Strawberry rhubarb milk

I came across this recipe earlier this week. At home i do have strawberries, a bit less than asked for in the recipe, but i can adjust. I do have sugar and i do have buttermilk. No ordinary milk, but i do enjoy the taste of buttermilk lots more than ordinary milk anyway.

So i got the strawberries out of the fridge and weighed them. I have around 350 grams! I sliced them and added some sugar so they are all coated. They are standing in the kitchen now for around an hour to let them macerate.

Later on, i suddenly thought of the one stalk of rhubarb i have in the fridge. I decided to simply add cooled boiled rhubarb to the milk. I cut up the rhubarb in small pieces, added a bit of sugar, a few droplets of water and cooked it for around 8 minutes.


I let the rhubarb cool for two hours. The strawberries were releasing more juices in their sweet sugar sweetened liquid.

I put the strawberries and the rhubarb in a blender and mixed them all to mush. I added some buttermilk. Done!



Yummy 🙂

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