Searching for Mr Right

I had taped the album Colossal Youth from the Young Marble Giants. I did enjoy playing it. Lots. This song i always liked, but there was also something withholding me from confessing that. I don’t think i ever was searching for mr Right. I was searching for my work, searching for something satisfying to do for a living. I always felt i would simply bump into mr Right one day. I still feel that. So i don’t think about it much. Well, a bit. Maybe. At night. 🙂

Searching for Mr Right – Young Marble Giants
Searching for Mr Right
Waiting up half the night
Feeling like I’ll be dead
Before I’m old
Teaching myself to be
The Young Untold
How can I hope to be
Someone for you to see?
Blind as the Fate decrees
I will go on
Teaching myself to be
The Young Untold
Am I in vain tonight?
Lose you against the light
Who can you be
Mr Right?

The original

A life version

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