Things to do

I do have a job these weeks. It is not taking all of my time, but sometimes a bit more than i wish. Still, i need the money, and the job is quite good.

Tomorrow i will go to the garden though. Earlier this week there was a message on our whatsapp group that a Dutch television show will come and film us in the garden. But it is next week. Good, i think. A bit of time to talk about it beforehand. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m tired now. I will watch some tv for the rest of the evneing. Keuringsdienst van Waarde (NPO3), The Great Pottery Throwdown (BBC2) and Legion (Fox). All neatly after each other.

The weather is getting a bit better. Earlier this week it was raining. The whole day through. Today it was a bit dryer, at the end the sun peeked through! This weekend it will be around 13ÂȘC, a bit of sunshine.

Ooh spring! Please come soon!

Have a good weekend. Enjoy your days. Find some rest and quiet.


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