lift, but that’s even less active. The escalators are narrow, they are basically one person width.

    As for the music, yes, i am happy to include the information. Up until now i didn’t have any difficulty finding a suitable track, i’m happy to say. Still some in the pipeline!

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