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To Leusden

Today the wintertime started once more. This morning i woke up around 8. It gave me enough time to get my breakfast, wrap up my present for my mum and even put on a bit of make-up.

I walked from the train station Amersfoort to Leusden. I had told my mum a bigger time frame through which i would be there. So today i walked through the forest. It was nice, the leaves were mostly yellow and orange and red and green. I did see some mushrooms. But the best mushrooms i saw in Leusden! Big red with white spots.

I got home around half past seven. It was completely dark. It was dark when i was in the train. So tonight i did put on my headphones and listed to some music. Yay! I kept on listening to the music when i walked home form the train station here in Rotterdam.

See ya tomorrow!

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Today i wrote an email to a friend. I also did some shopping. I read a bit. I watched tv. Expedition Robinson.

Tomorrow i have an appointment with the dental hygienist, at eleven. I do need to clean up my house. Vacuum clean. Clean up the hall with some water. Mop. I just looked up the translation for the Dutch word dweilen. Crawl? Seems very unlikely to me. A wet mop sounds better. Anyway, i do hope i will do this tomorrow. And then i will relax a little. Friday is a day off for me. As is Saturday.

Ooh, i do need to call my mum tomorrow. It’s her birthday!

I will also need to get her present done. I already know what it is. I won’t tell though. It is a secret!

Have a lovely weekend. Kiss 💋

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Rotterdam – The People

Making this video clip was a lot of work. Filming all the different clips on four separate days. Editing the clip. Picking the music. The Cinematic Orchestra i’ve known for eleven / twelve years. This song is from the album Man with a Movie Camera. From all the songs in my list for this clip, i liked this one the most. Even though i get a bit sad while watching the clip.

I hope you will like this clip. Enjoy!

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The market

People on the market.

A quiet day today. Yes, i’ve been to the market. Inside the Markthal. Filmed a few times. At home added the clips to the video clip i’m working on this week. Tomorrow i want to get out early and go to the Bijenkorf. I do hope its busy. It usually is when this special event starts.

I’m thinking a lot. Dreaming a lot too. I do hope some day soon there will be more things to do. Better enjoy the quiet while it lasts!

Have a good day.

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French Onion Soup

Today i made onion soup. I decided that yesterday, when i went to the market. I bought a kilo of white onions.

Before i started i did do a quick search for a recipe. I came across this article How to make the Best French Onion Soup on I do think the pan i used has a really thick bottom, since i cooked the onions for an hour, and they still were not brown. Since i started at 5pm, i didn’t wait, i added two sliced garlic, a bit of flour, a bit of red wine and a liter of water with two cubes of dried beef broth. I let it simmer for another half hour to let the taste develop more.

I then tore a rye spelt bread in a couple of pieces, added some freshly grated parmesan cheese on top and put it under the grill for around 7 minutes.

It was good!



  • 500 gr of white onions, three medium sized ones myself
  • 50 grams of butter
  • a tablespoon of flour
  • some white or red wine, i used red, it was the only wine i had, but with the white you do keep the original colour of the onions
  • 1 liter of beef broth
  • some nutmeg, mace and pepper
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Rotterdam – Bridges and buildings

This week i made two walks long the river the Nieuwe Maas running through Rotterdam. One across the Willemsbrug and over the Noordereiland, the other along the Boompjeskade over the Erasmusbrug and over the Wilhelmina Pier to Hotel New York. I filmed clips all along the walks. The idea of using short clips of structures i got in between the two walks. The second walk i made these clips.

The music choice was difficult. I was doubting my first pick of Re-Education Through Labour by Chris & Cosey. It is a long time favourite, but it’s been years since i last listened to it. In 1982 or 1983 i bought their album Trance which has this track on it. In the end, i didn’t change my mind. It is not a nice happy go lucky track, but it does fit Rotterdam in some ways. Or any town for that matter.

Enjoy the clip!

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Terribly happy

Worked on the Rotterdam clip today. Calling it Buildings and bridges. I like that name. First i thought of the name Two bridges, but well, there are three bridges in it, and also many buildings. So i will not use that name. I do need tomorrow to get the order of the clips right.

Already thinking about the next clip. I’m thinking of filming people. Brrrr. A bit scary. But still, i think i can get it done. I’ll start tomorrow with filming. And saturday on the market. Sunday in the centre. And next wednesday the Drie dwaze dagen (Three foolish days) will start at the Bijenkorf. It’s busy usually. I just checked the opening times, on Wednesdays the shops open at 8.00. So yeah, right now i think i should be there and film.

I don’t know what i will be doing after that. It depends on how my next video clips will be received. So far it’s pretty quiet. It is difficult for me, really. Because to me it is not quiet at all. I feel totally enthused about these clips. I can not believe i only started making them halfway September. To me it feels like so many things are coming together. The music, the filming, the editing, the ordering. I love it. I do know i’m still at the start of this. I do know i’m not young anymore. But i do know with every week i’m making a step forward. Absolutely.

So yeah, i’m happy. So terribly happy.

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Around two months ago i ordered the Uncover Exfoliant 1% Salicylacid. It is my first exfoliant ever. I chose the Uncover brand because it is setup by dr. Jetske Ultee. I do read her blog. Her tips on skincare are clearheaded. Dr. Ultee is a dermatologist, she writes about different skin issues and has a clear view on what good skincare needs. I do trust her opinions.

I started out using the Exfoliant once every three days building up in a few weeks to once every two days. It is a transparent clear gel which you use in the evenings after you have cleaned your skin, before you go to bed. Since i do not use make up usually, i only wipe my face in the evenings with a bit of water.

I do think my skin is changing a bit. It does seem to me it is more sensitive now. Last week i got a light burn from the walk i made along the beach. I had used a sunscreen before i went to the beach, but the walk lasted for around five hours. I should have brought the sunscreen with me and apply it again after a few hours. I wasn’t red from the burn, but my skin did puff up a bit and started to peel in thin layers. Right now my skin isn’t bloated anymore. It is still tight and it feels like i should add cream to it a couple of times a day. I haven’t used the exfoliant for a week and a half now. My skin is exfoliating by itself as it is, so i think i should leave it for another week.

In the two months i had used this product, i did feel that it had an effect. Over the weeks I did notice some red spots on my lower cheek slowly getting less visible. And even though my skin is quite soft as it is, and i don’t have many breakouts, it did became a bit softer and clearer. So yes, it is a good addition to my skincare routine.

I do want to use the other Exfoliant too, the one with 8% glycolacid, for a normal till dry skin. But it does depend on the condition of my skin, since the one i got now, with 1% salicylacid, is better for a sensitive skin.

I do have a good sunscreen for my face, a Clinique face cream with SPF 40. I will investigate comments about other sunscreens more. I do need to pay more attention to this. With using the exfoliator and the changes in my skin, it is getting more important to me.

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Searching for Mr Right

I had taped the album Colossal Youth from the Young Marble Giants. I did enjoy playing it. Lots. This song i always liked, but there was also something withholding me from confessing that. I don’t think i ever was searching for mr Right. I was searching for my work, searching for something satisfying to do for a living. I always felt i would simply bump into mr Right one day. I still feel that. So i don’t think about it much. Well, a bit. Maybe. At night. 🙂

Searching for Mr Right – Young Marble Giants
Searching for Mr Right
Waiting up half the night
Feeling like I’ll be dead
Before I’m old
Teaching myself to be
The Young Untold
How can I hope to be
Someone for you to see?
Blind as the Fate decrees
I will go on
Teaching myself to be
The Young Untold
Am I in vain tonight?
Lose you against the light
Who can you be
Mr Right?

The original

A life version

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