This place is not visited by many people. I do hope i give each visitor something to think about, something to look at, something to enjoy. Something new maybe, at times. But other times i won’t.

I do have a Google Analytics counter on this website. I watch it once or twice a week. On average i’m between ten and twenty visitors a day. Sometimes a bit higher, up to fifty. Sometimes lower, below ten.

I am thinking about this counter. I do like all the things i can look up in Google Analytics. But there are many things i don’t use at all. A week ago i did a search for another solution. I came across Piwik, now called Matomo. This is a self-hosted solution with no limitations. It is still on my list of something to read and do research about.

Ii is the part where i share the visitor data of my website with Google which i am uncomfortable with. I don’t use ads, i don’t do any difficult things with the data. I simply do want an insight in the amount of visitors and where they are coming from and what they are reading.

The image below gives the top ten most visited pages of this website. The homepage is at the top. Second is my page about Björk. To my surprise. The archives and about page are coming next. Then it is The most expensive jewelry in the world. I did enjoy making this post. Did research for this, spend a long time searching and trying to find good images for this one. I can imagine why people enjoy looking at this too. Still, i do have many more interesting pages. Ooh well.

Next is my post about Alberto Giacometti. A painter i admired especially in the 80s. I’m glad people find this interesting. Still have a soft spot for his work.

Then does come one my own personal favourite posts: Scritti Politti – Roundhouse, London – 5 February 2016. A very personal post about something which might seem little to anyone else. To me it is very important. Something which to this day makes me very happy, that i was able to give these drawings to Green Gartside. I’m very happy this page is in the top ten. Good one!

True Love. Next on the list. Bit of a rambling post. Yes, about true love. In the world. Between people. In movies. And no, not for me. Not yet anyway. Still hoping it might happen someday.

Joy of Baking is a nice post about a youtube channel i have been following for years. To this day.

The contact page is the tenth number on this list. Just a bunch of information about where i have left footsteps and fingerprints.

I am still thinking about changing my analytics tool for this website. Or if i even need one. Hmm. I think i do. Too curious about the visitors.

Too curious about you.


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