Awful annihilating disastrous calamitous damning destructive fatal ruinous

With the IPCC report coming out yesterday and the current Russian – Ukrainian war still going frightfully wrong there is so much news today. I have been reading twitter for half the day. It is almost too much i confess.

In the Guardian the article IPCC report: ‘now or never’ if world is to stave off climate disaster states the following list:

The IPCC working group 3 report found:

  • Coal must be effectively phased out if the world is to stay within 1.5C, and currently planned new fossil fuel infrastructure would cause the world to exceed 1.5C.
  • Methane emissions must be reduced by a third.
  • Growing forests and preserving soils will be necessary, but tree-planting cannot do enough to compensate for continued emissions for fossil fuels.
  • Investment in the shift to a low-carbon world is about six times lower than it needs to be.
  • All sectors of the global economy, from energy and transport to buildings and food, must change dramatically and rapidly, and new technologies including hydrogen fuel and carbon capture and storage will be needed.

Then the Russian – Ukrainian war. The devastating finding of the dead bodies lying on the streets almost randomly in Bucha is terrible. The drawing i posted yesterday of a woman screaming was because of this news. No matter what Russia tells us of this being staged, i don’t believe that. I have seen one video stating the opposite. You can read more in this article Zelenskiy set to demand new Russia sanctions at UN amid Bucha outcry.

Then there is the realization that this happens all over the world. Awful, annihilating, disastrous, calamitous, damning, destructive, fatal, ruinous actions of people against other people. I don’t want to understand how this works. Never.

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