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Overnight thinking

A few nights ago i was lying awake in the middle of the night. Thoughts raced through my mind. I was writing a post. Mad as hell! I will remember this, i thought. I will write this up. It is important.

The only thing i remember now is the title. Mad as hell. I sort of know i could recall more, if i do my best. If i really think about it, if i try to get it back.

But no, i won’t do that. I have learned over the years that i need to give some things time to develop, to grow into fruition. If i need to do something, i simply need to give it time. It will come to me when it wants to. No need to force it.

This morning i got the thought of this post i’m writing now. Thinking about this process. I like it!

The rest of the day i will work on my drawing. This afternoon i will go to the Harvest Market on the Wilgenplantsoen. Tomorrow i will finish my drawing and post it. Four months! And even this week i got some new ideas to put into it. And some old ideas i finally drew in.

I am happy with it. Truly happy.

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Simple thoughts

Chance determines a large part of our lives. Chance gives us the families we are born in, the country we are born in. Chance determines our initial position and setup. Chance gives each person in this world a different environment to grow up in. If you are lucky. Sometimes chance makes you terminally ill. Sometimes chance prevents a person from being born at all.

Each life brings its own challenges, troubles, hurdles and boundaries. Some determined by chance, others determined by actions taken earlier in life. The older you get, the more your life seems set, determined by decisions made earlier. Whether you have a partner, children, a job, money, a house, family, friends. Most people make the big decisions in their late twenties and early thirties. Partner and children most of the time.

This is not a golden rule though. To me personally, i still feel freedom. I still love to let my mind run free. Let my thoughts roam around, trying to find something to think about. I still dream, fantasize. I can still cry over what my mind brings up to me. Like i did today, while i listen to music and fantasize over dancing and singing away in front of an audience.

I’m not saying i am the only one living like this. I do think it takes a conscious effort to keep this feeling of freedom and dreaming and fantasizing intact over the course of your life. And i can only speak for myself. I strive to keep this feeling alive and well. It makes life very enjoyable. Apart from all the hassles 🙂

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Out of home

It’s been almost seven months since i moved out of my old home. I still miss it, but it is getting less. It doesn’t hurt as much, not anymore.

This week i took up a little vacation. I am not working in the garden. Thinking about it right now. Is it what i want to do? For the rest of my life. Well, partly. I’d love to have my own garden. Have flowers, veggies, shrubs, fruit trees, roses, zinnia’s, nasturtium and cosmos in there. But gardening is not the most important thing to me. My drawing is. The most important.

My drawing goes slowly. But it does progress. Hopefully i can publish it in a few weeks. The end of September, beginning of October. It is still a new development for me. Been only drawing like this for less than a year. I do hope i will make it good for me. A good drawing, in which i am able to express some of my feelings about this world we live in.

Salute! Have a nice weekend.

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25. Wu Wang / Innocence (The Unexpected)


Ch’ien, heaven is above; Chên, movement, is below. The lower trigram Chên is under the influence of the strong line it has received form above, from heaven. When, in accord with this, movement follows the law of heaven, man is innocent and without guile. His mind is natural and true, unshadowed by reflection or ulterior designs. For wherever conscious purpose is to be seen, there the truth and innocence of nature have been lost. Nature that is not directed by the spirit is not true but degenerate nature. Starting out with the idea of the natural, the train of thought in part goes somewhat further and thus the hexagram includes also the idea of the fundamental or unexpected.


INNOCENCE. Supreme success.
Perseverance furthers.
If someone is not as he should be,
He has misfortune,
And it does not further him
To undertake anything.

Man has received from heaven a nature innately good, to guide him in all his movements. By devotion to this divine spirit within himself, he attains an unsullied innocence that leads him to do right with instinctive sureness and without any ulterior thought of reward and personal advantage. This instinctive certainty brings about supreme success and ‘furthers through perseverance”. However, not everything instinctive is nature in this higher sense of the word, but only that which is right and in accord with the will of heaven. Without this quality of rightness, an unreflecting, instinctive way of acting brings only misfortune. Confucius says about this: “He who departs from innocence, what does he come to? Heaven’s will and blessing do not go with his deeds.”


Under heaven thunder rolls:
All things attain the natural state of innocence.
Thus the kings of old,
Rich in virtue, and in harmony with the time,
Fostered and nourished all beings.

In springtime when thunder, life energy, begins to move again under the heavens, everything sprouts and grows, and all beings receive for the creative activity of nature the childlike innocence of their original state. So it is with the good rulers of mankind: drawing on the spiritual wealth at their command, they take care of all forms of life and all forms of culture and do everything to further them, and at the proper time.

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On my mind – September 2020

Still searching for some peace and quiet. Not sure how i feel about gardening right now. I do still go, but the joy is a bit out of it. Not sure at all.

I do like the place i am staying at. A bit of a holiday stay. With breakfast 🙂

Time to bring some more things to my storage place. I don’t need that much stuff around me. I will go on my bike over the next few weeks.

I hope you will have a good weekend. Salute!

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Tomorrow i will be moving once again. This time i’m staying in a room very close to the Vredestuin Noord. I already brought some bags to the garden and parked my bike there. So tomorrow i will need to pack the remaining things, clean up the room, wash the bed linens and throw out some things i really don’t need. In the beginning of this week i brought a suitcase and my duvet to a friend to store it there. I need some time to loose stuff to be honest.

I will stay in my new place for five weeks. Then i will move to another place close by. Looking forward to that. I will actually go there next week Tuesday to have a first meeting.

I’ll be happy once the move is done. A bit of rest and quiet is what i need right now.

Enjoy your weekend. Salute!

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