Monday 23 August 2021

In the morning i woke up around seven. I went to the loo and got back in bed. I might have read a bit, but i am not sure. I did fall asleep in the end, once again. Next time i woke up around nine fifteen. I got out, went downstairs and took my double espresso with some butter and cream. Yum.

The morning i spend watching news and youtube on my iPad. I also did some warcraft playing on this private server ChromieCraft. Been playing for two weeks there and enjoy it. Early in the afternoon i went outside and made a walk. I went into the Essenburg allotments and watched the late summer splendour. All the pumpkins! I chatted a bit with Faroek and a bit with the men who was working there. I got a courgette! On my way out i said hi to a woman working there in one of the individual allotments. She gave me some basil.

After i visited the Albert Heijn supermarket i went back home. Some more iPad and warcraft playing. Eric called me, he asked me if i wanted to make photographs of the Swimming event this Sunday. I said yes. I hope i can manage that! Once he got home we drank some coffee downstairs and talked about it for a while. I still hope i can manage it.

I made some chicken thigh for diner together with baked courgette. Not the one i got from the garden, i still had half one from the shop. I did use the basil i got today. It was really nice.

Today i was thinking about my future. I am not sure where i got the certainty i felt a few months ago from. The certainty i felt for the past seven years. I will still give it space. I still feel something developing in my mind. But it is difficult. Yes, very difficult.

That is it for today. Enjoy!

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