On the other side

Sitting in the garden, hearing the wind, the birds, the cars in the background, almost non existing. I feel the quiet coming over me.

A confession, i do feel a bit down. My life continues, there are difficulties and troubles. But i manage, so far.

I have two jobs. One in a vegan cupcake shop for one day a week, selling and cleaning up and making lunch. I like it, i work with two women my age. It feels good. The other job is in home care, for three days a week. I can live of it, for the meantime.

This website will need to take a step back. Only one update a week.

It is fine.


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  • Northern European says:

    Yeah, for any financially independent person, working a job for 40 hours or more per week for 40 years or more is the standard.

    Then there are the entrepreneurs, who might work less or more, earn less or have a go at getting rich but they, too are independent.

    People on welfare however, oh the tragedy, lack the most significant component of contribution to society, robbing themselves of fulfilment. Leading to misery.

    If you want to know if you are doing your life right, look at the results. Results not good? Then it is time to innovate, until the results are good.

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