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A sorry post


Yesterday was a busy day. Apart from writing the Scritti Politti post i also had some family affair going on. Not something i want to talk about here.

I feel really tired now. My mind is turning in tiny circles. So yes, i give myself a day off.

Bye bye

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A short break

Yesterday’s walk in Dordrecht, visit to Vreeken’s Zaden and trip on the waterbus was great!

And last night it felt like i hardly slept. Many thoughts in my mind. Crazy! But still mine. Thinking about the post for next week, about my number 1 on my Top 4 of Best Groups in the Entire World of All Time! Which will be obvious to anyone reading this website.

I haven’t started writing this post, not yet. It is all in my head.

Today i’m tired, exhausted. I even bought some lasagna at Little Italy. Too tired to cook.

Tomorrow i will work at the garden. Plant some bulbs! Happy with those. And hopefully i will sleep better this next night.

Enjoy your weekend. Salute!

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A day off

After yesterday i spend today quieter. I went out for lunch. I walked up to the Witte de Withstraat and ate a Wagamama ramen. Sitting outside half in the shade.

Afterwards i sat for a while near the water at a fountain. Enjoying the summer while it’s still here. Walking through the city center i stopped at the IJssalon and bought a strawberry scoop with whipped cream.

That is it for me for today. Tired.

But also very happy!


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Today i thought of giving myself a vacation, a holiday. Two weeks of no work on this website. A time simply to enjoy the warm weather.

As it is the warmest day of the year right now, Wednesday, the day i’m writing this post, this feels very good. I’m not going anywhere, but still, some time off is a good thing. Time to let my blog go away for a bit, not need to think about what to post for a day.

My last post will be this Friday, the video i made for the Peace Garden. I need to work on it just a bit more. I like it! I hope others will do as well.

That is it for today. It is too warm to think of more things to write now!

A list of things to read and watch:
David Foster Wallace was right: Irony is ruining our culture
Youtube: How To Transform The Economy – Nerdwriter1
It’s all connected
John Lennon and Yoko Ono on Love | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios

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A working day

This week i’m suddenly busy. With work. So yes, that is a good thing. I’m working at two assignments now, but i have a third waiting. I should work on that one over the weekend.

I did also make some pickled radishes. I saw a recipe for those over the weekend, and yesterday i did buy them on the market. Quick pickled radish with ginger. I’ll be making some of the sushi rice with avocado. Sounds lovely.

I also went to the doctors assistant this morning. I’m not sure i ever mentioned it here on this blog. I have diabetes. It was diagnosed five years ago. Over the past six months my sugar level has risen. So i had a change in medicine. That is not working though. In a months time i have to go back after another change. If that doesn’t help, i will need to start giving myself insulin. Not something i look forward to to be honest.

I did come across some posts about a low-carbohydrate diet for diabetes-2 patients. So i will give that a go. That might work. And really, i do need to loose a bit of weight. Stop eating the cookies Ellen!

I do have some ideas for posts. But they still need work. So i don’t think they’ll be done tomorrow. Well, the song might be done. That would be great!

That is it for now. I could write a lot more. About the Roger Federer – Marin Cilic match i did watch for a while this afternoon. Great, great match. And Federer won! The first match i saw that caught my attention. I did miss the Djokovic defeat last week.

That is it for now. Have a lovely day!

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About Ads

Ads is very Dutch. The subtitles are Dutch. The ads itself are Dutch.

It is hard for me to see. This is the world i’m living in. A Dutch world mostly. Yes, many influences from outside, of course. Mainly from the UK and the USA, but also Belgium, Germany, a bit of France.

So i don’t know how people from other countries view a clip like this one. With interest? With curiosity? Or maybe they don’t like it all? Eew…

I posted this clip on facebook, where it went away silently unnoticed. Most people use facebook to publish stuff, not to read, a friend says.

My work is very much outside the current art world. First of all, it is impossible to sell. I don’t want to sell it, i simply want to show it.

Right now my work is hardly noticed by anyone. Some people enjoy it, like it. Let me know that. Something which i love! Many other people pass this website and don’t leave anything. No idea what ideas go through them.

I should search more for ways to showcase my website. It is hard though, you gotta go through so many spam filled content to find a little gem in between hoards of trying to make money sites.

I should try again.

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Work for another day

I hardly slept last night. It was raining. Hard. Thunder and lightning.

Today i kept things easy. I did do a bit more work on the clips. Listened to some music. But i do need to listen more. Try out more tracks.

I also made a patreon page. But i need to work on that. Choose a good photo. Write some good text. So next week!

I’ll leave it for now.

Have a good Friday. A good weekend. Alone. Or with friends. Either way.


Update Friday 24 June
Sad to see the UK has voted to leave to EU. Not sure how this will pan out.

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The post after food

I was so tired these past few days. Friday morning i went to the garden, i felt ok. I did talk about my post a bit during tea break.

That afternoon, back home, i actually went to bed again. I don’t think i really slept, i was just lying there. That night i think i actually slept. So tired.

It was not that the post itself was so much effort to write. But i did write a few things there which are really important to me. Writing it was a mixture of rereading some articles i linked, some daydreams, and some thinking i did. And yes, it is important to me. It may not be that important to other people, but that doesn’t matter to me right now.

So i did get ideas for new posts. News, politics, business. Those three subjects. In that order. I already started reading the wikipedia post on news. News will be the first one published. But i got to write it first!

So i’m writing this bit on Saturday. Still feeling tired.

Maybe i will write a bit more tomorrow. Not sure yet.


It is Sunday evening. I worked all afternoon in the garden. Planting leeks. Made some photos from insects. Haven’t looked at them yet. Came home around a quarter past eight. Made a quick soup with udon and pepper and ginger and some leaves from the garden and onions and tofu. I wasn’t really that hungry, but i did ate it all.

I’m still tired. But i do feel a bit better.

And tomorrow it is the solstice!


Monday morning. I realised last night i won’t be writing about news, politcs and business. I’m interested, but they are not my world. I hardly know anything about it, not anything specific.

I feel good i decided against it. Not my thing.

Still happy i wrote the food post.

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Not sure, i think

Thinking about a few things. Some people of days old i came across this week, or whose message on facebook stuck out with me.

But on the whole, i feel quiet. I am giving myself a bit of time to think about my life. What i want, what i got, what i wish for. Also, what i don’t want. Most importantly.

I sometimes feel i shouldn’t give up my life, the life i have right now. When i feel normal. But it is moving on as i write. No way to stop it. Not sure i really want to.

Have a good weekend.


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