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About Ads

Ads is very Dutch. The subtitles are Dutch. The ads itself are Dutch.

It is hard for me to see. This is the world i’m living in. A Dutch world mostly. Yes, many influences from outside, of course. Mainly from the UK and the USA, but also Belgium, Germany, a bit of France.

So i don’t know how people from other countries view a clip like this one. With interest? With curiosity? Or maybe they don’t like it all? Eew…

I posted this clip on facebook, where it went away silently unnoticed. Most people use facebook to publish stuff, not to read, a friend says.

My work is very much outside the current art world. First of all, it is impossible to sell. I don’t want to sell it, i simply want to show it.

Right now my work is hardly noticed by anyone. Some people enjoy it, like it. Let me know that. Something which i love! Many other people pass this website and don’t leave anything. No idea what ideas go through them.

I should search more for ways to showcase my website. It is hard though, you gotta go through so many spam filled content to find a little gem in between hoards of trying to make money sites.

I should try again.

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Work for another day

I hardly slept last night. It was raining. Hard. Thunder and lightning.

Today i kept things easy. I did do a bit more work on the clips. Listened to some music. But i do need to listen more. Try out more tracks.

I also made a patreon page. But i need to work on that. Choose a good photo. Write some good text. So next week!

I’ll leave it for now.

Have a good Friday. A good weekend. Alone. Or with friends. Either way.


Update Friday 24 June
Sad to see the UK has voted to leave to EU. Not sure how this will pan out.

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The post after food

I was so tired these past few days. Friday morning i went to the garden, i felt ok. I did talk about my post a bit during tea break.

That afternoon, back home, i actually went to bed again. I don’t think i really slept, i was just lying there. That night i think i actually slept. So tired.

It was not that the post itself was so much effort to write. But i did write a few things there which are really important to me. Writing it was a mixture of rereading some articles i linked, some daydreams, and some thinking i did. And yes, it is important to me. It may not be that important to other people, but that doesn’t matter to me right now.

So i did get ideas for new posts. News, politics, business. Those three subjects. In that order. I already started reading the wikipedia post on news. News will be the first one published. But i got to write it first!

So i’m writing this bit on Saturday. Still feeling tired.

Maybe i will write a bit more tomorrow. Not sure yet.


It is Sunday evening. I worked all afternoon in the garden. Planting leeks. Made some photos from insects. Haven’t looked at them yet. Came home around a quarter past eight. Made a quick soup with udon and pepper and ginger and some leaves from the garden and onions and tofu. I wasn’t really that hungry, but i did ate it all.

I’m still tired. But i do feel a bit better.

And tomorrow it is the solstice!


Monday morning. I realised last night i won’t be writing about news, politcs and business. I’m interested, but they are not my world. I hardly know anything about it, not anything specific.

I feel good i decided against it. Not my thing.

Still happy i wrote the food post.

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Not sure, i think

Thinking about a few things. Some people of days old i came across this week, or whose message on facebook stuck out with me.

But on the whole, i feel quiet. I am giving myself a bit of time to think about my life. What i want, what i got, what i wish for. Also, what i don’t want. Most importantly.

I sometimes feel i shouldn’t give up my life, the life i have right now. When i feel normal. But it is moving on as i write. No way to stop it. Not sure i really want to.

Have a good weekend.


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A warm Tuesday

It is Tuesday. Market day. I did get me a chip with mayo, curry sauce and onions. Sitting on a stone sitting bench all along the side of the library. Busy today.

This morning i started reading further in a book by Walter J. Ong, Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word (1982). Just yet i went through comments on the goodreads page for this book. I got this book from the library three or four times. Early 2000 i finally bought it. The book has many good viewpoints on the change of a person growing up in a oral culture to a person growing up in a literate culture. Oral culture is very different, a culture in which words are events, actions. Words live and need to be repeated all the time. In a literate culture words are more static, printed on a page. The mind is freer to go its own way in a way.

Since this book is written in 1982, there is no section on the development of internet and its many different uses in society.

I downloaded another book this week: How the other Half Dies (1976), by Susan George. I still need to read this book thoroughly. This is for a post about food i plan to write soon. Not from a science point of view, but from a personal one. These past two years i have thought more about this. I have changed my buying patterns. I am making more things myself from a limited amount of materials. It is not a hippy thing, but a deeply felt sensible way of looking at this world and the way it is heading. I feel quite strongly about this and i do know we need to go another route soon. If there is anything i can do about this, i will help out.

Well. This is enough for today.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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I sat on the black stone bench around the library eating my chips with mayo and curry and onions. Looking at the faces of the people walking past. Some were distrustful. Some were closed up inside. Some were thinking of what they were going to do. Some were not thinking at all. Some were talking. Some were listening.

I moved to the wooden benches around the Blaak station. I looked at the birds.

I got my veggies. More tomatoes, some apples, some strawberries.

Then into the Albert Heijn. Cookies, cottage cheese, food for my cats, eggs.

Strange how the world simply goes on and on all the time. It simply doesn’t stop and think. No time.

Another turn.

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Whitsunday, Pentecost. In Dutch, Pinksteren.

I went to the Vredestuin today. People were dropping in slowly. We had a bit of coffee before we started working. I went in the greenhouse and planted cucumber, pumpkin, a sort of broccoli / quinoa plant, Marigold. First i put all the pots in the trays, leaving one pot part empty so it is easier to water the tray. I went through the soil and made all the lumps smaller. Then i filled all the pots. I pressed with a filled pot all the soil a bit tighter. Cucumbers and pumpkins were seeded with two, the other ones, the broccoli type and the Marigold were planted with 5 seeds a pot. Really tiny seeds, hard to separate, but i managed.

I took home some spring onions, potatoes, lettuce. Tomorrow i will make some onion and potato soup, with the lettuce. I was too tired this evening to do anything with it.

Tomorrow i will go to the Central Station, where the last week build stairs to the top of the Groot Handelsgebouw will be opened. I will make a film of the stairs itself, the people climbing it and the view from the rooftop. Hopefully i’ll have the video edited by the end of the week.

I’m gonna lye on the couch for a bit more. I will look for something warm first. It is a bit cold, and i have already put out my stove. It’ll get better, by the end of the week. A glass of red wine to accompany me. Watching a James Bond movie. I’ll turn into bed early this evening.

Bye bye!

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A beautiful Sunday

This beautiful Sunday, sunshine all day long, a little cool wind, absolutely gorgeous. I did work in the garden. We went to the part behind the Shell fueling station. Some digging, some planting, some helping setting up the plastic tubes for putting the nets over to protect the newly planted kohlrabi from the blackbirds. A lot of talking. About vegan diet, stop smoking, stop drinking (not me!), about blogging not being a favourite pastime (not me!). Playing with the heavy soil, or rather, clay. Making a cube with it. Well, sort of.

I took a shower straight after i got home. I finished up the soup i started this morning. A vegetable tomato bellpepper onion broad bean carrot leek sort of soup with some orzo and homemade meat balls. Hmmm.. 🙂

And now, yes, now, i feel tired. I was there for around four hours, i tried staying in the shade, but i was still happy i put on sun milk over my legs, arms and face. I do see a little bit of light red on my skin, but not too much.

I enjoy it. It is good for me now. So yeah, even though it takes up a lot of time on my Sunday, i’m happy i’m doing this.

Sleepy time for now. Hopefully!

Ooh i forgot! Tomorrow, 9 May, Mercury will move past the sun in the daytime. You do need a solar filter to see it. Which i haven’t got. But still.

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