A Sunday walk

Today i made the same walk as the one i did for this website the very first time: A walk in Rotterdam: Noordereiland. This week I will make a new video clip about Rotterdam and it’s two main bridges the Erasmusbrug and the Willemsbrug over the Nieuwe Maas. Today i walked over the Willemsbrug and the Noordereiland. Tomorrow i will walk along the Boompjeskade, the Erasmusbrug and the Wilhelminapier to Hotel New York.

I haven’t decided what music i will use for this video clip. My thoughts are going to Brian Eno and David Byrne, the one album i have My life in the bush of ghosts or a song from Daft Punk. In my mind i do have this rectangular view of the clips i’m making. Following the old view on the demolished train bridge, using sky views on the bridge, slow horizontal views on the shores of Rotterdam. This does give me ideas for the music, but i need to listen more.

The walk took me longer than i anticipated. I had planned to sing a song today. Hopefully i will sing one tomorrow.

Writing a bit more after having something to eat, lying on the couch, watching Heel Holland Bakt. I also listened to some songs from the Cinematic Orchestra. It does feel a bit too quiet to me. And then my eye fell on this song from Chris & Cosey. Re-education through labour. I always had a soft spot for this one. So i’m trying this. Tomorrow i will listen to other songs. David Holmes is an option too. But hmm.. this Chris & Cosey one might work.

Bye bye!

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