It is a quiet day today. And cold. Which wasn’t the main reason i turned on my gas stove today. My mum called me up. She knew i hadn’t turned the heating on yet. She thought my gas stove was broke. It isn’t. The pulling system with which i could turn on the starting fire is broke. But i can still use it unscrewing the front, removing the glass and turn it on with a match. I cleaned the glass before i put it back in. It is better, it does feel warmer in my house now.

Tomorrow i need to work. Hopefully it will all be done in a day. I will also need to go to the market.

I have written about many things on this website. Very personal things. It usually feels like a relief writing here. Like i’m writing things out of my system. I know i’m in a tight spot right now. I am not sure why i don’t worry about it more. I don’t. I can feel the edge coming, my bank account going down, my mortgage not being paid. And i simply don’t worry. I still feel i need to show you, my dear reader, something. Something important.

I do have a few upcoming posts i need to work on. Eroticism. Life is wonderful. A clip with the couple of art pieces i got from friends. It should all be done in time.

I hope you will have a good Tuesday. Or any other day for that matter, i don’t know on which day you will read this.

Good wishes.


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