Around two months ago i ordered the Uncover Exfoliant 1% Salicylacid. It is my first exfoliant ever. I chose the Uncover brand because it is setup by dr. Jetske Ultee. I do read her blog. Her tips on skincare are clearheaded. Dr. Ultee is a dermatologist, she writes about different skin issues and has a clear view on what good skincare needs. I do trust her opinions.

I started out using the Exfoliant once every three days building up in a few weeks to once every two days. It is a transparent clear gel which you use in the evenings after you have cleaned your skin, before you go to bed. Since i do not use make up usually, i only wipe my face in the evenings with a bit of water.

I do think my skin is changing a bit. It does seem to me it is more sensitive now. Last week i got a light burn from the walk i made along the beach. I had used a sunscreen before i went to the beach, but the walk lasted for around five hours. I should have brought the sunscreen with me and apply it again after a few hours. I wasn’t red from the burn, but my skin did puff up a bit and started to peel in thin layers. Right now my skin isn’t bloated anymore. It is still tight and it feels like i should add cream to it a couple of times a day. I haven’t used the exfoliant for a week and a half now. My skin is exfoliating by itself as it is, so i think i should leave it for another week.

In the two months i had used this product, i did feel that it had an effect. Over the weeks I did notice some red spots on my lower cheek slowly getting less visible. And even though my skin is quite soft as it is, and i don’t have many breakouts, it did became a bit softer and clearer. So yes, it is a good addition to my skincare routine.

I do want to use the other Exfoliant too, the one with 8% glycolacid, for a normal till dry skin. But it does depend on the condition of my skin, since the one i got now, with 1% salicylacid, is better for a sensitive skin.

I do have a good sunscreen for my face, a Clinique face cream with SPF 40. I will investigate comments about other sunscreens more. I do need to pay more attention to this. With using the exfoliator and the changes in my skin, it is getting more important to me.

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