Monday, 25 April 2016

I got out around a quarter past nine. Well, i did get out earlier, around seven thirty, gave my cats a bit of food, went to the toilet and went back in bed. I did check my rss feeds for around 15 minutes. Then i turned over.

So when i got out, i cleaned the catty litter box, brushed around the box to get it clean, gave my cats some new water. I put on an egg with water to softly boil. Went behind the computer. Hmm… not sure, i could have sat behind my computer first. Well, i forgot! But i know i did sit behind the computer and posted on facebook about my post about the Vredestuin. After i reread the post and corrected a few things.

The water for my egg boiled. I turn it of and set the timer on my phone. Four minutes. I slice the remaining pieces of bread. Yes. Some butter, some pepper, some salt. Breakfast!

Some vanilla world of warcraft. Two quests done. Some cooking. A bit of blacksmithing. My paladin did turn 31 today!

Shopping. Got me some honey, peanut butter, two croissants, yoghurt, cottage cheese. Also some cream for coffee, noodle soup, cat food, toilet paper.

When i got back home i did do some work. Updating some wordpress, some plugins. Adding a twitter plugin, setting the customer key. Done.

Turning on the television. Escape to the Country. Yeah. I love this show. 🙂

Around five i turned on the oven. Using a very simple recipe from James Martin. Only flour, salt, bicarbonate, buttermilk. No honey, no butter, no eggs. I did add a few more drops of the buttermilk, it got very dry.

Phonecall about the work i just did. Went well.

Bread and soup for dinner. The parsnips i put in cold water, they got a bit dry. I’ll cook them tomorrow.

Watched some De wereld draait door. Nothing too exciting. Nothing much i want to know. Koken met van Boven. Chickpeas! Hmm, that farinata looks great. I should go and get me some chickpea flour and make one. With the hummus, the fried chickpeas and the spinach. And some feta. Oooh……..

And in the meantime i’m thinking about what to do for this post. So i go sit behind the computer, write something on facebook. Started this post. Look for the title of Koken met van Boven.

OK, done. A longer post than i anticipated. And now, i think i’m gonna watch some Masterchef. And then.. Game of Thrones, S06E01. Yay!

PS. Pfff, Game of Thrones fell through. Will watch it some time this tuesday.

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