Market day. I went to my Turkish kebab place and told Beker (I hope i’m writing this correct!) about my diabetes and that i shouldn’t eat a sandwich kebab anymore. He gave me a cup of red lentil soup. Yum!

I felt different while i walked to the market. A bit like a blanket was wrapped all around me. A bit fuzzy. I did smile to people whose looks i caught. But that was it. It is cold. Wet. Grey.

I am reading the I Ching book. The middle part, not the hexagrams itself. Information about the structure of the book, the connection with the world. It is very far from our scientific world with its mathematics and chemistry. Some thoughts in the I Ching are so far gone. Forgotten. We don’t get water from a well anymore. We simply open the tab and it comes out. Clean and clear.

This is it for today. A muddled day. A befuddled day.


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