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Station Hofplein

Today it was the first day of working at the fruit garden at the old Station Hofplein. Going to the market earlier than usual, around 10.30 this morning. I only needed vegetables for a new soup, milk for my oatmeal porridge, butter and cottage cheese.

First, it was warm. It still is. Tomorrow it’ll be even warmer. Not sure how i will cope with that.

It was also busy. People who read about the opening in the newspaper came by, people from a municipal area commission were present, a photographer, someone making a GoPro time-lapse movie. There was lentil soup, a vegan herbal butter, a normal herbal butter, turkish bread. Coffee, tea, water and syrup. Cookies!

I did some thistle pulling. I worked on the herbal butters. I wandered around a bit. Sat beneath Wijnand who was singing songs in the middle of the garden and danced along. Talked with Ronald while we were having the lentil soup. Put my shoes off, walking with bare feet. Filled watering-cans with water for Daniël and Jeroen planting grapes at the fence. Made photos. Sat below the roof of the old station, in the shade. It was warm. Helped at the end getting all the stuff together and bring it back to the Peace Garden, at the other side of the train rails.

I did talk. About this website. About my money situation. Talking about my dreams, about the stuff in my mind is the most important thing for me, right now.

My dreams.

To save the world. For people to notice me. Even though that is really hard to achieve. Because the noise of all the people talking and showing and being in the world is deafening. And i’m not a good shouter. So i’m still not sure. I can see it though. Across. I can feel it. In my bones.

I’m simple me. Lonely. Yes. There is a thought, a dream inside of me, which is pressing on me. Pushing me. Which i cannot let go of.

This world. It is painful to watch. Sometimes. Politics, science, business. All people talking and chatting and mumbling and shouting, watching each other, eyeing each other, making money, living their lives. Kissing and loving and hating and fighting and killing.

This dream. Of me meeting someone else, in public. Falling in love. In public. Getting known. Becoming famous. Living my life on, each day a new day. Changing the world. As we live on. Changing how people feel. About this world. About themselves. Fighting. To make this world a better place. As some of us already do, right now.

I don’t know. I really don’t know. I have no idea if there is anything true in what i feel. It is like completely dark around me. A place to feel my way forward.

And yes, sometimes it scares me. But not all the time. Because in the end, i feel, i should live my life courageously.


Not going the expected route.

Living my life for myself. Dangerously. What i want to do.

So yes, it was a full day. Warm. Good.


Many many many thistles!
A lovely dog who enjoyed being petted
Ernst, Jorinde and Jeroen
Carlijn filming
Wijnand singing songs
One side of the station
... and the other side of the station
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A champion’s day

An update on my own plants on the one square meter balcony. Bonus: Mouse the cat!
The rocket growing fast and wide
Another smaller nasturtium
The bay leaf is growing since it got new compost
Bay leaf
Clover at the laurel pot
Coots in the Rotte and two young ones, their nest made with anything they found, including throwaway plastic
Feijenoord won!
In the fountain on the Hofplein, only a hundred yards away from the garden. The noise was a bit deafening.
A swan couple and their six young ones
Working late in the garden
Daniel caught between the leaves 🙂
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A crowded Sunday

A week ago i was pulling out thistles. I was using a small spade, sticking it in the ground close to the root, using the palm of my hand to push it in deep. I got a blister. I found out when i removed my gardening gloves. It was already open. It was a bit hurtful the first few days. I can still feel it right now, but the hurt is gone. The first few days i was a bit more careful getting out weeds. Still, my first blister! Something to be proud of.
Halfway the gardening time we walked to the big market square. There were big screens up where people could watch the Excelsior-Feijenoord game. Feijenoord is hopefully going to win the KNVB Cup. Not today though, they lost: 3 - 0.
People climbed all the structures places on the market square.
Mostly young people. And lots of beer.

Stadslandbouwkas “De Oude Beer”
Through a link on facebook i saw a movie about a big city greenhouse “De Oude Beer” in Dordrecht last week. The greenhouse has 4000 square meters inside and a 100 square meters outside space. No chemical fertilizer and pesticides are used. A lovely movie, about building up the garden, weeding and seeding and planting. And peppers!

More informatie about this project on their website:

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A gardening Sunday

The harvest!
Most of the work done today was in our second garden. Same as last Friday. It really needs it.
More weeding done in the bed with the leeks. Planted broad beans in the middle of it. The ground near the train rails was emptied as well. We planted blackberries last year to make it grow there.
The blackberry bush
Newly planted broad beans
A bumblebee
Weeds still to work at
A lovely yellow flower in between the weeds. No idea if this can stay or should go.
And more weeds
Daniël hard at work in between the apple trees
Julien planting New Sealand spinach
An overview of the garden we worked on today
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A few weeks ago i planted seeds in big pots on my balcony. I ran out of compost, so i took two afternoons to seed all the ones i had. Thyme, rosemary, coriander (cilantro), basil, rocket, catnip. And last week i seeded the Nasturtium seeds i bought on the market. Those are still deep in the earth. But the others, hopefully, are growing well. Some i’m not sure about. It could be a weed growing there, but i’ll find out soon enough.

Little basil plants
Coriander (cilantro)
Rocket leaves
Thyme (i think)
In the rosemary pot, not sure if this is rosemary or a weed
Catnip plants
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Sunday in the garden

A butterfly on the ground
Little almonds
.. and some more almonds
Chervil and purslane (postelein)
Chervil flower
Comfrey flower
Potato growing
A bean or pea, not sure
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A full day in the garden

Today, Eastern Sunday, there were five people in the garden. One was a bit sick. But we worked so hard! I only just got home, around 20:15.

We did start out with coffee and some Eastern chocolate eggs. I showed Daniël the nasturtium seeds i bought yesterday. He made a plan for the day. Seed the carrots, weed and then seed pumpkins. Daniël pruned some hedges around. He also put one pole for the new greenhouse in the ground and planted the remainder of the broad beans in the other side of the garden. Farouk dug out the rest of the ground for the greenhouse. Me and Ben did the carrots. Five rows. First we made the clumps of clay a little bit smaller. Than i dug out the five rows. Ben put some compost in the rows. I mixed the seeds with the compost, so it would be easier to seeds everything. Then Ben followed after me putting a bit more compost over the seeded rows.

I walked to the Rotte to fill all the water cans i could find. I took Daniël’s cargo bike. After watering all the new seeded plants Rombout came by too. We divided all the new tomato plants we got a week ago and put those into little pots, two by two. The rest we put in the larger pot back again.

And then Julien had some couscous salad with him! I was really hungry. We all were. So that felt like a small party around the garden table.

And now i’m really tired. So i’m typing this, i will add the photos i made and then i go sit on the couch and watch the rest of La La Land, which i started seeing yesterday. Hopefully i will fall asleep easy this evening. I feel my entire body, so fingers crossed!

Ooh, and the nasturtium seeds i took back home. I will seed these in small pots and plant them out when they are around ten centimeters tall. Will do that tomorrow.

Winter carrots in the middle, smaller summer carrots on either side in two rows
The pumpkin bed
The potatoes are already coming up
The start of the new greenhouse
The carrot bed, from the other side
Melde, spinach and lettuce on the bed next to the carrots
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A walk along the Essenburgsingel

A walk along the Essenburgsingel. Essentially the same i made August 2016. This time i walked into the Spoortuin from the start of the Essenburgsingel. I could hear some boys playing up above the path between the trees. I met two people walking their dogs. And in the vegetable garden area i met Mark, who was watering his plants. I surprised him with my knowledge of the plants standing around. Wilma walked by and she and Mark had along conversation about medicines, Dutch healthcare, man, children, my slight chubby figure, my age ( a big surprise to Mark, who said he thought i was 36 🙂 ) until i checked out fatigued with the two voices talking to each the whole time. Phew! 🙂

On i walked to the Educatieve Tuin Essenburgsingel. Luckily it was open this time. Some people were working in there. A woman was planting broad beans. One of the gardeners did know about the fire which destroyed our greenhouse. I picked a few wild garlic leaves.

On towards home. Two and a half hours later. A quick visit to the supermarket and then home again. Just in time for Escape to the Country. I had bought myself some chocolate. I couldn’t resist.

Then at 17:50 hours it was time for the program Geloof en een Hoop Liefde. In which there was a 8 minute piece about our garden. Yes!

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