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My two weeks vacation is nearly finished. The first half was about cakes. And a wedding. That Saturday was a lovely day. Sunshine, not too warm. The cakes were great. A bit worn out by the sun. Some a bit dense. Especially the vegan ones. But still good. The weddings celebration was in a farm in a small town south of Rotterdam. Easy going. Great food. Ice cream. Music. Games.

I did went home late in the evening. My bed back home was calling to me.

The final week was warmer. I decided to stop working on Thursdays in Park Pompenburg. More time for me and what i am working on. The videos. I love working in the garden. I love most of the people. But my work, this website, is the most important thing in my life. The photos, the songs, the videos, the things i talk about here. All very important to me. Not all true, or impressive to others, sure. But for me, my life. Everything.

I write this post on Saturday evening. Tomorrow i will be working in the Vredestuin. And there is a potluck in the evening. I already made some pickled courgette. I will bake a courgette cake. And courgette salad. Guess what the main harvest in the garden is?

About Spring. I love it. But i can see why people overlook it. It is quiet, the filming is getting better. Gardeners World has better filming in it. But, I already have my next idea lined up. I will start filming shortly. Three months i expect. So no, i’m not giving up.

The photos in this post are made by Nitai. Thank you!

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A few more days

Two weeks of vacation. Looking forward to that.

First i have got to finish the clip i’m working on for the past few months. I have wild dreams. Wild fantasies. Of course. About becoming famous. Sure.

I don’t know what i really want. But i do know this. I need to stay close to myself. Really close. Not fake anything. Make something i love. Something that touches me. Not think of the future. Not think of a way out. Stay here.

Only a few more days.

And then it is cake preparation time. Buying all the ingredients. This weekend i made strawberry jam. For a cake. For the wedding. Today i picked the first courgettes. Or zuchini’s for you US people. And then bake all the cakes. Brrrr. Getting nervous now, but i’ll be fine.

I don’t know what the future will bring. No idea. Yes, i have wishes, dreams, fantasies. Of course.

Of course.

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I’m working on the movie i want to publish 15 June. Slowly going through all the clips i made over the past months. Making decisions. This one is out. Only this part is good. That one is in. That one goes before. That one goes behind.

It feels good. I’m happy with the material i have gathered.

My main work for now. Really happy.


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Preponderance of the Small

4. Mêng / Youthful Folly


In this hexagram we are reminded of youth and folly in two different ways. The image of the upper trigram, Kên, is the mountain, that of the lower, K’an, is water; the spring rising at the foot of the mountain is the image of inexperienced youth. Keeping still is the attribute of the upper trigram; that of the lower is the abyss, danger. Stopping in perplexity on the brink of a dangerous abyss is a symbol of the folly of youth. However, the two trigrams also show the way of overcoming the follies of youth. Water is something that of necessity flows on. When the spring gushes forth, it does not know at first where it will go. But its steady flow fills up the deep place blocking its progress, and success is attained.


YOUTHFUL FOLLY has success.
It is not I who seek the young fool;
The young fool seeks me.
At the first oracle I inform him.
If he asks two or three times, it is importunity.
If he importunes, I give him no information.
Perseverance furthers.

In the time of youth, folly is not an evil. One may succeed in spite of it, provided one finds an experienced teacher and has the right attitude toward him. This means, first of all, that the youth himself must be conscious of his lack of experience and must seek out the teacher. Without this modesty and this interest there is no guarantee that he has the necessary receptivity, which should express itself in respectful acceptance of the teacher. This is the reason why the teacher must wait to be sought out instead of offering himself. Only thus can the instruction take place at the right time and in the right way.
A teacher’s answer to the question of a pupil ought to be clear and definite like that expected from an oracle; thereupon it ought to be accepted as a key for resolution of doubts and a basis for decision. If mistrustful or unintelligent questioning is kept up, it serves only to annoy the teacher. He does well to ignore it in silence, just as the oracle gives one answer only and refuses to be tempted by questions implying doubt.
Given addition a perseverance that never slackens until the points are mastered one by one, real success is sure to follow. Thus the hexagram counsels the teacher as well as the pupil.


A spring wells up at the foot of the mountain:
The image of YOUTH.
Thus the superior man fosters his character
By thoroughness in all that he does.

A spring succeeds in flowing on and escapes stagnation by filling up all the hollow places in its path. In the same way character is developed by thoroughness that skips nothing but, like water, gradually and steadily fills up all gaps and so flows onward.


° Nine in the second place means:
To bear with fools in kindliness brings good fortune.
To know how to take women
Brings good fortune.
The son is capable of taking charge of the household.

These lines picture a man who has no external power, but who has enough strength of mind to bear his burden of responsibility. He has the inner superiority and that enable him to tolerate with kindliness the shortcomings of human folly. The same attitude is owed to women as the weaker sex. One must understand them and give them recognition in a spirit of chivalrous consideration. Only this combination of inner strength with outer reserve enables one to take on the responsibility of directing a larger social body with real success.

Six in the third place means:
Take not a maiden who. When she sees a man of bronze,
Loses possession of herself.
Nothing furthers.

A weak, inexperienced man, struggling to rise, easily loses his own individuality when he slavishly imitates a strong personality of higher station. He is like a girl throwing herself away when she meets a strong man.
Such a servile approach should not be encouraged, because it is bad both for the youth and the teacher. A girl owes it to her dignity to wait until she is wooed. In both cases it is undignified to offer oneself, and no good comes of accepting such an offer.

Six in the fourth place means:
Entangled folly bring humiliation.

For youthful folly it is the most hopeless thing to entangle itself in empty imaginings. The more obstinately it clings to such unreal fantasies, the more certainly will humiliation overtake it.
Often the teacher, when confronted with such entangled folly, has no other course but to leave the fool to himself for a time, not sparing him the humiliation that results. This is frequently the only means of rescue.

Nine at the top means:
In punishing folly
It does not further one
To commit transgressions.
The only thing that furthers
Is to prevent transgressions.

Sometimes an incorrigible fool must be punished. He who will not heed will be made to feel. This punishment is quite different from a preliminary shaking up. But the penalty should not be imposed in anger; it must be
restricted to an objective guarding against unjustified excesses. Punishment is never an end in itself but serves merely to restore order.
This applies not only in regard to education but also in regard to the measures taken by a government against a populace guilty of transgressions. Governmental interference should always be merely preventive and should have as its sole aim the establishment of public security and peace.

62. Hsiao Kuo / Preponderance of the Small

While in the hexagram Ta Kuo, PREPONDERANCE OF THE GREAT (28), the strong lines preponderate and are within, inclosed between weak lines at the top and bottom, the present hexagram has weak lines preponderating, though here again they are on the outside, the strong lines being within. This indeed is the basis of the exceptional situation indicated by the hexagram. When strong lines are outside, we have the hexagram I, PROVIDING NOURISHMENT (27), or Chung Fu, INNER TRUTH, (61); neither represents and exceptional state. When strong elements within preponderate, they necessarily enforce their will. This creates struggle and exceptional conditions in general. But in the present hexagram it is the weak element that perforce must mediate with the outside world. If a man occupies a position of authority for which he is by nature really inadequate, extraordinary prudence is necessary.


Perseverance furthers.
Small things may be done; great things should not be done.
The flying bird brings the message:
It is not well to strive upward,
It is well to remain below.
Great good fortune.

Exceptional modesty and conscientiousness are sure to be rewarded with success; however, if a man is not to throw himself away, it is important that they should not become empty form and subservience but be combined always with a correct dignity in personal behavior. We must understand the demands of the time in order to find the necessary offset for its deficiencies and damages. In any event we must not count on great success, since the requisite strength is lacking. In this lies the importance of the message that one should not strive after lofty things but hold to lowly things.
The structure of the hexagram gives rise to the idea that this message is brought by a bird. In Ta Kuo, PREPONDERANCE OF THE GREAT (28), the four strong, heavy lines within, supported only by two weak lines without, give the image of a sagging ridgepole. Here the supporting weak lines are both outside and preponderant; this gives the image of a soaring bird. But a bird should not try to surpass itself and fly into the sun; it should descend to the earth, where its nest is. In this way it gives the message conveyed by the hexagram.


Thunder on the mountain:
Thus in his conduct the superior man gives preponderance to reverence.
In bereavement he gives preponderance to grief.
In his expenditures he gives preponderance to thrift.

Thunder on the mountain is different from thunder on the plain. In the mountains, thunder seems much nearer; outside the mountains, it is less audible than the thunder of an ordinary storm. Thus the superior man derives an imperative from this image: he must always fix his eyes more closely and more directly on duty than does the ordinary man, even though this might make his behavior seem petty to the outside world. He is exceptionally conscientious in his actions. In bereavement emotion means more to him than ceremoniousness. In all his personal expenditures he is extremely simple and unpretentious. In comparison with the man of the masses, all this makes him stand out as exceptional. But the essential significance of his attitude lies in the fact that in external matters he is on the side of the lowly.

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This morning i opened the Tuin op Hofbogen. Walking back i came across Nitaj and chatted a bit. Walking further on i came across Con. We walked by the several plants he has growing besides the appartment block he lives in. We across this plant. He didn’t know what plant it is. I made a photo of it. So here it is. If you know what plant this is, please tell me. I did do a search, but didn’t come much farther than a mustard type plant.

Later i sat outside the Coffee Company, drinking a small latte and a small custard pie. Reading the newspaper. Listening to the talk of the two girls sitting besides me with half an ear. A bit of shopping.

I feel good today.

That’s it!

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I didn’t sleep well last night. Probably my menopausal thing. Oh well. I got out of bed half past ten. I baked two pancakes from the batter i made last Friday. With some bacon. Or whatever you call it. It was nice.

Today i had to fill in my taxes. One for everything i earned in 2017. Not that much. One for my VAT for the first quarter of 2018. Which i did first. With the camera, iPad and iMac i bought. So yes, hopefully i get it all back. After the VAT i went out and got some bread, peanut butter,chocolate, cats food and toilet paper. I bought a bread with a kroket and ae it in the Markthal and watched the people walking about and chatting and leading their lives. It brought tears to my eyes.


When i got back home i made some chocolate milk. I decided i would do a normal tax form. I’m not a company. I hardly earned anything last year anyway. So i did it the easy way. And yes, since i only made around 2000 euros last year, nothing i need to pay.

It is chilly today. Wet. But towards the end of the week it’ll warm up. Yeah.


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Wiped out

Not sure where this is coming from. Wiped out. Extremely tired. Slept almost the entire day. So i’m leaving this day. Back tomorrow!

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Nothing much

A day of nothing much. I went out for a walk. I got myself an icecream, a hamburger, a vietnamese spring roll. I sat and watched. Talked with a few people. I read a sentence on a shop window which didn’t make any sense to me. I talked to the person inside the shop and hey, i was right! It was wrong. There are no tree letters.

I also popped in the Albert Heijn, got me raisins and two bottles of Westmalle Tripel.

It was sunny today. Not too warm, i think around 18ºC. Warmer in the sunshine.

A lovely day.

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When i woke up, set up my oatmeal porridge to cook for around twenty minutes, i watched the first episode of Onbehagen: de nieuwe wanorde, Discomfort, the new disorder. Bas Heijne looks into this feeling of discomfort and division.

After opening the Tuin op Hofbogen i went to the Vredestuin, the Peace Garden, to empty my bag with sawdust and cat’s pee. A man and his young child were sitting there. He said a friend of his worked in the old Shell building. When he visited him on Monday, he saw the garden for the first time out of the window. So today he went to see it up closer. his little girl gave me a seed of a avocado. Do you know what that is? He asked. The seed of a avocado i replied. You’re right he said.

Rombout came by. He came to the garden to get a soil driller, een grondboor. I assume that is the English name for it. It is not in my Dutch – English dictionary.

Back home i played a little World of Warcraft. I’m level 109 now, soon to be 110. I do enjoy playing the game. Very much on my own, but that is ok.

I saw on Facebook that Bram Ladage was selling potato chips for fifty cents between 13.00 and 16.00 hours today. I couldn’t resist it, shortly after 13.00 i went out and walked to the Markthal. They had made a waiting row before the Bram. I got a chips with fritessauce and peanutsauce. War.

On my way back i went into the second hand bookseller De Slegte. Philosophy, gardening, cooking, history, fantasy, science fiction. Just before the entrance i saw a couple of books written by the Dalai Lama. I bought the one called Meer Liefde, More Love. Not sure why. But i do feel love is extremely important. Anytime anywhere. I already read a few pages. I like the style of the book. A good one to read for me right now.

After that i walked home. On the Binnenrotte two young people approached me, asking if i would like to sing a few songs for the radio. FunX. I sang two songs: Lauw from Boef and another one. I forgot the name. It’ll be broadcasted next week. Not sure i will remember to listen. I enjoyed it though!

Added Thursday morning: after closing the garden yesterday evening, I walked past the Vredestuin. I saw Hilde working there, rooting out the grass in the grassfield surrounding the Vredestuin. I sat on the edge of the round square and we chatted a bit. She called herself weird, raar, for working in the garden this late and all by herself. I said it was remarkable. We all are remarkable.

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