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Yesterday i watched the VPRO Tegenlicht documentary about the truth of the financial system. The main person being interviewed is Joris Luyendijk. Luyendijk is a journalist whose book “Dit kan niet waar zijn” (Swimming with sharks – the English title), about the financial world, was a huge success in the Netherlands.

So today i watched some more. I collected most of the clips i had seen in this post. Most of these clips are about the financial crisis and its aftermath in 2008 – a wikipedia article i still need to read carefully. Truthfully, i was hardly aware of this crisis when it happened. I was working at the time, i had a monthly paycheck. I read the newspaper, i watched television talking shows. But it was very distant, it felt like it hardly had an impact on my world here in Rotterdam.

I do feel different now. More open. More aware of things going on. I also know i need to learn so many things. There is no way i can have an informed opinion about the specifics of things going on. The world is extremely complex. It has always been this way, but with globalization and the news and facebook and twitter and whatever new technique all stories move in dazzlingly fast ways all around.

Well, i do enjoy watching these videos. I have no idea how you, dear reader, will like these. Truthfully, i only watch around one in two or three clips in a blog post. Still, i do hope you will like some of these. Enjoy!

Most of the clips are in Dutch.

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