I have talked about myself and my sex life here.

Last night i was lying awake. I tossed and turned. I read a book. I went out of bed and played a bit of warcraft. And i was thinking. About writing this post. About my sex life. From my own point of view.

When i started on this post, i decided to go back and read older posts i had written about this. Too many!

Not that i mind a bit of repetition. This blog has updates five days a week, it will not be all shiny and new. There are also many different sides to ones life. Many different ways to think about it.

My silent years. The years between 2006 and 2014. The years in which i played world of warcraft. The years in which i didn’t work on my website, lfs.nl. I was thinking about it, especially closer to 2006. Nothing. And then that moment which i can still feel. That sledgehammer hit. Where it all came back alive. Confusing. Breathtaking. My decision then to start working again on lfs.nl. That final post About. Two weeks after that the first post on this website. And an about page here as well. Over three years.

I am not sure where i am heading. I have dreams. Wishes. Of course. I have a bit of money. A bit of time. But it is not set in stone.

I need to work! Work hard! Don’t give up! Don’t let other people confuse me. No way!

I apologize for this rambling post. Tomorrow is another day with a new post. See you then!

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