The worth of the world

I’m not interested in the wealth of all the people in the world and its distribution. Not for this post anyway. No, it is the worth of the world. What would it cost to buy the world.

I do have an idea. Of course. My first thought is that it is immeasurable expensive. Far beyond the total wealth of all the people of this world. Which is around $241,000,000,000,000.

$241 trillion.

The worth of the world must be a trillion times a trillion times a trillion, and so on, and so on. Infinite.

I did do a search for this amount, but it is hard to find a thoughtful answer.

What is the total net worth of the world?
If we were to just simply add up the net worth in today’s US dollars of everyone/entities on the planet, what would the number be? Also, is this number a meaningless one not worth calculating? Is there a better way to approach this?

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Anand Subbiah, eNgInEeR
It may be hard to calculate the asset to bring the value in whole number .As we have natural resources by the time we sit and calculated total value of natural resources, man made assets the market fluctuations may change the value .

How much would it cost to buy the world?

$80 Trillion

$80 Trillion is simply the gross world product. This number is a rough estimate of the lowest amount of the worth of the world.

Next, i looked into the list of the wealthiest people in the world: The World’s Billionaires. Below is a copy of the list of 2016 Billionaires.

No. Name Net worth (USD) Age Nationality Source(s) of wealth
1 Gates, Bill $75.0 billion  60 United States Microsoft
2 Ortega, Amancio $67.0 billion  79 Spain Inditex
3 Buffett, Warren $60.8 billion  85 United States Berkshire Hathaway
4 Slim, Carlos $50.0 billion  76 Mexico Telmex, Grupo Carso
5 Bezos, Jeff $45.2 billion  52 United States
6 Zuckerberg, Mark $44.6 billion  31 United States Facebook
7 Ellison, Larry $43.6 billion  71 United States Oracle Corporation
8 Bloomberg, Michael $40.0 billion  74 United States Bloomberg L.P.
9 Koch, Charles $39.6 billion  80 United States Koch Industries
9 Koch, David $39.6 billion  75 United States Koch Industries
10 Bettencourt, Liliane $36.1 billion  93 France L’Oreal

I compared this with the list of wealthiest Dutch people.

World ranking Name Citizenship Net worth (USD) Sources of wealth
107 Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken Netherlands 11.6 billion  Heineken
405 Frits Goldschmeding Netherlands 4.1 billion  Randstad Holding
847 Hans Melchers Netherlands 2.2 billion  HAL Investments
894 Wim Van Der Leegte Netherlands 2.1 billion  VDL Groep
1054 John de Mol Netherlands 1.8 billion  Endemol, Talpa, SBS Broadcasting Group
1190 Joop van den Ende Netherlands 1.6 billion  Endemol
1250 Kommer Damen Netherlands 1.5 billion  Damen Group
1250 Ralph Sonnenberg Netherlands 1.5 billion  Hunter Douglas
1638 Carolus Nolet, Sr. Netherlands 1.1 billion  Ketel One

I started with looking for the wealth of the Orange-Nassau family, the Dutch royal family. This is estimated to around 1.1 billion, in 2004. Old money.

Still, i am no closer to the answer to my question: what is the worth of the world?

I did this search in Dutch. I searched for the terms waarde (worth) en wereld (world).

An islamic blogpost turned up: Worth of the worldly life. I did read this page. Quickly i admit. Too quick to say anything meaningful about this.

Another result pointed to Lucebert. A line from one of his poems, de zeer oude zingt. That line was put on top of an insurance company, next to the art academy i went to.

Alles van waarde is weerloos

The adjective “weerloos” can mean “defenseless”, “helpless”, or “naked”, so the meaning is “All things of value are defenseless/helpless/naked”.

De zeer oude zingt
er is niet meer bij weinig
noch is er minder
nog is onzeker wat er was
wat wordt wordt willoos
eerst als het is is het ernst
het herinnert zich heilloos
en blijft ijlings

alles van waarde is weerloos
wordt van aanraakbaarheid rijk
en aan alles gelijk

als het hart van de tijd
als het hart van de tijd

The very old one sings
there is not more in little
nor is there less
still is uncertain what was
what is to be will be will-less
first when it is it is serious
fruitless it recollects itself
and stays in great haste

all things of value are defenceless
grow rich from touchability
and equal to everything

like the heart of time
like the heart of time

© Translation: 2011, Diane Butterman

Last words of today
A rambling post. My apologies. To me there is some sense in all this.

Too many thoughts run in my mind.

Thinking back of a few months ago, when i came across of a current art school student. She was building and rebuilding a circle for half a day. Against the ownership of all the land in the world, everything divided neatly into countries. At the time i felt it was a good thought, but impossible to make a reality in any way in this world as it is today.

The world as it is today.

Dreadful. Gruesome. Horrible. Terrible. Appalling. Awful. Atrocious.

It is also still stunningly beautiful. Breathtakingly stunningly gorgeous. Magnificent. Splendid. Wonderful. Lovely.

I am happy i discovered Lucebert again.

I am happy.

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