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A cleaning up day

Today i cleaned up the gas stove, the chest of drawers standing next to it, the tiles on the wall behind it, the floor below the gas stove and the chest, the pedestal on which the plant stands behind it. I had the radio on, playing loud. I sang along with it. I danced occasionally. The cats were curious. Sniffing around. Looking at me.

I loved it. 🙂

Have a good weekend. Enjoy!

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I had seen the tarot cards in the house. Last week i asked if Ted wanted to lay the cards for me. Yesterday he took the cards and asked me to shuffle them and divide them in three packs with my left hand. He made one pack of these ones and started to deal. He used the Celtic Cross Spread. His explanation was a bit different from the one below which i copied from a website. The three cards at the right side are helper cards.

  1. The Significator represents you (the querent) and your current state of being.
  2. The Crossing denotes that which opposes or influences you.
  3. The Foundation addresses the origin of your question.
  4. The Recent Past represents past events and concerns.
  5. The Crown addresses issues that are significant in the present or may come to pass in the future. This card foretells future events which you may or may not occur, depending upon how you respond to the present situation.
  6. The Future depicts that which lies ahead.
  7. Emotions signifies the current state of your emotional self.
  8. External Forces represents the influence of others in your life as well as trends in your relationships with others.
  9. Hopes and Desires stands for the hopes and desires you have for the outcome of your question.
  10. The Outcome is the ultimate outcome your question. Remember, the future is not predetermined. Interpret this card in the context of the entire reading and as an indicator of the path you are currently on, but not bound to the reading.

The first card is covered. Six of Cups, it stands for innocence and nostalgia. The card covering it is the Star, loss, theft, privation, abandonment; another reading says–hope bright prospects, Reversed: Arrogance, haughtiness, impotence.

I do see the swords above and to the left. The top one shows avoidance. The left one shows feeling trapped and oppressed by others.

The Page of Coins, the Queen of Coins and the Knight of Coins are all in this laying.

The outcome card is the Ace of Cups. The ace of cups indicates a new beginning of an emotional nature. It can signify the birth of a child, or the beginning of a love situation that affects us deeply. It is generally a card of happiness, and the beginning of many blessings. A new business, a relationship, success on the path is inevitable.

My helper cards show happiness, merriment and work.

The explanation in this post differs from the one i got when the cards were spread out for me. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m not after an ultra fine reading.

I was a bit surprised by the apparent story in this spread. I feel very happy with this reading.

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Some thoughts

My days are still busy. Today i did the last bit of cleaning up my old house. Luckily there was enough room left over in the storage to put all the left over things. Tomorrow i will look at a possibility for a new room. It does seem very nice. A garden! But i have to wait if it will go through. Still a time of change. Not sure when that will end.

I will keep you informed, of course.

For now, have a good night sleep, or a good day’s work, or whatever you want to do. Salute!

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Too many things

I’m tired. I talk a lot more with people. I enjoy it. But yes, i’m tired. It’s been a eventful last couple of weeks.

So that’s it for today. Going to bed. Watch some youtube, or television, or netflix. Hopefully i will fall asleep really soon.


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Fellowship with Men

63. Chi Chi / After Completion


This hexagram is the evolution of T’ai PEACE (11). The transition from confusion to order is completed, and everything is in its proper place even in particulars. The strong lines are in the strong places, the weak lines in the weak places. This is a very favorable outlook, yet it gives reason for thought. For it is just whenperfect equilibrium has been reached that any movement may cause order to revert to disorder. The one strong line that has moved to the top, thus effecting complete order in details, is followed by the other lines. Each moving according to its nature, and thus suddenly there arises again the hexagram P’i, STANDSTILL (12).
Hence the present hexagram indicates the conditions of a time of climax, which necessitate the utmost caution.


AFTER COMPLETION. Success in small matters.
Perseverance furthers.
At the beginning good fortune.
At the end disorder.

The transition from the old to the new time is already accomplished. In principle, everything stands systematized, and it si only in regard to details that success is still to be achieved. In respect to this, however, we must be careful to maintain the right attitude. Everything proceeds as if of its own accord, and this can all too easily tempt us to relax and let thing take their course without troubling over details. Such indifference is the root of all evil. Symptoms of decay are bound to be the result. Here we have the rule indicating the usual course of history. But this rule is not an inescapable law. He who understands it is in position to avoid its effects by dint of unremitting perseverance and caution.


Water over fire: the image of the condition
Thus the superior man
Takes thought of misfortune
And arms himself against it in advance.

When water in a kettle hangs over fire, the two elements stand in relation and thus generate energy (cf. the production of steam). But the resulting tension demands caution. If the water boils over, the fire is extinguished an its energy is lost. If the heat is too great, the water evaporates into the air. These elements here brought in to relation and thus generating energy are by nature hostile to each other. Only the most extreme caution can prevent damage. In life too there are junctures when all forces are in balance and work in harmony, so that everything seems to be in the best of order. In such times only the sage recognizes the moments that bode danger and knows how to banish it by means of timely precautions.

Six in the fourth place means:
The finest clothes turn to rags.
Be careful all day long.

In a time of flowering culture, an occasional convulsion is bound to occur, uncovering a hidden evil within society and at first causing a great sensation. But since the situation is favorable on the whole, such evils can easily be glossed over and concealed from the public. Then everything is forgotten and peace apparently reigns complacently once more. However, to the thoughtful man, such occurrences are grave omens that he does not neglect. This is the only way of averting evil consequences.

Six at the top means:
He gets his head in the water. Danger.

Here in conclusion another warning is added. After crossing a stream, a man’s head can get into the water only if he is so imprudent as to turn back. As long as he goes forward and does not look back, he escapes this danger. But there is a fascination in standing still and looking back on a peril overcome. However, such vain self-admiration brings misfortune. It leads only to danger, and unless one finally resolves to go forward without pausing, one falls a victim to this danger.

13. T’ung Jên / Fellowship with Men


The image of the upper trigram Ch’ien is heaven, and that of the lower, Li, is flame. It is the nature of fire to flame up to the heaven. This gives the idea of fellowship. IT is the second line that, by virtue of its central character, unites the five strong lines around it. This hexagram forms a complement to Shih, THE ARMY (7). In the latter, danger is within and obedience without–the character of a warlike army, which, in order to hold together, needs one strong man among the many who are weak. Here, clarity is within and strength without–the character of a peaceful union of men, which, in order to hold together, needs one yielding nature among many firm persons.


It furthers one to cross the great water.
The perseverance of the superior man furthers.

True fellowship among men must be based upon a concern that is universal. It is not the private interests of the individual that create lasting fellowship among men, but rather the goals of humanity. That is why it is said that fellowship with men in the open succeeds. If unity of this kind prevails, even difficult and dangerous tasks, such as crossing the great water, can be accomplished. But in order to bring about this sort of fellowship, a persevering and enlightened leader is needed–a man with clear, convincing, and inspiring aims and the strength to carry them out. (The inner trigram means clarity; the outer, strength.)


Heaven together with fire:
Thus the superior man organizes the clans
And makes distinctions between things.

Heaven has the same direction of movement as fire, yet it is different from fire. Just as the luminaries in the sky serve for the systematic division and arrangement of time, so human society and all things that really belong together must be organically arranged. Fellowship should not be a mere mingling of individuals or of things–that would be chaos, not fellowship. If fellowship is to lead to order, there must be organization within diversity.

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My almost empty house

Stuff to take with me to the new place i will be staying at for four months
I can still play music. Quite happy with that! 🙂
Went through my old medicines. Some for my cats, some for me. Brought the cat ones already to the vet. Will bring my own to the chemist.
Stuff i will bring to Piekfijn. Already brought them some clothes today.
Magazines and books to give away
To throw away
Clothes to take with me to my new place
Make up, creams and balms to take with me
Top: materials to make body butters and other things with. Middle: old clock which i will have mended some day in future. Bottom: handkerchiefs, garden clothes and sleeping shirts.
De calvados will be finished this week. Stuff to store. A bottle of wine i'm not sure what to do with. Medicines and needle and thread case i will take with me.
The couch will go away. For now it is the place i sleep and sit.
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Possession in Great Measure

14. Ta Yu / Possession in Great Measure


The fire in heaven above shines far, and all things stand out in the light and become manifest. The weak fifth line occupies the place of honor and all the strong lines are in accord with it. All things come to the man who is modest and kind in a high position.


Supreme success.

The two trigrams indicate that strength and clarity unite. Possessions great measure is determined by fate and accords with the time. How is it possible that the weak line has power to hold the strong lines fast and to possess them? It is done by virtue of unselfish modesty. The time is favorable–a time of strength within, clarity and culture without. Power is expressing itself in graceful and controlled way. This brings supreme success and wealth.


Fire in heaven above:
Thus the superior man curbs evil and furthers good,
And thereby obeys the benevolent will of heaven.

The sun in heaven above, shedding light over everything one earth, is the image of possession on a grand scale. But a possession of this sort must be administered properly. The sun brings both evil and good into the light of day. Man must combat and curb the evil, and must favor and promote the good. Only in this way does he fulfill the benevolent will of God, who desires only good and not evil.

Nine in the third place means:
A prince offers it to the Son of Heaven.
A petty man cannot do this.

A magnanimous, liberal-minded man should not regard what he possesses as his exclusive personal property, but should place it at the disposal of the ruler or of the people at large. In so doing, he takes the right attitude toward his possession, which as private property can never endure. A petty man is incapable of this. He is harmed by great possessions, because instead of sacrificing them, he would keep them for himself.

°Six in the fifth place means:
He whose truth is accessible, yet dignified,
Has good fortune.

The situation is very favorable. People are being won not by coercion but by unaffected sincerity, so that they are attached to us in sincerity and truth. However, benevolence alone is not sufficient at the time of POSSESSION IN GREAT MEASURE. For insolence might begin to spread. Insolence must be kept in bounds by dignity; then good fortune is assured.

10. Lü / Treading [conduct]


The name of the hexagram means on the one hand the right way of conducting oneself. Heaven, the father, is above, and the lake, the youngest daughter, is below. This shows the difference between high and low, upon which composure correct social conduct, depends. On the other hand the word for the name of the hexagram, TREADING, means literally treading upon something. The small and cheerful [Tui] treads upon the large and strong [Ch’ien]. The direction of movement of the two primary trigrams is upward. The fact that the strong treads on the weak is not mentioned in the Book of Changes, because it is taken for granted. For the weak to take a stand against the strong is not dangerous here, because it happened in good humor [Tui] and without presumption, so that the strong man is not irritated but takes it all in good part.


TREADING. Treading upon the tail of the tiger.
It does not bite the man. Success.

The situation is really difficult. That which is strongest and that which is weakest are close together. The weak follows behind the strong and worries it. The strong, however, acquiesces and does not hurt the weak, because the contact is in goof humor and harmless.
In terms of a human situation, one is handling wild, intractable people. In such a case one’s purpose will be achieved if one behaves with decorum. Pleasant manners succeed even with irritable people.


Heaven above, the lake below:
The image of TREADING.
Thus the superior man discriminates between high and low,
And thereby fortifies the thinking of the people.

Heaven and the lake show a difference of elevation that inheres in the natures of the two, hence no envy arises. Among mankind also there are necessarily differences of elevation; it is impossible to bring about universal equality. But it is important that differences in social rank should not be arbitrary and unjust, for if this occurs, envy and class struggle are the inevitable consequences. If, on the other hand, external differences in rank correspond with differences in inner worth, and if inner worth forms the criterion of external rank, people acquiesce and order reigns in society.

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