In the rain

At two today, Sunday 6 November, i was in the garden. It was raining. I emptied my compost bucket, talked with John for a short bit. I weeded for around fifteen minutes the side with the shrubs. Then Daniƫl came along. Coffee!

And i had some cookies with me. Oatmeal raisin cookies. A first try. Fine, but could be better. We cleaned up the greenhouse for a bit. Threw some stuff away. I wiped the boards. It got busier. Some were clearing the beans and corn rows, taking away the high rising bamboo structures the beans were growing unto. I went to the other garden to harvest some parsnips, together with Stephan. In the end we harvested the entire parsnip harvest. The rats were eating them. The ones not taking home will be put below sand.

I didn’t make any photo’s. I had intended to do so. Show you the work we have done on the shrub sides, weeded out and new shrubs planted to fill it up a bit more. But we worked hard, and it got dark quite soon. And it did rain intermittently.

I am tired now. My garden clothes are in the washing machine. Also the rain cape i wore today, which was still dirty from the last time i used it. The parsnips i took home are in a bowl with water. I will clean them properly later on this evening.

So for today, goodbye. Enjoy your Monday.


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