Chuck Close

Chuck Close is an American artist. I was looking at my bookcase today and decided to write tomorrow’s post about him. Or rather, show you a catalogue of his work. It turned out i visited his exhibition in London in 1999 in the Hayward Gallery. I thought it was a few years later, around 2005. But in the catalogue the dates of the several exhibitions are printed. So 1999 it is.

I was aware of the work of Chuck Close. I don’t think i had seen any work before i visited the Hayward Gallery though. It made a big impression on me. I still have the visual memories of me walking through this exhibition. Several rooms are clear in my memory. A pity i didn’t photograph any at the time. Then again, they would have been small photos anyway, not much use for this website.

I love Close’s work. I do envy him for his subject matter. I think his mind is mostly focused on the technique, but still, to paint your friends and people you work with, people you talk with, people you like, that is excellent.

These photos are not all sharp. They are taken to give you an idea of Close’s work, nothing more.

Enjoy the photo’s. And enjoy your weekend. Happy days!

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