On Saturday i walked to the market, bought myself a sandwich doner kebab and walked on a bit further. The thought of buying nail polish came up. I first went into the Etos and looked at all the Essie nail polishes. No colour really spoke to me. So no. I went into the Hema next. Nail polishes there too, and a lot cheaper. There was even an action: two nail polishes for only three euros. One costs €2,50. So i picked two: olive green and rose gold.

Today i use the nail polish for the first time. The olive green on four nails, the rose gold on the ring finger. I was thinking of how the nail polish would be after i went to the garden. But really, i didn’t do that much in the garden anyway. I cleaned up all the plastic thrown down, i checked out garbage of the train rails working place. And when everyone else came, we drank tea and coffee. I did harvest a couple of amsoy leaves, but that was it for today. Still lovely to be there and see everyone else coming there eventually.

I also bought a string of Christmas lights yesterday. Warm lights with LED. I put it on my chimney. I love it. It is a dark time, these lights do brighten up the house. I’m not doing that much about Christmas, no tree, no wreaths, no special Christmas decorations. But i do like the lights. This week i will also get out my die-cutted paper surroundings for small candles. These are specially made for Christmas. Clear and distinct trees are cutted out, making a good looking light play around it, once the candle is lit inside it.

Enjoy your Monday!


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