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Looking straight ahead

I made another drawing in the garden. Looking another way now, straight ahead. The colours i used are Quincacridone rose, phthalo green and yellow ocre. I started with making black with the rose and the green. I wanted to try using only these two colours, but i gave in. With the yellow ochre and the green i could make beautiful warm greens. At the end i did use a bit pure rose for the shadows. Just because i like it.

There was also a photographer, Leander, making photos of Rutger. He made a couple of me as well. I signed a declaration that he is allowed to use the photo for publication. He will also send them to me. Hopefully!

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My first watercolour in the garden

I had to think about it. I was a bit hesitant. But i did it. I took my new watercolour paints to the garden and made a watercolour painting. I had thought about it before. I knew i was going to use only two colours. Prussian blue and yellow ochre. I like limitations. I need to get to know the different paints.

The result is a sketch. A learning tool. But also a report of this hour sitting at the table and watching the area i had chosen to paint. The end result is nowhere near what i saw. Of course.

After i stopped painting i did do some work in the garden. I joined the others. A good day.

Published on January 31, 2018 at 6:00 by